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DeLonghi CR265 ST/ST

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Brand: DeLonghi / Type: Electric

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2013 15:36
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      Simple, well designed hob from De'Longhi.

      Now Mum and Dad are in their 80´s I spend as much time as I can with them, a few months ago Dad was complaining that the old hob was starting to misbehave, one of the rings would work only on full power and it was his favourite ring! Dad is now 87yrs old and when I, or another member of the family are not there, does a lot of the cooking (and a jolly good cook he is too!), Mum is partially sighted and with the fault on the ring she was not happy using the existing hob. We all like to cook in our family and for many years I have earned my living by cooking on boats so the task of sourcing the new hob that would keep all the different cooks happy, fell to me. After much consultations I set out to find a reasonably priced hob, with knobs on, as a replacement for the existing hob as it was now so old there were no replacement parts available for it.
      The reason for the knobs is that when your sight is not very great, a knob is much easier to use than the touch sensitive type control where you have touch the "ring" and then the heat control, also with many of them if you drip water on the "lock" key the whole thing closes down, causing much huffing and puffing and consternation as well as lots of "beeps", very annoying. Having measured and remeasured the existing hob and had a good long discussion, off we went to the shops with our buying criteria which was:

      The same size of hob so it would fit into the existing slot.
      Four rings of varing sizes.
      Easy to clean.
      Not too horrendously expensive.

      The Italian Hob!

      Our first foray was a bit depressing, the variety of hobs we looked at were either too complicated, all singing all dancing, or the wrong size, or too expensive but we did come back with lots of leaflets! The next day off we went again and at last after convincing several assistants that we really did want a simple hob with knobs on, I spotted the De Longhi in a branch of Comet.

      It had knobs, in fact it had rather swish retro-designed easy to turn knobs. Better still it had knobs that clicked with a definite click between heat settings! It had four assorted sized rings for a variety of different pans. It was the right size! It was the right price, but was it the right height to fit in the existing slot above the kitchen drawers?

      Back home again, disassemble the drawers beneath the hob. Yes it was right height . Back to the shop, the assistant took out the hob from the display, cut her finger and went off to find the first aid kit. By the time she had arrived back we had made the decision the De Longhi was to be the new family hob! and it was paid for and packed up and in the car in minutes. We refused the offer of Comets' (in my opinion expensive installation) offer in favour of an installation by an electrician friend and off we went with our new rather snazzy Italian hob.

      Welcome to the family!

      The next day the old hob was out and the flash Italian installed, he immediately looked at home and was soon working hard making the evening meal as if he had always been there! As you can see from the photo above it is a very simple design, four rings of varying sizes on a black ceramic glass plate surrounded by a stainless steel frame. The famous knobs are nicely designed in silver and black giving it a bit of style and have six different heat settings. When the bar on the top of the knob is vertical the ring is turned off. Beside each knob is a simple diagram showing which ring it controls. At the front of the hob is a cross which is the heat warning indicator which lights up when a ring is in use and as long as it remains hot to touch. At the top right is the De Longhi brand name and to the far left of the hob is the "Euro kera " logo, and thats it, nothing else to confuse our simple brains.

      My (our) Opinion.

      It has been a great success, simple to use, heats up very quickly and the six heat settings give good control The surface and the controls are easy to clean with a quick wipe. The clicking knobs mean that Mum has more control and is happier to use it than the old one. I think it looks great, I have always been a fan of De Longhi design and this hob would not look out of place in any kitchen. the side positioned controls also mean that they are out of reach of children's hands which is something to think about whist selecting a hob, which can be a very dangerous piece of kitchen equipment. all in all we have a group of happy family cooks and I would recommend it as a reasonably priced hob with conventional controls. It has now been the family hob for over two years and apart from a few minor scratches, retains it's good looks.

      5 stars from us!

      Dimensions Height 5.0cm Depth 51cm Width 58cm.
      Price , we paid just under 250 pounds in Comet.
      Comes with one year service plan which can be extended to three or five years
      Must be wired directly to a cooker socket by an electrician.

      Thanks for reading my review which may also appear on Ciao under splishsplash.


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    • Product Details

      Update your kitchen with this stylish De'Longhi built in stainless steel ceramic hob / Short name: DeLonghi CR265 ST/ST

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