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Electrolux Insight EHG9832X

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Brand: Electrolux / Type: Gas / 6 Elements (Burner) / Dimensions: 35.2 x 20.1 x 1.2 (WxDxH)

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2009 19:18
      Very helpful



      Good buy

      I had to buy this huge hob, as I had to replace an existing 90cm unit.

      This is a great six-burner gas hob from Electrolux; it is very sturdy and not unattractive. The base is stainless steel and without the three heavy saucepan supports would be very elegant. Unlike some saucepan supports on gas hobs the struts are unbroken, so any size saucepan sits firmly and won't topple as they do on some more flimsy broken-design supports. They are also of a cast iron or alloy material that is slightly rough, so saucepans don't slip and slide around.

      The supports are in three pieces and are very heavy to lift and clean the stainless steel surface after cooking. On the other hand they hold the heat well so pans will simmer gently, but then perhaps they take a bit longer to heat up before the flame starts to work on the pans.

      The two back and the two central burners are much the same size and power, there is a larger front left one and a big triple burner to the front right. You need a very large pan, preserving pan size to take advantage of this large burner, though our wok heats through and cooks nicely on this one.

      All the burners provide a good even flame and are easily adjusted from off, to full tilt to lowest setting and back round to off. As always the flame should be adjusted to the pan size, so the flames play on the bottom and not lick up the sides of the pan, which not only wastes heat but also may burn the contents.

      The stainless steel surface is completely smooth, so easy to wipe over with a damp sponge with a touch of washing up liquid.

      The unit has a nice safety feature, though maybe all gas hobs do these days, I don't know. There is a sensor on each burner so if there is no flame, there is no gas emitted, very clever so if a low flame gets blown out or someone accidently turns on the tap nothing happens until you actually light it.

      The electronic ignition is good and quick; because of the safety feature above you have to hold the tap down so the igniter clicks away for a few seconds after it has lit, so it knows you really do want the burner to stay lit.

      The only slightly disappointing thing is the gas controls/taps. Firstly they are very close together so it is difficult to clean between them, you have to pass the edge of a cloth between them to clean away any splashes. The other thing is there is little grip; they are just smooth knobs.

      As I say I wouldn't choose such a monster hob but I was restricted to buying a big one to fill the hole in the bench top.

      I paid £270 from Appliance Planet, which was the best price I could find anywhere. I paid £80 for a gas fitter to remove the old hob and install the new one.


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    • Product Details

      Electronic Hob / Short name: Electrolux EHG9832X

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