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Brand: Belling / Energy Source: Gas / Cooktop Type: Fixed / Surface: Stainless Steel / Number of Cooking Elements: 4 / Element Type: Burner

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2010 19:34
      Very helpful



      A good looking hob that does what it should

      When looking to buy a new oven and hob for our kitchen we wanted something that was both modern and pleasing to the eye. That might sound easy enough to achieve, but when you add in being able to buy it all at a reasonable price to the equation, things do get a little more difficult.

      We looked at all sorts of ovens and finally decided on the idea of a built in hob and oven combo. The range of Belling ovens and Hobs seemed to be very well priced and were also modern and minimal in design. The Belling GHU60GE hob that we picked turned out to be a very good purchase and when we moved home and wanted another new oven/ hob combo, we picked another similar hob and oven by the same company.

      We bought the Belling GHU60GE hob as part of a special all in 1 combo deal, which meant we got the hob and the built under oven for around £400. When comparing this in terms of prices of other hob/oven combos, we thought that what we paid was very reasonable for the items we bought.

      The nice thing about the Belling hob is the fact that it came in a very modern looking light stainless steel finish. Whilst it can scratch rather easily if not cared for well, we didn't notice any deep marks or blemishes on it.
      We did clean it carefully with a soft cloth and made sure that we didn't use abrasive cleaners on its nice satin steel finish.

      We found that there are a couple of ways of using common products you may have around the home to clean and polish the hob. At first we tried a special hob brite type polishing cloth, but it left bits of fluff on the hob that stick onto the surface. We found that a mix of a couple of teeny squirts of dishwasher rinse aid mixed with lemon juice and a little water, cleaned this hob really well.

      The it was just a matter of using a little baby oil on a soft cloth to finish and shine the hob. If you don't have that to hand, a light spray of furniture polish on a soft cloth can be enough to polish up the stainless steel surface of the hob a treat. Of course if using either method, do be sure to keep away from the fuel burners, as using the products on these could be hazardous .

      To clean the black metal powder coated burner covers and also the metal pan support frames you just need to soak them in hot soapy water for a short while every now and then. Once they are out of the water a quick polish with a soft cloth brings them up looking clean and fresh.

      The hob has a set of 4 burners, with one quick cook burner, 2 medium speed burners and a smaller slow cook or simmer feature burner. The control panel is set to the right hand of the hob as you face it and has a series of controls for each burner.

      These controls are finished in a similar brushed and soft stainless steel effect to match the hob itself. They are easy to use and as the hob can be connected to an electric outlet, you are able to turn on the gas and light the burners without the use of matches once the hob is switched on via the outlet. This makes for a safe an easy lighting method and a simple press down and click method, will ignite the burner of your choice when needed.

      In terms of price for just the hob on its own you can expect to pay between £120 to £150 for it. The best deals are to be found when buying this as a hob/ oven combo deal, as you really do benefit more price wise that way.

      The hob we had was a really good buy. The hob lights easily, is easy to care for and cook on and has plenty of room for several large cooking pans which can be used all at once. Food is cooked in a fast and efficient manner and you can adjust the heat of the flame to suit your needs.

      In terms of rating the product, as we have also purchased second very similar hob also made by Belling, I can say that this is a really good product and reliable product. Ours worked perfectly for several years with no loss of power or style. So a rating of 5 stars is where it deserves to be.


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    Electronic Hob / Short name: GHU60GE

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