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Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob

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Brand: Gorenje / Type: Hob

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2012 14:11
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      Long on price and looks; short on performance and customer service

      When I bought my Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob nearly a year ago, it was a distressed purchase as I had just dropped a cast iron casserole on my old hob, shattering the glass top. As a family of 5, we have to be able to cook every day and so it was imperative that I found a replacement hob quickly. After a lot of internet research, I discovered that there was only 1 hob sold in the UK that would fit in the hole left by my old Meile hob, so we had no choice (our worktops are a stone compound and so cannot be altered).

      I found the best price I could - £427 from Direct Electricals.

      Having said that, the Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob offered everything that I was looking for. It is a conventional halogen hob in black without a frame, It looks modern and sleek in our kitchen - just the effect I was hoping for.

      The Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob has 4 ring areas; 2 standard circular single rings, one double circular ring where the 2 rings are side by side so you can create a longer, more rectangular cooking area, and one ring which consists of 3 concentric circles so it can make a small, medium or large circular cooking area. We cook at least twice a day and the variety and size of the rings work well for us.

      The rings themselves seem to take turn to share the power around with only 2 of them ever seeming to be actively on at a given time. This means that it takes it is not possible to heat up four different pans from cold easily as each ring takes it in turns to heat up. However, if the pans are already warm, the Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob does a much better job of getting them hot and keeping them there.

      The Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob has smooth sleek touch controls at the middle of the front of the hob. I was really looking forward to using these after my old hob's 1980s knobs but
      1. They make an incredibly annoying beeping noise, so loud that it wakes up the person in te bedrrom above the kitchen when you turn it on and turn up the porridge.
      2. They are tempermental and don't always 'know' when you are touching them.

      The positioning of the controls at the front in the middle is, in my opinion, a huge mistake. I am forever putting a tea towel or moving a pan such that it touches the control panel which causes the hob to beep like crazy and to turn itself off, put on the timer, or turn another ring on. I think that this is dangerous as well as irritating and I will never by another hob with touch conbtrols at the front but will look for one with the controls at the side.

      The Gorenje ECT780ASC Hob comes with a 5 year guarantee. Wonderful, I thought, but an expensive German machine will never need it. How wrong I was!

      Within a couple of months of having the hob, the touch controls started to be tempermental - sometimes working, sometimes not. 4 months after purchse, the hob stopped working entirely. Of course, we called out the manufacturer under the guarantee. It took 2 weeks for an engineer to come and look at the hob. That's 2 weeks of no hob and 3 kids who are getting fed up of only eating stuff that can be cooked in an oven - no pasta, no rice, no soup etc. The engineer said the circuit board (PCB) had failed - an unusual fault according to him - and he ordered a new one. That took a further week to arrive and be fitted.

      Phew, I thought, now we'll be fine. But 4 months later, exactly the same thing happened again. The same engineer came out and diagnosed the same fault. He said that the hob had been fitted correctly and that he felt the whole unit must be faulty and this was what was causing the PCB to blow. He said that he felt the same thing would happen again in another 4 months time and that we should be offered a new hob. However, the manufacturer and supplier (Direct Electricals), despite the Sale of Goods Act, refused to replace the hob and instead fitted a new PCB. This time, it took 4 weeks from my phoning to us getting the new PCB fitted and having a working hob.

      So, that's 7 weeks out of 8 months that we were without a hob. Pathetic, in my opinion.

      I realise that things go wrong - it happens to all of us - and that is why we have guarantees and the Sale of Goods Act. I believe that you can judge people and companies on how they act when things go wrong. Both Direct Electricals and Gorenje have been very slow to act both times there was a problem and they have refused to take the course of action recommended by their own engineer. I will never buy from either of them again.

      I am now waiting for the hob to break down for a third time after the next 4 months (2 months to go!).

      In short, a hob that promised much, looked gorgeous, cost much but did not live up to expectations, even without the breakdowns.

      Don't touch it with a barge pole! I would recommend a friend to buy any other hob from any other supplier, if at all possible!

      Please note that this review appears on Ciao under the same username
      Copyright Bobbieal 2012


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      Electronic Hob / Short name: Gorenje ECT780ASC

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