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Whirlpool ACM 702/NE

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Brand: Whirlpool / Energy Source: Electric / Cooktop Type: Fixed / Surface: Ceramic Glass / Number of Cooking Elements: 4 / Element Type: Burner / Color: Black / Overall Depth: 20.08 in. / Overall Height: 2.05 in. / Overall Width: 22.83 in.

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      03.01.2011 08:16
      Very helpful



      Induction hobs are the way forward!

      As part of our kitchen refit we needed an electric hob amongst many other new appliances! We currently have no gas supply to our kitchen although we do have gas central heating, but since our cottage is over 100 years old and has VERY thick walls we decided that electric was going to be the simplest way to go.

      We researched the different types and decided to go for an induction hob (more about that later). Then we had to find a suitable one................. After lots of searches on Google we eventually decided on the Whirlpool ACM702/NE as that was the size we needed with the arrangement of rings that we wanted.

      The Price

      We ordered our hob from Kitchen Science and it cost us £349.99 less a £14 discount voucher which I found on Quidco. Incidentally I should also get £13.44 cashback via Quidco too. The site also offered free delivery so this was the cheapest deal that we could find at the time. The same hob is currently in the sale at Curry's for just £299.99 which is a real bargain believe me.

      The Delivery

      The hob arrived packaged between two thick pieces of polystyrene so there was no way that there would be any damage. It weighs 15kg so it is easy enough to lift and carry. The dimensions, if you are interested, are as follows: 52mm deep by 580mm wide by 510mm from back to front. We chose it to sit on the top of a 600mm base unit. The package contained the hob itself, fixing screws and a manual explaining fitting and using. We obviously had ours fitted by a qualified electrician.

      Induction Hobs

      The way that an induction hob works is this - there is a coil of copper wire under each cooking ring, an alternating electric current then flows through the coil which produces an oscillating magnetic field which creates the heat in the saucepan. Believe it or not even with only a Physics O level to my name I actually understand this!

      This also means that the saucepans need to be magnetic so you may need to replace the old saucepans - a good excuse for a new set then!

      This means that the hob is very energy efficient as it heats the saucepan itself as opposed to heating the whole ring and the cooking area, whilst getting hot, does not create the high heat associated with normal electric rings which of course get red hot.

      My Hob

      As I said my hob is the Whirlpool ACM702/NE and has four cooking rings - one large, one medium and two small. It is made from a single piece of black glass with touch controls and it is built into my new granite work surface. We chose this design specifically because it would be easy to keep clean with no knobs where dirt and grime could collect underneath. It really does look seriously smart.

      There is an LED indicator to show which ring is on and what level of heat is being produced on a scale of one to nine. Each ring has a display and two touch controls - plus and minus - for you to select the temperature that you want.

      The largest ring also has a boost function for fast boiling. There is a warning of residual heat on the surface when a saucepan has been removed and this is displayed as a letter H. The hob also has a child lock to prevent little fingers switching it on by accident.

      The hob actually has a timer function but I can't for the life of me think why you would want to put something on a hob and leave it unsupervised so I shan't be using that function.

      My Experience

      Well I was a bit dubious about the fancy claims of energy efficiency and instant control; after all you only get that sort of control with gas don't you? Actually no! This hob is amazing!

      The contents of saucepans boil very quickly as the hob produces the heat at the touch of a button. The ring with the boost function is even faster!

      As the contents of the saucepan come to the boil I just press the minus sign to reduce the temperature and the boiling ceases immediately. I could hardly believe my eyes - I have never had that sort of control with electricity before! I can actually control the heat to simmer without risk of boiling over, which is something I never quite managed on my old electric cooker!

      The residual temperature once cooking is finished isn't very hot at all and soon disappears so that is good from an efficiency point of view and also if you happen to have children around.


      All I have to do is wipe the hob with a damp cloth each time I use it. Obviously you shouldn't use anything abrasive which is going to scratch the glass. The other brilliant thing is that, because the heat is only generated where the pan is the surrounding area remains cold so that any spills can easily be wiped up and won't burn onto the surface of the hob.

      My Saucepans

      As it happens I already have a set of cast iron Le Creuset pans which would be ideal for the new hob but since they are so heavy and I have had them for many years we decided that a new set of saucepans were in order. The Le Creuset ones can go on EBay! LOL!

      It took me a while to find a set that would be compatible with my new hob but eventually went for set of Judge Vista Draining Saucepans in stainless steel which look superb and work perfectly with the new hob. As soon as Dooyoo have set up the category for me I will write a review about them for you.

      Final Thoughts

      We despite my initial misgivings I would recommend this induction hob without hesitation! It looks good as you can see from the picture at the top of this review, it works very well and it is energy efficient - what more could I want?


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      Electronic Hob / Short name: Whirlpool ACM 702/NE

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