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Zanussi ZVT64X

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Brand: Zanussi / Energy Source: Electric / Cooktop Type: Fixed / Surface: Ceramic Glass / Number of Cooking Elements: 4 / Element Type: Smooth Top / Color: Metallic / Overall Depth: 19.69 in. / Overall Height: 1.5 in. / Overall Width: 22.44 in.

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2011 10:30
      Very helpful



      A great hob for a good price

      When refitting the kitchen it was time to buy a new hob, unfortunately I had to buy an electric one again though. I'm much more of a fan of gas hobs as I find that on the whole they are much quicker than their electric cousins. After this hib was installed, I was quite surprised at the speed it functioned and realised that electric hobs have greatly improved over the years!

      This hob is very stylish, with a black glass ceramic palette surrounded by a stainless steel rim. It look fantastic in the kitchen and for the price I paid, I think it was good value for money.

      *Price and availability*

      I paid £189.00 from BHS direct online. I first spotted this model for £280.00 so I believe that I found a great deal here.


      Aesthetically the hob fits in my kitchen very well. It looks good quality and contemporary. It measures 3.8 x 57 x 50 cm with a depth cut out of 19.68 cm and width of 22.44 cm. Any unit that fits above the hob needs to be at a distance of nothing less than 50cm. There also needs to be gap at the side of the hob and at the back of 5 cm. This is to prevent the risk of fire.

      There are four cooking zones:

      The two at the back are 145mm and 180mm with the two at the front measuring 210mm and 145 mm. At the front of the hobs is the control panel. This is simple to use and has the on button, the heat display that tells you what zone is on and what function is set and then the heat control where you can increase and decrease the heat output from the hob. These buttons are easy to push and I have regularly turned the hob off by catching the off button. It makes no noise and it is really sensitive. I have had a few near cooking disasters as my timing has been thrown out by the hob switching off!


      Heat residual display - this warns you when a zone is still hot to touch.

      Child lock - this over rides all functions and stops the hob being switched on easily by children. This is a fantastic and necessary safety feature. It is easy to set and involves two of the button being held for four seconds and then the machine is turned off. To turn the child lock off, you hold the same buttons down for four seconds but you need to light the hob within ten seconds of this motion. It is really easy to do, however I kept referring to the manual on the first couple of goes.

      *Burn, baby burn*

      This hob gets exceedingly hot very quickly. It boils water nearly faster than my kettle. (Sadly we had a little competition with the kettle and it marginally won!) It does reduce cooking time significantly and the residual heat is also impressive. I have started to learn to incorporate this in to my cooking.

      *Energy efficiency*

      I find the hob much more energy efficient than my old one and it is much quicker at heating things up. I tend to always try and use lids on pans and pots to cook food quicker and always try to turn the hob off towards the end of cooking to make use of the residual heat. The hob throws out a lot of heat still at this point and it would be a waste not to use it.

      *Cleaning and Care*

      A soft cloth with a small amount of detergent will keep the hob looking clean. I do find that it looks streaky quite a lot and I spend a lot of time with a micro fibre cloth trying to rub the streaks out! I find this a complete bug bare. I have recently bought a specialist cleaner for ceramic glass hobs and this has greatly decreased the work load making it much easier to clean and polish.

      The surface is quite delicate and I made the mistake of pulling a heavy cast iron pan from zone to zone across the hob surface. This was a big mistake and I now have a large scratch in the glass as a sign of my stupidity. The cooking zones need to be treated the same as gas rings and items need lifting and depositing back down; not simply pulled across the glass.

      As the surface is made from glass, I would just advise you to be mindful of anything you keep above the hob. I have some overhead storage and worry that if a pan is dropped it will smash the ceramic hob. I have recently relocated my pan ware and now just keep bun tins and lighter objects in this cupboard.


      Apart from it being hard to clean, I can find no faults with this hob. It is fast and efficient along with being easy to use. The buttons are located in the wrong place for me and it is a pain when the hob turns off because I have leant on the button without realising! However, overall I am satisfied with my hob and would recommend it.


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    • Product Details

      Electronic Hob / Short name: Zanussi ZVT64X

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