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Bush BU10FVZS2 Set Top Box

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Manufacturer: Bush / Type: Set Top Box

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2012 20:22
      Very helpful



      a set top box by Bush

      At my house, on one of our TV sets, it hasn't got integrated Freeview, which is why we had to look for a good set top box as I wanted to buy from a trustworthy brand. I know there are a couple of brands that I narrow it down to but when I went to Argos and saw this set top box was on a good deal, I picked it as the price it normally was meant I had saved a bit and gotten a much pricier set top box. I know set top boxes can only offer so many great features to them but it still had a nice design to it also.


      The box has quite a nice design to it as it is rounded edges rather than a rectangular shape. It has a plastic black front where the light signal is seen and it has the Bush logo on this section too. The box is fully black and on the back of the box you have your SCART socket and you get two of these as well as getting a point to plug in the aerial. It has the Freeview logo on the front of the set top box as well as it coming with a small black remote control.


      This box to start with wasn't the easiest to set up and took me a couple of days to fully set up because the instructions weren't clear. I already had my SCART cable ready and so it plugged in but getting the aerial to function right was difficult, however once I got it, it was fairly straightforward. The screen appeared to start and then you just had to follow the process of making it widescreen and then searching for channels until they were all programmed in.

      The box has a display setting so you can adjust it towards your TV but I use the 16:9 ratio. The remote control that comes with this Freeview box is quite small, about a third of the size smaller than the other remote controls that I have. It has tiny buttons which makes it quite uncomfortable to hold at times and to push but if it was a bit bigger it would be better. However, in terms of the remote control signal it is very good and I never have to move around for it to work.

      The good thing with this set top box is that the picture never freezes. My other television has that issue quite often but with this I don't ever have to reset it or plug it out due to this happening so it gets a thumbs up on that area. Sometimes, I will have to rescan the television regularly just to ensure that all of the latest and most up to date Freeview channels are appearing on my channel list as it doesn't always update.

      Another thing to bring up, is the signal on this set top box, it isn't always the sharpest, it never has problems of losing signal or a low signal but it has interference sometimes, cutting the picture up. It also makes the picture go a bit fuzzy sometimes and lose its sharpness which I don't like about it. This is what lets its score down a lot as it really is a bit of a pain when you are watching something that you have been waiting all night to see.

      On the television display, the guide is blue in colour and easy to use, you can run through it to see the daily schedule of shows and when you run over them it tells you a description of the show. Also on the actual TV screen when flicking through channels, the bar at the bottom tells you the programme title, the length of it and if you click info it will tell you a summary of what the show is about. It also tells you what the next two programmes showing are.

      I do think this is a good set top box and it is reliable but considering what its cost is at full price, I don't think I'd have been happy paying that for it, considering others that I have are not as difficult to set up and have a better ongoing signal. This is good though and if you use it for a Tv set in a bedroom or in a living room it will still be a good buy, it could be something to do with my location though causing a fuzzy picture.


      To buy this set top box, I bought mine from Argos, it was originally price at £49.99 but I got it half price for £24.99 but if you look online you will see deals on it.

      I could not find the official Bush website but there is information online.


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