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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2009 14:47
      Very helpful



      Great product and does what it says it can

      Category: Home Cinema
      Colour: Black
      Audio: Dolby
      Connections: SCART, USB, Radio & AV

      I bought this system from Tesco and have never looked back since. The sound quality is excellent and allows different types of files to be played back easily from a DVD which you have burned from your PC.

      The cost is around £100 and is well worth the price. The colour is black and has the function to support USB which means you can plug you USB pen into the drive and play music and video.

      It plays region 2 DVD's and has an RGB port and one scart slot. When I have used this to play movies or run my PS3 through it, you really notice the quality of surround sound rather than just TV speakers.

      The only downside is that it did not find my external USB hard disk when I tried to go through the USB port so that was a little disappointing but overall this is a great product.

      I find the length of the cables for each speaker are also very long which is useful if you have a large room. It enables you to put all surrounding speaks in each corner of the room.

      Another fabulous part of this is the DivX function. DivX software is well known for PC's as this software allows the streaming of compressed videos. Now these types of systems also allow DivX allowing you to see the videos on your PC through your home theatre system.

      This product is fully HD compatible (1080p). This is a great product and would recommend to anyone thinking of buying this type of surround sound system.


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      24.09.2008 14:40
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      very good, value for money set. Good enough for medium size rooms

      I was looking for a good quality, not to expensive home cinema system and found this one. Saw LG HT353SD in Sainsbury's for just £79.99 and was not sure. I checked all the other prices online and details on manufacturer's website. Same day decided to go for it and bought it next day. I have it over one week now and am totally satisfied. It does exactly everything what should and does it great. This home theatre system is very nice looking and nicely designed. Stylish I would say as each speakers surface reflects. Cables are absolutely long enough (even rear ones) as in some other sets they are simply to short. This time Lg's done a good job.
      Using remote control you are able to control everything. Batteries are included.


      Instruction and a manual are included in box and are simple and easy in use.
      This went quite quickly and easily. After unpacking and removing protective foil from each speaker, untied cable and connect each cable to DVD player according to colours (red and black). It is almost not possible to connect it wrongly as on each cable end there are small labels describing each speaker.

      I have my DVD player connected to monitor by scart but it is possible to do it by component video (able to carry a HD signal of up to 1080p but most of monitors do not support it through such a connection) or composite (analogue) connectors.
      Whole device has a power consumption of 50 Watt when working and under 1 Watt when off.

      Sound quality and speaker details

      For this price range there is no point to expect miracles but this set plays movies and music extremely well.
      An interesting option is VSM (Virtual Sound Matrix) which can create 5.1 channel effect out of 2.1 and 10.1 out of 5.1 channels. VSM can enhance your listening pleasure without any distortion or exaggeration on original sound.

      Total output power of this speakers is 300 Watts which is absolutely enough for medium size rooms. Centre speaker has power of 40 Watts (4 Ohms). Exactly same parameters have other speakers except of subwoofer which has power of 75W (3 Ohms).
      LG HT353SD is compatible with DTS, Dolby Digital, VSM, DTS ES, natural EQ, auto HQ, Dolby Prologic, DSP mode and 2Ch Stereo (By-Pass) sound effects.

      To adjust each speaker settings you need to go to on screen menu by pressing enter and choosing sound option. In there you can adjust all properties like distance from speaker to source or signal strength (according to your own preferences) plus/minus 6Db.
      On the same menu you can test if everything is connected and sounds as it should.

      You can play your most favourite songs from CD's or even stick USB drive into it and play your stuff. Yes - LG HT353SD has an USB port. You can copy some Divx movies, pictures or songs from computer, connect it to USB port and watch them all. Another interesting way of enjoying music if your MP3 player has no USB -is to connect it using jack-jack cable (included in box).


      I live in a poor radio reception area so have only 3 stations with RDS and another one without.
      Most important is that this device can read RDS signal (Radio Data System). To say it in easier way - some radio stations broadcasts in their signal some other information's like name of audition, station or song and artists detail.

      This home theatre system can read:

      - PS (Programme Service) this is simply an eight-character static display that represents the call letters or station identity name. Most RDS capable receivers display this information and, if the station is stored in the receiver's presets, will cache this information with the frequency and other details associated with that preset.

      - PTY (Programme Type) this coding of up to 31 pre-defined programme types - e.g. (in Europe): PTY1 News, PTY6 Drama, PTY11 Rock music, - allows users to find similar programming by genre. PTY31 seems to be reserved for emergency announcements in the event of natural disasters or other major calamities.

      - CT (Clock Time) can synchronise a clock in the receiver or the main clock in a car. Due to transmission vagaries, CT can only be accurate to within 100 ms of UTC.

      - RT (Radio Text) this function allows a radio station to transmit a 64-character free-form textual information that can be either static e.g. station slogans or in sync with the programming such as the title and artist of the currently-playing song.
      Almost forgot to mention that 75 Ohms antenna (cable with plug) is included in box.

      Tuner type is PLL which stands for (Phase-locked loop). IT generates stable frequencies or recovers a signal from a noisy communication channel. Pll system is widely in use in electronic devices.
      It has Tuning Range of 87.50~108.00 MHz (50 kHz). It offers as well 50 (random) stations preset.

      Altogether radio sounds very good and I am absolutely satisfied with it. Quality is brilliant and there is no noise. Searching for stations is very quick and easy. There are no disadvantages.
      DVD/CD/VCD player

      It has been equipped with Progressive Scan system for PAL and NTSC signals.
      This one is s a method for displaying, storing or transmitting moving images in which all the lines of each frame are drawn in sequence.

      Main advantages of having it are:
      - Frames have no interlace artefacts and can be used as still photos
      - Offers much better results for scaling to higher resolutions than equivalent interlaced video
      - Absence of visual artefacts associated with interlaced video of the same line rate
      - Higher vertical resolution than interlaced video with the same frame rate

      Main unit of whole device is well designed and good looking when lying under monitor. It is not small but I think thanks its black colour is less visible.
      LG plays all these disk formats: CD,DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+RW
      CDG,VCD,SVCD,CD-R/CD-RW,MP3CD, WMA,JPEG Viewer,Divx 5.0,Xvid.
      To say it briefly - plays everything.
      Another interesting option in this set is recording (ripping) music from CD's directly to USB drive. It is useful when computer is not working or is busy. Only one minus is that it goes with maximum bit rate of 128kbs. It is very easy in use and to do it press rec button on your remote controller.

      DVD reader works perfectly and reads most of DVD's within 2-5 seconds. Since I have it, did not happen to jam or image to freeze when watching movie.
      Works as it should.

      LG HT353SD is a good Home Cinema System for a reasonable price. It is not easy to find another set with competitive properties for such a price. It is a bargain I would say. I can recommend it to anyone as it is a good product and is worth recommendation.

      Please rate and leave a comment possible
      Thank you


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