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2 Reviews
  • good price
  • Good sound quality
  • Not top of the range
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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2015 15:48


      • "good price"
      • "good size"
      • "great sound"


      Very reliable home cinema

      I got this product LG HX46R some time ago and still working fine and I am happy with the it. I really like LG products and I think this one is a really stylish home 3D cinema system. I really enjoy fantastic reach sound very nice compact speakers and subwoofer as well. 3D blue ray player working really god and gives you a real 3D picture.
      When you display speakers in a right way in you living room the experience of sound is very positive and enjoyable.
      You can plug your camera in or music player via the USB port and enjoy pictures or music at you home peace. You can use your old DVDs with that too, it will work fine. The remote control is easy to use and the whole system can be operate with only one remote control which is great! System is very easy to set up. There is one HDMI connection, one USB connection, it is a good value for money. When I am listening to music it make me feel like I have a very good quality brand at home. I use it on almost daily bases as I like watching movies almost every evening and I am really happy with the quality of sound.I really like LG brand I think it is a great and reliable company:)


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      27.09.2015 21:01
      Very helpful


      • "Good sound quality"


      • "Not top of the range"

      Speakers for a low price

      The LG HX46R home cinema system was purchased second hand by me. I paid just £10 for the 4 speaker set and the reason I bought them was because I was fixing an LG TV and had a Blu Ray player (also LG) to connect to it, fortune led me to the speakers at a car boot sale.

      Connection is simple but before buying these ensure you have room for the speaker set to have a space between them or the sound can be distorted on the highest setting.

      When correctly wired up the speakers give clear and digital quality sound. When used to watch a Blu Ray disk the sound is extremely clear both for speech and special effects, I most recently watched 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow and was impressed by the quality and clarity of scenes featuring explosions and the freak weather systems seemed to come to life as the sound quality from all speakers is so good.

      When taken as a foursome the speaker system is excellent with bass being clearly conveyed, also directional sound is clear to add to the enjoyment of watching a movie in HD.

      I have listened to music through the speakers and like movie soundtracks or comes through at an excellent quality and with clarity. This is regardless of what genre you are listening to although I find the quality and enunciation of lyrics is best when you're listening to high contrast music such as metal or Ska.

      These speakers are not top of the range or even available now brand new, if you can find them at such a low price as I paid and need a speaker system that isn't necessarily the best then I recommend them.


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