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Panasonic SC BT100

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    2 Reviews
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      15.01.2010 21:52
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      sound will blow you away

      I got this piece of kit just over a year ago now and the sound is fantastic! Normally retailing around £650 I picked this up from John Lewis for £399, what a bargain. So let's get down to what the system offers.

      The 3.1 system offers a whopping 1000W split over the 4 channels. Positioning the speaker's central, Front left, Front right and subwoofer makes the setup easy with the colour coded cable ends. You will need to go out and buy a HDMI lead as you don't get anything with it. When you enter the installation screen for the first time just run the basic setup which will take you through every step of the way with default volume per speaker, you can go back and change these to your own preference. The speakers are lined with bamboo which is meant to make dialogue richer in sound, you can hear a slight difference between these speakers and the bt200 which doesn't have bamboo lined speakers but the general quality and feel to the speakers is so much nicer.

      There are several modes on the system:

      Bluray/DVD - as straight forward as it sounds, even up scales DVDs using the HDMI and surround sound is amazing, like having a mini theatre in the living room.

      FM radio - comes with an aerial in the box and just tune in the FM radio to which ever station you want, can be a but frustrating, I don't tend to use this.

      IPod dock - plays all iPods with the pin connector at the bottom of them except and please pay attention to this, DO NOT PUT THE IPHONE ON IT AS IT WILL BLOW THE AMPLIFIER!!!! If you want to listen to the iPhone through it then you need to use a phono - 3.5mm jack cable. The iPod dock also folds away which is great as when not using it there's no chance of the unit becoming damaged and makes the unit look all tidy.

      ~~inputs and outputs~~

      Phono in and phono out
      HDMI out
      Composite out
      Digital optical

      ~~optional extras~~

      You can get a wireless adaptor kit if you want to add more speakers, they come in sets of 2 so if wants a 5.1 system which is brilliant (recently got this). It will support up to a 7.1 system but in all honesty not many Blurays have support for 7.1 so if it's films you want to watch then stick with 5.1 it will still blow you away and the setup to add them couldn't be simpler, simply go back in the installation and where it gives you a picture of the speakers in a room (where it lets you test the sound) there will be a blank space at the bottom of the window, go down to it and using the remote it will automatically pick up the wireless system.

      To sum up, if you want to output from the TV then just remember that no TVs have a HDMI out and the system doesn't have a HDMI input so if you want the sound then either use a phono to phono which will only do 3.1 channels, optical for up to 7.1 channels but unless you're watching a broadcast in surround isn't worth it.

      Overall I rate this system 7/10, when first released the price was too much, if you can find it cheap then it's amazing as the bt200 is out but the speakers aren't as good quality and having heard it on dialogue and music wasn't overly impressed.


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        02.12.2008 17:34
        Very helpful


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        This is an excellent home theater system from Panasonic

        It has an impressive sound and the Blu-Ray is really incredibly sharp. The installation is clear and simple (after you've bought some extra cables). Let's take a closer look at this Panasonic SC-BT100:

        I'm someone who didn't want to buy a separate Blu-Ray player and a separate pair of speakers. I wanted to buy a whole system in 1. The Blu-Ray player from Panasonic BD30 is no longer the latest version, but I personally think that the live features are unimportant.
        Furthermore, I have a good experience with an older home cinema set from Panasonic. I have always been very pleased with the sound quality when I listen to the music on the radio.

        Blu-Ray: REALLY impressive! The bass has serious POWERRRRR!!!!!!!!
        DVD: TOP
        CD: quite good
        Tuner: a real luxury!

        The default settings are fine for me; although I would like to have seen the possibility that the sound from the subwoofer, when I watch Blu-Ray movies, could be adjusted ...
        The bass is more than impressive for such a set. However, I think that my neighbour and his wife don't have the same impression from it as I do :-)

        Blu-Ray: You do not know what you see! I thought that I have seen awesome HD images during the EK football, but when I watched National Geographic, I was stunned, seriously!
        DVD: Upscaling is working smoothly
        Copy: no problem.

        The reading of the Blu-Ray can take a bit long sometimes, but it doesn't bother me at all.

        It is a great device, the design is OK, the boxes looks great!


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    • Product Details

      Take your favorite movies to the next level with the Panasonic full-HD Blu-ray Disc home theater system. Blu-ray discs give you superior sound, stunning HD-quality images, and exciting new interactive capabilities like Final Standard Profile for enhanced commentary, audio mixing and picture-in-picture features previously unthinkable in the DVD format. With Blu-ray, you'll never have to leave the couch for a big-screen quality movie experience.

      Combining a PHL Reference chroma processor with advanced P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing) imaging technology, UniPhier - the precise digital video processor - reproduces crisp, natural colors that are extremely faithful to the original movie. It does this by up-sampling the color information in decoded video signals, while the super high-speed P4HD up-converts content recorded in 480i/p, 720p or 1080i format to 1080p by correctly generating each pixel according to information drawn from up to 60 surrounding pixels. The image motion of each pixel is then categorized into one of 16 levels, from stationary to super fast. Image quality is further enhanced by diagonal processing, which creates smooth, sharp diagonal lines, and 3:2 pull-down, which optimizes the processing accordingly for film or video making the images look natural and lifelike. In addition, the BT100's HDMI output is deep color compatible, with 4,096 steps of gradation for even smoother, finer-quality images that meet Hollywood's stringent demands, so you can experience movies just the way they were meant to be experienced.

      With precise digital audio, Blu-ray's beautiful images are complemented by exceptionally pure, accurate sound thanks to the included 5.1 channel surround sound of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD and expandability to advanced 7.1 channel surround sound. Use of a highly rigid bamboo material in the center and front speakers helps achieve an extremely pure, clean sound. A Kelton Subwoofer system with a dual diameter structure delivers a deep, powerful bass. Whisper-mode surround allows you to enjoy rich surround sound even when watching movies at low volume.

      The built-in universal dock for iPod gives you a great new way to enjoy music and video. Just slip your iPod into the cradle and enjoy. The dock charges your iPod, allows you to use the home theater remote to control the iPod, has on-screen audio menus, and also plays back iPod video. You can also use the system's convenient SD card slot, which allows easy viewing of hi-def videos and photos on your VIERA HDTV.

      The newly enhanced VIERA Link displays a menu on the TV screen, making it easier to operate your connected Blu-ray Disc home theater system. For example, you can display a menu with a list of the movies or music stored on your iPod, and use the VIERA remote control unit to select one and begin playback.