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Philips LX 7000 SA

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2003 03:56
      Very helpful



      ..........or something like that! I decided it was time to have a look at the 21st century. I've had DVD players in my computers for many years now, and never watched a DVD on them. However - when time came to replace the CD player in the spare room I decided to take the plunge and go cinematic. Part of this reasoning is that the TV is in the spare room, and we all know how TV speakers sound. Evil, in a word. Bloody evil in two! Not being one to throw my money about I spent a lot of time on various site (Kelkoo and Comparestore prices, to name but a few) looking for bargains. One of the reasons that this particular machine caught my attention is that in it's new guise (LX7000 SA) it plays Super Audio CDs. This is important to me, because I hate the sound of CD's (I can hear the gaps) . Sencond reason it caught my attention is because it was cheap. I bought my player from Empire Direct, who were very quick, and very easy to deal with. Unfortunately, the courier company trusted with delivering my new baby was AMTRAK. What a pack of tossers....it took them 3 trips to my village to find the house. It's only oppsite the biggest pub, on the main road.......but my invisibilty shield was obviously on!! So - to the toy itself. It arrives all packed in one box - DVD player and 6 speakers, along with all the cabling one needs. Unpacking was a case of "5 year old at Xmas syndrome" and soon I was buried in boxes of joy. The speaker cables and plugs are all colour coded, meaning that unless you're colour blind you can't end up with your speakers out of phase, or the sound coming out of the wrong place. Once the speakers and sub-woofer were plugged in (about 25 minutes, including drilling holes in the walls for the surround speakers) I was ready to rock. I'm no expert on digital imaging, I'm a sound man, so I guess the picture is OK. Sometimes I can see artifacts i
      n the picture, sometimes I cant. I imagine this is down to the quality of the DVD itself. I do know that the sound and pictures happen at the same time. On some players, I have noticed latency in the sound (dont ask me which ones) which means that watching any movie is like seeing a badly dubbed spaghetti western. My machine doesnt have these problems There are one or two niggles I have with this machine. 1 The speakers arent much cop.........or maybe it's the preset EQ settings, but the sound appears to lack a certain amount of mids (about 800Hz to 2.5kHz is very weak). Luckily I had a spare set of (still very cheap) 6 ohm speakers, which I use instead of the front stereo speakers, and this has ameliorated the problem. I may be being picky, however!! 2 My TV has only one scart socket. When I have the DVD plugged into it, I no longer get TV or video. I am told this is because the signal of the DVD player is so strong in overrides the signal from the aerial. This means that when I want to watch TV (not a common ocurrence these days) I have to unplug the DVD player. 3. It isnt multi-region, but there are hacks to change the region if you need. Overall though, for £256 I have a system which pumps. Luckily I live in a detached house, because the sub-woofer does pretty serious damage (50w RMS). Its not so much the volume it pumps out, but the presence and perceived loudness (ahhhhhhhhhhh psycho-acoustics, gotta love it - told you I was an anorak!). It plays all my CD's CDRs, MP3CDs (as long as they are burned to ISO 9660, Mac users note). It also has an AM/FM tuner with more presets than we have radio stations. As I am a cheapskate, I have not yet bought any SACDs yet, but I will update this op when I do It also looks damn neat. And that's all that matters......right???


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