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Samsung HT Z310R

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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2009 15:07



      Good System

      For the price £155 it is a great system, 1000W, the sound gets very loud and the bass is good, the speakers are good and the rear speakers are small but produce good sound. The other features include Bluetooth, DivX, the Bluetooth works well and the DivX playback is very useful, the jack on the front is handy for plugging in your iPod or other music devices. It looks good. The fan can get a bit noisy which can be a bit annoying but most of the time you do not notice it and you can live with it. The number of inputs are a bit limited only one Optical, it has hdmi and up scales your DVD, although the quality on my TV was quite poor. The usb socket on the front allows connection of hard disks or USB memory sticks. The controller also controls my Samsung TV which is use full.

      Overall a good system for the price, looks and sounds good.

      I would recommend this product !


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      25.07.2008 12:18
      Very helpful
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      Music to my ears, and a joy to my eyes!

      I recently had to try and find the perfect gift for my mum and dad for their 30th wedding anniversary. For a long time they have had a Sanyo television that was about 1 metre deep which took up far too much space and to be honest looked pretty ugly. The TV had also started going on the fritz and the picture kept vibrating until it had been on long enough to 'warm up', quite annoying as you could imagine.

      Therefore I decided they need a new home cinema experience. Samsung are at the moment my favourite electrical manufacturer as you may notice from a few of my reviews so I decided to bypass looking into other manufacturers an research Samsung, my dad is also a fan of the Samsung models and so I knew it would be a fine choice.

      I went into Dixons and Curry's after looking on the net and all were offering at the time a similar deal, if you buy a Samsung Television you get the system of your choice cheaper, which was ideal.

      Many surround sound systems have some very large tower speakers, not really ideal for hiding them away and can look quite ugly in a room unless the room is adequately sized, the Samsung HTZ-310R's satellite speakers are all very small and were just what I was looking for so that was it, I purchased it along with the Samsung LE37A559 (Waiting for it to be added so I can review this also).

      The system itself is very attractive, from the small blue neon lights to its chic black finish. The system itself boasts a 1000w maximum output (Not the 800w claimed in the description on the site) which I can assure you is far more than enough power, my dad tends to have his on around level 16, with the base turned down to around 40% output, and the rear speakers at around 75% and its already way too loud, and it goes up to 40...imagine...

      The speakers are very nicely designed; they all have a floor or wall mountable connection which involves a simple twist of the stand, which can then be re-entered into the other slot with again, a simple twist. The tops and bottoms of the speakers have a circular design like you find on those pictures that appear to move when you look at them from a different angle, very chic! The speakers aren't very big and hide away nicely even in a small room (as I explained earlier) and weigh around 400g. The bass box is lovely to look at with smooth edges and a very modern feel. It is around 30cm high ad 20cm wide with small black hole looking hole around 7cm in diameter where the sound emits from.

      The system has all the functions you could possibly need, it allows each individual speaker to have its own specific volume and a sound time delay system (which needs customising depending on your room set up) so the sound hits your ears from all sides simultaneously.

      I hooked this up to my dads Samsung LE37559 TV, the DVD player has a maximum 1080P up scaling which produces an image to rival that of most blue ray players. It also has Samsungs new anynet+ link up function which means only one controller is needed for both machines, when you turn the DVD player on, the TV automatically switches on and goes to the correct channel, although you need a HDMI cable for this, although these aren't too expensive if you browse, a £25 one from Amazon/ Play is sufficient.

      The system is very easy to set up, each speaker has a coloured wire which relates to a coloured hole in the back of the main DVD player so it is simply a case of plugging them in and the power cable and your away, I set mine up in around 20 minutes, although for those less electronically minded it will probably take around 35 minutes with the use of the very clear instructions. The speaker wires are also very long and should accomodate you, but if they don't, the system is wireless ready so you can buy a wireless box and rid yourself of the worry (although the wireless boxes are around £90).

      It also has a USB socket to allow for pictures / music or whatever else to be played through it, the USB slot is nicely hidden away behind a little plastic flap at the front of the system. There are also the usual play, rewind, fast forward, stop and pause buttons on the front which are very difficult to see unless you get very close to the system. There is also a dimmer option on the controller that allows you to reduce the level of brightness that the Blue neon's shine at, this is very handy because when the room is dark and you are trying to watch a film, it can be distracting having a bright light drawing your gaze.

      The remote is very well designed and easily labelled and very light. I like the way when you load new batteries the little cap you take off is connected by a small piece of rubber s you will never lose the battery cover.

      Overall this machine produces a wonderful picture and an extremely clear sound, if you can't quite afford the more expensive Blue-ray players this is a great stand in. I got mine for the equivalent of around £150 in May but online stores such as Dixons have some great packages with the system, a TV and stand. The system works best with a Samsung television but isn't at all crucial, any 1080P TV will produce the same quality picture.


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    • Product Details

      The HT-Z310R from Samsung is the perfect complement to any TV. The HT-Z310R includes DTS and Dolby Prologic decoders, providing you with any unforgettable cinema-like experience, and 800 W of power, ensuring the sound and graphics rendered through its DVD player, its HDMi socket and its 1080p upscaling function are always clear and crisp. The HT-Z310R is also equipped with an FM tuner and can be connected to other audio/video appliances using its Bluetooth connectivity. Fully future-proof, the HT-Z310R from Samsung has everything to please film buffs!