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4 Drawer Oak Finish Jewellery Wardrobe

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Brand: Argos / Type: Wardrobe

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2011 23:00
      Very helpful



      A mini indispensable wardrobe, a fabulous piece of furniture to have.


      I love jewellery, all sorts, gold, silver, handmade from my trips abroad and I always like wearing jewellery to complement my outfits. I have always kept my jewellery in gift boxes, earrings and rings in their box and necklaces, chains, bracelets in their own box. This seemed ok then although I always had problems of necklace chains being tangled together in the box. This used to take me ages to disentangle them but I had to be patient especially if the one I wanted on that occasion was tangled up. It never came to my mind that there was a way out of this misery of having to disentangle necklaces all the time.

      Over the years, I have also lost/misplaced some of my lovely jewellery including a lovely ring which my daughters bought me for mother's day two years ago. I also suspect that our lovely Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner gobbled a few of the items.

      Last year, my daughters bought me a jewellery wardrobe as a gift for mother's day. It came more as a surprise to me that they had seen a need which had not even crossed my mind but a bit of sadness when I realised they may still be thinking of the lost ring.

      ==The jewellery wardrobe==

      It is actually made of wood with an Oak finish and it is shaped like the standard wardrobe, but just a mini version.

      A wardrobe is traditionally known for storage of clothes but this mini version is for storage of clothing accessories, jewellery.

      ==Main features linked to my experience==

      a) Interior lining

      The whole interior surface in direct contact with the jewellery is lined with a cream soft velvet like material.

      The lining is good so that delicate jewellery does not get damaged by rubbing against the wooden wall

      b) Four storage drawers

      The drawers are located in the centre vertical position of the wardrobe. Two drawers are for storage of small items such as earrings and pedants. I tend to keep earrings separated from the rest as I have lots of them. These drawers can be pulled out completely from the main body of the wardrobe which is handy as I tend to like standing in front of the mirror whilst I do the mix and match.

      The 2 bottom drawer are fused together to give one compartment with built in fixed undulating cushions with slots in rows for holding rings. Each slot between the cushions can firmly hold 3 adult rings in a row so at least 12 rings can be stored in the 4 row slots. The cushions are again made from the same cream soft velvet-like material. Unlike the 2 top drawers, this compartment cannot be pulled out completely from the main body of the wardrobe as it is held in position by hinges at the bottom. You have to make sure the rings are sitting firmly in the slots otherwise they will fall into the back of the wardrobe when you close this drawer. This happened to me once and it was a bit fiddly to recover the ring. Careful this may also damage the tiny hinges which hold the drawer in place.

      c) 2 necklace compartments each with a revolving necklace hanger and etched glass doors.

      The necklace compartments are located on both sides of the drawers and each has a glass door and a revolving necklace hanger. I tend to store necklaces and bracelets in these compartments. The glass doors are beautifully etched with flower designs but predominantly transparent allowing you to see from outside which necklaces are in which compartments.

      The revolving hangers have 8 hooks each so giving a total of 16 hooks. I tend to put 2 necklace/bracelets on each hook so I can safely and conveniently store 32 which is very handy. I like the revolving aspect which makes it easy for me to reach the necklace I want with no hassles. The necklace hangers also mean no problems with tangling which surprisingly I had lived with all these years. If you have necklaces with long chains, it is advisable to roll them twice on the hook to ensure they don't get dragged on the floor.

      The back side of each necklace compartment is also lined with a mirror. This mirror is not for use to view yourself as some would imagine but for you to see the necklaces at the back of the revolving hanger through the reflection in the mirror. Clever idea!

      d) Top storage space with 5 compartments and a mirror

      In addition to the storage space in the hanger and drawer compartments, the wardrobe also has additional storage space on the top making it different from standard wardrobes. The top storage space is also lined with the cream soft velvet-like material and the space is divided into 5 compartments.
      I tend to use the storage compartment at the top to store small items such as short eye brow pencils, hair pins, small hair clips, safety pins and brooches.

      The mirror is mounted on the inside surface of the wooden surface which also acts as a door for the top storage compartment. I rarely use the mirror as it is rather small and narrow for me. I like big mirrors so I tend to use the big mirror on my dressing table.

      e) Size Height 20, Width 18.1, Depth 9.53 cm.

      The size is just ideal, not too bulk so can be kept even on top of the dressing table, chest of drawers or anywhere where it is easily accessible. Not too heavy to carry either.

      ==Instructions and assembly==

      Not necessary, the wardrobe comes fully assembled and ready for use. For me, it was pretty obvious how to use the wardrobe.

      ==Availability and Price==

      There are a lot of different brands and sizes of these jewellery wardrobes out there, some made of wood, some of plastic and also come in various colours. My daughters bought mine from Argos, as it was a gift, I am not supposed to know how much they paid at the time but I know the current recommended price is £29.99. It is currently on special offer as Argos "less than half price" and is being sold for £8.99, a third of the price, a real bargain.


      ==Design and Durability==

      The design is very nice, stylish and over all attractive. Mine is slightly different from the picture shown above. Mine has nice crafted handles and glass doors etched with brightly coloured flowers.

      I have owned this wardrobe for more than a year now, I use it every day opening and closing doors, drawers and it is still perfectly intact.

      ==My verdict==

      So far so good and happy all the way. I am really impressed with jewellery wardrobe. In my opinion, it is worth every penny paid for it. It also comes in a beautiful design and lots of storage space for all sorts of jewellery.

      I love this wardrobe very much as it has completely changed the way I store my jewellery and the ease of picking the ones I want for the day. I cannot imagine how I have survived without it all these years.
      I just wish the manufacture could slightly upgrade this by adding locks onto the doors and drawers. I know this will not deter real thieves but just to deter children from playing around with the jewellery as some people might have jewellery which is quite pricy and or of sentimental value.

      The top compartment door could also be improved by putting side hinges so that it can remain in open position, especially for those who might want to use the top mirror.

      Besides this I highly recommend this jewellery wardrobe and I give it 5 stars.

      My mini indispensable wardrobe, how could I have survived without it? It is a fabulous piece of furniture to have.

      Thanks for reading my review. I hope it has allowed someone out there to make an informed decision.

      © hildah 11 September 2011.

      This review is also available on other websites under the same username.


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