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Argos Antique Pine Mid Sleeper with Tent

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Brand: Argos / Type: Bunk Bed

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2009 19:37
      Very helpful



      Just what we needed.

      Transferring your toddler into their own big boy/girl bed for the first time can be quite daunting for parents. We first attempted this when our son was two years old and was getting too big for his cot. Then, we simply converted his cot into a bed. This didn't go down very well with him, and from then on he kept coming into our bedroom and no one in the family was able to have a good night's sleep. As an emergency measure, we put a double bed in his room, so I could stay with him if necessary. What was supposed to be just a temporary solution, quickly turned into a regular habit. It wasn't ideal, but at least it solved our problem for a while.

      It wasn't until recently that I started feeling uncomfortable with this arrangement. My son's starting school this September and I thought the other kids might make fun of him if they found out he was still sleeping with his mummy. I figured, if we got him a fun new bed, he would be less likely to rebel against sleeping on his own. First, I thought along the lines of a bed in the form of a racing car or something similar, but I quickly ruled it out because it didn't seem very practical. The concept of a mid-sleeper (a.k.a. midi-sleeper or cabin bed) seemed just what we were looking for. A mid-sleeper is much lower than a bunk bed and it doesn't have another bed underneath, just floor space with a hanging tent, which can be used as a play den or for storage. This seemed the perfect solution to our problem, so I set out to find the best deal available.

      The antique pine mid-sleeper with tent sold by Argos looked quite nice in the photo and was priced at a very reasonable £245, including the mattress. I read a few reviews about it and they all seemed favourable. One reviewer mentioned that these were the same frames made by the Danish company, Thuka. I was a bit sceptical, as the Thuka beds sold on the Internet all seemed a lot more expensive. How could Argos sell them so much cheaper? But it is true! These beds are indeed made by Thuka.

      The bed arrived from Argos within three weeks. I must say the delivery service was top-notch. They called us to see which day would be suitable and gave us a timeframe of just two hours in which the delivery would take place. In addition, the truck driver also called half an hour before delivery to confirm that they were on their way. We didn't need to sit around all day waiting for a delivery that may or may not come!

      The wooden parts came really well-packed in a long, flat box. The mattress and the tent were each packed separately. It took my husband about two hours to assemble the bed with a little help from me. The instructions were easy to follow, except for the tent, which was a bit more fiddly to fit. The wood is solid pine and once assembled, the frame is quite stable. The mattress that came with the bed is a so-called budget mattress. I didn't have high expectations about it, but it's actually OK for what it is. The truth is, buying this bed with the mattress from Argos was still cheaper than buying just the bed frame from other retailers, so I thought we could always replace the mattress if we had to, but it will be fine for the next couple of years at least.

      My son was very excited to sleep in his new bed for the first time. He absolutely loves it and happily sleeps through the night all by himself now. Even when we were away on holiday he kept saying that he was missing his new bunk bed. He loves hiding and playing under the bed and there's some space for storage too. I would have given this bed a 5-star rating if I didn't have a few niggles regarding safety.

      So, what am I worried about? Well, I would just feel a bit more relaxed if the side boards on the bed were a few inches higher. The space between the top of the mattress and the top of the side board is less than 6 inches. I think there should be at least two boards above the mattress to ensure safety. It could be just me being paranoid, but I'm worried enough to put a few old duvets and pillows around the bed each night as a "safety net" just in case my child falls out it in his sleep. This hasn't happened yet, but I'm not entirely convinced that it can't or it won't happen in the future. There's a mark on the ladder showing the maximum recommended height for the mattress and the top of the mattress is actually a little bit (a centimetre or two) above this level! I'm not sure what to think about this, other than the bed is only borderline safe.

      I must add that the manufacturer's age recommendation is 6+. However, if you read the reviews on the Argos website, you'll see that many parents buy this bed for children as young as 3 or 4. My son is soon 5. I'm not sure I would let him sleep in this bed if he was any younger, but I guess all children are different. He's only just mature enough to understand that he mustn't stand up in this bed and that he has to be very careful climbing the ladder. Anyone planning to buy this bed should consider the safety aspects first.

      Apart from my safety concerns, we really love the bed. My son would never let me send it back, so we're definitely keeping it. It's a lot of fun and a great space saver - just what we needed. Hopefully, it will prove to be safe in the long run as well.


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        16.08.2009 10:28



        Lovely quality solid bed

        I ordered this bed online for my 4 year old son, who shares a room with his little brother. As they share a room they need as much space in their room to play as possible. This provides a lovely space underneath for storage and useful playing space. This space is often a train, a school or a shop!

        I found this bed to be sturdy, solid, comfortable and chunky. It is an attractive bed with a lovely finish to the wood.

        I put this bed together myself (with the help of my 2 & 4 year old!). The directions were easy to follow, all the pieces were there making it easy and stress free to assemble.

        The main bed frame didn't take long to assemble, but what i would say is that each slat needs screwing in individually which is time consuming and unless you've got an electric screwdriver, could be hard work. The benefit of this though is certainly worth it as this makes the bed very sturdy.

        I like the ladder on this bed, the steps are wide and do not hurt your feet as you climb up.

        The mattress supplied is comfortable enough and my son sleeps well on it.


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      Children's Bed

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