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Argos Beech Effect Small Corner Computer Desk

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Brand: Argos / Type: Computer Desk

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2013 21:42
      Very helpful



      A very decent corner computer desk if space is an issue.

      A few months ago I decided to spend a little money on my bedroom. The list of seemingly never ending, expensive items my home seemed to need was finally coming to an end (until something else packed up of course) and my bedroom furniture was getting rather old and rather worn. So I purchased a few items to replace those that needed replacing.

      One thing I needed was a new computer desk. I'd actually purchased my old one when I first moved into my current home as a cheap 'make-do' desk until I'd sorted the more important items out. It was a £10, very basic metal desk I'd purchased from a discount store and, to be honest, it was pretty rubbish the moment I put it together, a year a bit later it wasn't far off being classed as a health and safety hazard I'm sure. So a new desk was my priority. When I came across this one on the Argos website I purchased it pretty much straight away, I hadn't really thought about what I wanted from my new desk but it was instantly clear that this was perfect for my needs.

      The bedroom furniture which didn't need replacing, my bedframe and chest of drawers namely, were beech effect. The selves in my room were beech effect and the natural décor throughout the room just went well with beech. My black metal desk had always looked out of place and I knew a beech effect one would go perfectly in my room.

      A corner desk was something I hadn't thought about prior to discovering this desk but it's exactly right for my room. It fits perfectly in the top corner of my room, right in front of the plug sockets and leaves me with a lot more space. The size of the desk is comfortably big enough to fill with everything I need to put on it but still quite small and compact again, freeing up a lot more space in my room.

      So I paid the £32.99 asking price for the desk and had to delivered to my home along with a few other bits and pieces. Whilst this item can be picked up from Argos stores I would definitely recommend delivery if you don't have access to a car (which you can park near the store)! The desk came flat packed in a large square box weighing 15kg. There's no way I would've gotten this home if I'd gone into a store to collect it. Even without the weight the box was about as wide as I could extend my arms and very awkward to carry.

      Inside the box was everything needed to assemble to desk. Six differently sized and shaped pieces of wood, a bag of differently sized screws and some fixtures. An instruction manual was of course included and I found this to be quite simple and straightforward for a change!

      Argos recommends two people assemble this desk although I managed to do it on my own with no problems at all and I'm by no means a flat pack expert. I think the only reason you'd need two people is so one can hold two pieces of wood together whilst the other starts screwing. This would make assembly easier but, as mentioned, I managed on my own fine so it's not essential. It took me about twenty minutes to put this together and it was straightforward with no setbacks. The box contained everything it should have and that included everything needed aside from a Phillips screwdriver which you'll be using a lot putting this up.

      Once completed I was left with a rather nice and very practical computer desk which felt sturdy of decent quality. The desk is 79.5cm high, it can hold a maximum tower size of 54x50cm and a maximum monitor weight of 15kg. I've no idea what my tower measures at but it's about the usual size of a tower and there's plenty of room left. My monitor is 22inch and is pretty much fits perfectly. You could probably fit a monitor slightly bigger on my desk but certainly not much bigger without it touching the walls.

      The monitor stand is also raised slightly on silver metal arms which add a nice touch to the appearance of the desk whilst being practical. The extra height of the monitor makes it comfortable to look as I don't need to strain my neck constantly looking up or down to see it clearly.

      They keyboard sits on a sliding draw set on smooth runners. This is easy to push in and out when the computer is and isn't in use. The stand is big enough to hold a standard keyboard and mouse although I find it much more comfortable to have my mouse on the main shelf just above the keyboard but below the monitor.

      On this shelf I can fit my speakers, my keyboard and mouse and there's enough room left over for plenty of other stuff depending on what you like to keep on your desk. For me it's text books, I do most of my studies using text books and my desktop so to be able to have an open textbook in front of me whilst using my computer is really helpful. This wasn't space I had on my old desk so had to keep turning round to look at the books on my bed, making essay research and drafts take a whole lot longer!

      With its smooth beech effect finish the desk is easily wiped down and cleaning it isn't an issue. When built it's surprisingly lightweight and it is only really the shape and size of the desk which makes it a little tricky to move if needs be. It's a sturdy desk, in a few months I'm moving home and I have no worries that this desk won't survive the move at all.

      All in all this is a handy, practical and affordable piece of furniture. It's a great computer desk if you don't require masses of extra equipment to be placed on it. For example, there's no room for a printer on this desk. If space is an issue though this desk is great. It holds the essentials without taking up loads of room and the fact it fits neatly in the corner of a room makes it even more space saving. I've been very happy with my purchase and I would definitely recommend this desk.


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