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Argos Black Glass TV Stand

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Brand: Argos / Type: TV Stand

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    2 Reviews
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      04.12.2013 18:48
      Very helpful



      A great TV stand.

      ==TV stands everywhere==

      When my Husband and I brought our new TV more 5 years ago we also picked up a black glass TV stand from Argos as it was cheaper to buy the stand separate to the TV. I think we chose this stand as all the TV's in Currys seemed to be stood on this sort of stand so it seemed the obvious choice. At the time of purchase we paid £49.99 as it was on some sort of offer. They are currently available for £99.99.

      The TV stand is advertised as being suitable for a 42 inch TV which was what we had stood on it originally. When we upgraded to a 50 inch TV we kept the same stand and it holds it comfortably.

      ==Standard specifications==

      The TV stand looks pretty much the same as any other black glass TV stand. It came flat packed for convenience and was relatively easy for my Husband and I to put together.

      Once assembled it stands 52cm tall. This height gives the best viewing angle for the majority of flat screen TVs when sat on the sofa. The depth of the three shelves is 45cm. The depth is enough to comfortably hold a flat TV with a rather large base stand on the top and the shelves have enough room for my components to sit neatly without them looking cramped or hanging off the back. The gap between the shelves is 21cm, this is enough height for my quite large amplifier. The width of the TV stand is 105cm which again is enough room for my components to sit side by side.

      Each glass shelf is made from extra strong black glass which can apparently hold a maximum of 70kg. I have never weighed my TV and components but I am very happy with the stability and safety of the TV stand. The edge of each shelf is bevelled and the front corners are rounded while the rear corners are cut at a diagonal.

      The silver coloured legs look very smart in contrast with the black glass and the silver coloured cable tidy that runs down centre of the back of the shelves is unobtrusive but a feature I have never used as I have my components sat side by side.

      ==Dusty problems==

      The one down side of the TV stand is that it is a dust magnet. As I live in a rather old house (95 years old) which can get very dusty and as such I need to give the stand a wipe over every other day to keep it looking at its best. Almost as soon as the dust is wiped away it starts to resettle, have tried lots of different cleaning methods so if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly received.

      After five years of continual use the TV stand looks like new. My Husband and I happily place hot cups on the TV stand and the TV stand has had the occasional bash without cracking or chipping.

      It comfortably holds my 50 inch TV, Amplifier, PS3, Sky box, DVD player and Xbox 360 so I happily give this 5/5 stars.

      Thank you for reading.


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        19.04.2012 21:20
        Very helpful



        Good looking TV stand at a very good price

        We had to replace our TV recently and also had to buy a new stand as the old stand was not suitable for a flat screen TV.

        Normally when I buy something, I spend quite a long time reasearching and deliberating over my choice, especially something that I will spend a long time staring at.
        However our TV broke and OMG , a very important football match was on, so a state of emergency was called by my husband and I was given no option but to choose something from the Argos catalogue immediately!

        Argos would not be my first choice for furniture, but under pressure , I opted for this particular TV stand as it looked nice, matched the TV , had £50 off and we got another third off because we bought a TV as well.

        Hubby returned from Argos in double quick time and unpacked the stand from the cardboard box and started to assemble it.It came flat packed and he had to follow the instructions and attach the legs to the shelves.

        I did not participate in the assembly as I was allocated the task of dismantling Sky and the DVD player in readiness for the big switch on, plus swot up on connecting these to the new TV, so that I could set up the TV and SKY and hubby could watch the football.

        I would say that this was quite easy to assemble even though I did not get involved. My opinion is based on two factors.
        1. Only one trip to the garage was required for tools
        2. There was no swearing or dramatic sighing whilst the assembly took place.

        Only one trip to the garage is good as normally any DIY in our house involves several trips to the garage and or shed possibly the van and could involve going up in the loft. Quite why we can't keep some basic tools inside the house in an accessible place is beyond me, but as I don't use any of the tools , I don't comment on what is clearly not an efficient way to store tools.

        The Stand
        The stand is a very shiny black glass with chrome legs. It has two shelves in addition to the shelf the TV stands on and is suitable for flat panel TV's up to 32" wide or CRT's up to 28", the exact dimensions are H51, W80, D45cm.

        The maximum weight it will hold is 60kg so it easily accommodates our LED TV.

        It is made of toughened glass and the legs are steel.The shelves have rounded edges, so no sharp corners to bump into.
        The shelves are opened backed and a rectangle shape at the front. The two front legs are chrome and the back of the unit is supported by a wide plastic piece that is attached to the back of all 3 shelves. This piece has holes in to thread the cables through.

        Our new TV fits perfectly and it has generous sized holes at the back of the shelves so you can thread all the wires through easily and there is enough room to fit sveral wires through.

        It feels very sturdy and the quality is nice and it is really useful having two shelves as all the other equipment like SKY and our DVD player fit on one shelf with the other spare for other equipment - we have a sound bar on the second shelf.

        Would I Recommend?

        It took me a while to get used to the blackness of this unit, primarily because our old TV and stand was silver and after staring at that for 12 years , glossy black is a big change.

        If I am honest I would have chosen something different if I had not been pressured into choosing quickly and would probably have tried to track down a silver TV and stand, as I am not as keen on the black. Probably old fashioned I know but just a matter of personal preference.
        Obviously football comes first with hubby and he is very happy with the TV and the stand, plus he didn't miss the match.

        I think this is excellent quality for the price we paid which was £53.33 - Full price is £129.99 but it is currently on sale for £79.99.
        It does not feel cheap and tacky, was easy to assemble and the TV fits perfectly with two shelves for other equipment.
        It is a wonderful dust trap and as yet I have not found a duster that does not simply move the dust around, so is a bit of a nightmare to keep clean.

        I don't love this , but I am getting used to it and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a very black shiny glass TV stand as I think this looks like it cost a lot more than it did.

        So 5 stars from me


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        Argos / TV Stand Black Glass with Chrome Legs 32

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