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Brand: Argos / Type: Sofa

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2007 19:41
      Very helpful



      a great sofa

      Large Lucy Sofa From Argos – Camel Colour

      As we have moved into our new flat I was totally adamant that our old and slightly out of shape green sofa was not going anywhere other than the dump! Reluctantly my rather thrifty boyfriend agreed as long as it was a cheap sofa. We trailed around the small selection of sofa stores around our area but there really was nothing we like and could afford.

      Because we live on an island there really is a limited amount of places we could go and therefore were contemplating a costly trip to the mainland. Me being pregnant and the move being immanent we couldn’t really bring ourselves to do all that travelling. We reluctantly picked up the ever-faithful Argos catalogue and even though we were dead set against ordering a sofa from a catalogue we went ahead anyway. The thing with ordering these sorts of things from a catalogue is that you never really know what you are getting. I think usually your need to sit on the sofa and get the feel of the cushions and the material it is made in. But with limited choice and very limited time unless we wanted to be sat on the floor, we decided that we could always return the sofa if we really were not pleased.

      This Lucy sofa was possibly one of the cheapest sofas available from the Argos catalogue and certainly one of the cheapest we have seen out of all the places we looked around in our area. We opted for the larger of the ones available, as working out the dimensions this is really more of a two-person sofa as the smaller Lucy sofa would surely not fit two large bodies comfortably. The smaller one is of course priced cheaper by around £50. There is also the option to pay extra and have this sofa as a sofa bed and this costs around £100 more. However this is not something that we needed and I always have my doubts as to how good sofa beds would look after a short period of use.

      So we paid £249.99p for this sofa but you have to add on the £5 delivery charge, which is not optional as the only way to get this sofa is to have it delivered. I cant see why Argos don’t just add the delivery into these “delivery only items” and then claim the delivery is free you might feel you are getting more of a bargain. Once ordered Argos contacted me about two weeks later to arrange delivery of the next week. This is pretty good timing for delivery as they do state that it usually take 30 days and even then some things if not in stock my take a little longer. I have since looked on the Argos website and they have reduced this particular sofa and the ones similar to it by £50, and considering it is pretty cheap to begin with this makes it an even better bargain, shame we didn’t wait a few more weeks to get it!!

      You are able to choose from a variety of colours for this sofa and to get a free swatch of the material is very simple. I called the number given in the book and it was answered straight away and I was asked what were the samples that I wanted. They arrived within the week and I couldn’t believe how easy it had been to get them through. The material appeared good and strong on the swatch and the colour camel was exactly what I wanted. The other colours apart from Camel are Chocolate, Blue, Wine and Biscuit.

      The sofa was delivered easily by two big burly men and they bought it all the way through to my front room. It was wrapped well in a load of bubble wrap (that I had hours of fun with after unwrapping!!) and the sofa thank god was fully assembled, we have had enough of all this flat packed stuff!!! The sofa was light to move and I had no trouble in positioning it to where I wanted and lifting it up to get all the wrapping off of the underneath.

      The sofa itself is not too big but just right for two people to sit on comfortably. The actual size of the sofa itself is 180cm in width, 90cm in diameter and 88cm in height. The height from floor to seat is 47cm, the dept of the seat is 52cm, the seat back height is 50cm, and the width of the sofa in between the two arms is 126cm. All these measurement we checked with our old sofa and my parent’s slightly smaller sofa and we of course were happy with the size.

      The sofa also come with two matching cushions which blend in perfectly and are made of the same good strong material. Both the cushions and the actual sofa cushion covers are removable and can be turned inside out for even use and can be taken to the dry cleaners. This I am sure will be very helpful with a baby due as I think baby sick on the new sofa will be a nightmare for me!!!

      The sofa is described as a classic scroll arm sofa and it is indeed that. A lot of the sofas we saw when looking around for a new one had a large cushion zipped to the arm of the sofa and these I really don’t like. This more classic style of sofa is just up my street and I find that having the arms with less chunky cushion on will make the sofa stay looking good for longer. The material used for the sofa is 100% polyester and is a chenille fabric. The cushions used for the seats and the backings are comfortable fibre filled foam and work well with the overall look of the sofa.

      The sofa I have been really pleased with. I do think I am going to have to keep on to of rotating the cushions and making sure they are puffed up as I can see that they will soon start to sag and perhaps not look as good as new but then what sofa really does after a while of use? I try to puff the cushions or turn them every morning and if I get into habit of doing it I think this will make the sofa have a longer life.

      My boyfriend spilt a bit of his tea on it the other week and I nearly had a fit! We got out the 1001 cleaner and cleaned the tea of straight away and to look at you would not even know that anything had been spilt on it. The cleaner worked well and the sofa took to the cleaner without problem. The material seems pretty hard wearing so I would say that it would take a lot of sitting and sleeping on (although I keep telling the boyfriend he should go to bed if he wants to sleep but he seems to prefer the sofa in the afternoons!)

      The sofa is really comfy to sit on as the cushions of the back and the seats are lovely and soft. They are not too soft that it is difficult to get yourself back out of the sofa once sat in it but soft enough to enjoy an evening in front of the TV. It is only really a sofa for two adults but I would think that when the baby arrives all three of us could squeeze on there comfortably.

      I am really pleased with the look, price and general use of this Large Lucy Sofa from Argos. I would say to anyone in need of a cheap sofa and unsure as to whether to buy from Argos or not then really don’t worry they seem to have is covered well with this particular range. The price is as cheap as anywhere I could find and the look of the sofa does not look any worse than those that were for sale in all the sofa superstores at a much higher cost.

      Recommended to all.


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    • Product Details

      100% polyester chenille fabric and comfortable fibre-filled seat and back cushions. Size (W)180, (D)90, (H)88cm.