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Argos Malibu 3 Drawer Bedside Chest

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Brand: Argos / Bedside drawers / Type: Bedside Chest

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2011 01:05
      Very helpful
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      A fair product for the price

      ==Argos Malibu 3 Drawer Bed Side Chest==

      when we moved into our new flat just over 4 years ago we hardly had any furniture and needed to buy so much it was untrue. Of course we were absolutely penniless what with having to deal with our first mortgage which we stupidly had at 100% on a silly rate of about 8% when we first started it. So this meant that a lot of the things we needed were bought quickly and cheaply.

      We kitted out both of our bedrooms with bedside drawers and larger chest of drawers and the cheapest at the time in Argos were the Malibu range of furniture. There was some sort of special offer on the items at the time we bought them so they were even cheaper than their usually relatively cheap price. This 3 drawer side unit is currently selling in Argos for a mere £27.99p which compared to other such items in the same book is a very low price.

      The unit itself needs to be assembled at home and comes flat packed but I must say I am rather partial to a little bit of flat pack and this unit can be put together by one person in a fairly short time period. I had no trouble doing it and the instruction leaflet although very basic with only diagrams rather than written instructions was still simple to follow and did seem to make sense. The whole unit was probably put together in a little over half an hour.

      There were a few different colour tone options to choose from in Argos ranging from the light colour of the beech effect, the middle range shade of the pine or the darkest colour of the maple. I opted for the pine which matched fairly well with our proper wooden pine bed. The pine cabinets are only made of cheap MDF with a thin layer of pine overlay applied to them and to be fair look like they are pretty cheap which indeed they are. The pine shade does seem slightly darker pine than regular tones and the fake wooden pattern on the units is not too obvious or offensive.

      The three drawers of the unit are not on runners and merely slide along the coated MDF with a groove type design. This was fairly affective at first but as the years have gone on this movement of sliding the drawers in and out had become less smooth and feels very tough as opposed to the smooth workings of a unit with the metal runners.

      On the front of each of the three drawers there is a small silver effect plastic type of knob. The can often get loose but is easily tightened by a screw which is accessed by inside the front of the drawer. The knob has become slightly tarnished over the years I have had them and they now don't appear to look so metal like as they once did. I can't say that these knobs are the best design of drawer opener as they are fairly small and often not the best to get a good hold of especially when the drawer sliding motion is being stiff.

      The drawers are not too shallow and can hold a fairly decent amount of light weight items. It seems the heavier the drawer gets the harder the flow of getting the drawer open and closed is so I would say this unit will last far longer if only used for lightweight items such as clothing. I have since replaced Jack's bedroom unit and this has been moved now to the front room where it holds a few of my CDs which of course are not particularly light weight when you get a fair few in the drawer. This holds them quite well but its not the best unit for the job.

      One thing I am terrible for and a thing that these drawers really can't take is over filling. I am sure I am breeding clothes because I seem to be forever sorting out the drawers and getting rid of old clothes or moving them somewhere else for more space. These drawers don't seem to like being filled to bursting as more often than not the thin bottom of the drawer will pop out of the rut that it is positioned in with and because other than fitting into a groove the bottom of each drawer is not help in especially well. To correct this I have tacked a small nail into the under side of the drawers so that it can take a little bit more pressure being put inside the drawer.

      Although this bedside drawer unit is not the best looking or sturdiest to fill up it does do the job and is a cheap price. With furniture such as this you generally get what you pay for and seeing as we have had these units past 4 years now the smaller bedside drawers are doing really well (which can't be said for the larger chest of drawers).

      They are still going strong and they store my nightwear and saucy items very well indeed and do the job required of them. I think for the price I shouldn't really complain and hopefully when we are feeling a bit flusher and want to spend money on replacing them I will opt for something a lot more expensive that has metal runners and is probably a lot high quality.

      All of that said if you are looking for a cheap set of small drawers for small items of clothing in the bedroom then these are the drawers for you. They are what they are and the price represents that. I feel that a good score of 4 out of 5 stars is well deserved for these drawers and would recommend them to people not wanting to fork out a ton of money for such an item

      *The overall dimensions of the unit are as follows: H60.5, W38.8, D39.6.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        05.02.2011 18:55
        Very helpful




        I have just moved into a new flat, and after having looked around a number of stores, I really needed to find a decent bedside table. I didn't want one that was too low in height but also didn't want one that was too cheap in price either. I picked up my new Argos catalogue and decided to have a flick and see what there was. A number were quite overpriced but I came across this lovely Malibu 3 Drawer Bedside Chest. Originally I was going to go for the cheaper one that was only about 40 odd cm but am glad now I went for this 3 drawer one as it fits into my room perfectly in the Pine shade.


        This chest of drawers comes in I think it is four shades and is part of the Malibu furniture collection. The chest is 60.5cm in height which is pretty standard by looking at mine in comparison to previous ones. It is 38.8cm wide and 39.6cm in depth. The drawers are quite a good size and come with a small silver handle on each to pull the drawers out. It is very box shaped and has a great wood like effect to it but a nice smooth finish and looks very rich and nice in colour and is a great addition to my bedroom.

        THE CHEST

        One thing about this chest which may put a few people off is the fact that it is a self assembled model as a lot of people don't like their DIY skills. However, I didn't find this too difficult to follow myself and I really am not the world best assembler. The instructions are quite easy to follow and everything comes sealed in the box and it is also good in the sense that it isn't too heavy to carry.

        When you get it home it is all flat pack, so really it is best to first of all check that you have the right number of pieces and make sure you have everything you need as you don't want to get half way through and find out that you cannot build the item due to a missing piece. I got my boyfriend to build this for me just to be on the safe side but getting his opinion he said it was very easy and had no issues at all building it and pretty much had it done in about 20 minutes which I found impressive.

        It was literally a case of needing a hammer, some plyers and just slotting all of the pieces together. The drawers were the first to assemble and you just need to follow the guides and once these were all done, it was a case of just slotting them into the main body which is the last to build. When you get near the end you attach the board to the back to secure it all in place and then it is complete and you just need to find a place for it.

        I love my new bedside chest and am happy with the decision I made. I think the small silver handles at first look a bit small to grip on it but they are actually fine to use. There are holes at the back of the drawer front for handles if you want to change and add your own. The drawers slip in and out find and never stick which is always a worry for me. I have put into the drawers what I need and it has a great space for fitting a lot of items and the drawers do no get weighed down.

        Even on the top of it there is a great amount of room to add pictures, candles, an alarm clock and lamp and still leave a bit of room. I am very pleased with this model and am glad I went for this one rather than the smaller model as it fits the height of my bed perfectly.


        This bedside chest when I purchased it was on the start of catalogue sale so it had discount costing me only £22.49. However, now it is £27.99 but I still find that a fantastic deal if you want a great quality easy to assemble brand new bedside chest with drawer space. If you go down to Argos you can pick up a catalogue and this comes in a number of wood shades: Maple, Wenge, Beech, Pine then there is uunnaturalcolours such as Rose, Blue and White.

        If you want further details on this item you can go to http://www.argos.co.uk and search 'Malibu Chest' and it will show the options.


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