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Argos Metal Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Blue Tent

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Brand: Argos / Type: Bed frame

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2011 19:51
      Very helpful



      Highly Recommended

      We bought the Argos Metal Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Blue Tent a month or so before Christmas, so we've been using it for around two or three months now. We got it on offer for around £100 which we thought was very good, and it's still reasonably priced now with a full retail price of £114.99 (exclusively from Argos home delivery). The same bed is available with a pink tent for the same price, just as a different catalogue entry. You can also choose to buy the bed with a mattress, or without the tent. It costs £20 more to buy this bed with the tent, than without.

      So far, I've been really impressed with this bed. I was actually looking to spend more like £250 on a mid sleeper bed frame, so was delighted to find this one suited my needs best at half that cost! I had wanted a wooden frame ideally, as I felt the metal steps might feel cold to climb up during the winter months. However this fear has been relatively unfounded. For whatever reason, the metal doesn't absorb the cold like I thought it would do. The reason I picked this bed was because of the angle those steps are at - it comes out in a gentle slope, and none of the other mid sleeper beds I looked at had this. For a five year old (the recommended age is 6+), I thought that this would be an easier and safer option. Climbing vertically might have been a little difficult.

      On arrival, the bed was better quality than I had expected it to be. The slats are much sturdier than anticipated, and the assembly process was nice and straightforward. I think it took me around an hour to put this bed together, and I managed to do this unaided. Ideally you want a second person to support the sides of the bed as you lift them and begin to screw them into the end posts. However they are manageable if you're strong and used to assembling furniture by yourself.

      Once assembled, I found that the bed was firm and didn't wobble around or give me any reason for concern. I was apprehensive about buying such a cheap bed, but I needn't have been. I am really, really impressed with how safe this bed is for a younger child. It's a mid sleeper, so if they fall they're unlikely to cause themselves much harm (I refused to let the grandson have a high sleeper for safety reasons). The steps slope out at a gentle angle to make it easy to get in and out of the bed, and you can position them at either end of the bed which is handy. The bed guard rail comes up to a good height above the mattress and makes it impossible for a young child to accidentally roll out of this bed. The rail goes all the way around the bed, and there's only a fairly small gap at the top of the ladder for climbing in and out. I really don't think you could fall out of this bed unless you were in a seriously strange position curled up on the pillow or something! While the age recommendation is six years and over, I think a fair few sensible four and five year olds would be safe with this bed - though that's for parents to judge for themselves of course.

      The tent is a bit of a let down unfortunately, and I wish we'd save ourselves the extra £20. It's quite difficult to fathom what you're supposed to do with it at first, as there are no instructions included for putting it up, and it only goes around three sides of the bed (which took me a while to figure out!). It ties up with fairly thin material ties, that just go around the end posts of the bed and through the side bars. These ties aren't very strong, and it didn't take the grandson long to rip one off by falling into the edge of the tent and managing to rip it off. The lack of window panels means it's incredibly dark underneath and there are no ties for securing the flaps back with when in use or anything. It's just not turned out to be the fun den we thought it would be. In the end, we removed the tent, and the underneath area is still a bit like a little den with the mattress over head - only now the grandson can see what he's doing!

      For the price, this is an excellent purchase. I'm knocking a star from the overall rating because the tent was a waste of money, but if I was just rating the bare bed frame (which is sold for £94.99 at present) then I'd give this a full five stars. It's well designed, safe, easy to assemble and very sturdy too. The ladder can even support me weight for when I need to stand on it to tuck the sheet in or recover some toys. It's ideal for anyone with a small bedroom too as it's only 200cm long. This fits perfectly in the grandson's box room, where as some of the wooden beds we liked the look of wouldn't have been able to. It really opens up the space in his small room for him.

      As a matter of interest, if you're looking at this to redo a young boy's room - we found this bed matched the blue fronted Modena range perfectly, which is also from Argos and in this same price range.


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