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Argos Nest of Tables - Beech Effect

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2015 14:25
      Very helpful


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      Great and Nest of Tables

      It must have been around 8 years ago now since I purchased my Argos nest of tables. At the time I just started renting my first flat on my own and Argos gave me some vouchers after messing me about with the delivery of my large items. I remember that I got £50 worth of vouchers and this just about covered the price of my nest of tables.

      The Look:
      My Argos nest of tables are beech effect. My other living room furniture is also from Argos and beech effect and they all match brilliantly. I love the fresh light look of these tables. The largest of the 2 tables have a frosted glass top which it nice, adds a bit of interest and makes them really easy to cleans. I love the look of this little table set and they are exactly what I was after.

      Putting them Together:
      As I mentioned when I purchased my nest of tables I was living on my own. All 3 tables come flat packed and I was definitely not used to omitting furniture together at the time. I think it did take me a couple of hours to put these tables together but it was really straight forward even for me. Surprisingly I found the smallest of the tables the trickiest to put together as you use glue with this one rather than just screws. I think that as I managed to out these tables together that anyone can :)

      Having put these 3 tables together on my own I was not expecting them to be too sturdy but I am pleasantly surprised. 8 years on and my tables are still going strong. There is not even a hint of wobble to any of them and so these are great sturdy pieces.

      Value for Money:
      As I say I paid around £50 8 years ago for my tables and they are still in 'as new condition'. I our purchased from Argos as I had vouchers but these were some of the cheapest nest of tables that I came across at the time and so I definitely think they were worth the price tag.

      I am obviously very pleased with my Argos nest of tables. They look really good, are easy to put together and certainly stand the test of time. I without doubt recommend this product.


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      11.04.2013 11:09
      Very helpful



      Overall I wouldn't recommend them really

      **Price and Availability**

      The Argos Nest of Tables - Beech Effect is available only at Argos and at Argos.co.uk. You can pay an additional P&P charge or you can click and collect immidiately as long as the set is in stock at your chosen Argos.

      To add, I believe that Argos and Homebase are part of the same company and I have seen the exact same table set on sale in Homebase, so it is worth looking in there especially if they are running a 15% off day for example, as they often do.

      The Argos Nest of Tables - Beech Effect set us back £29.99 which I think is excellent value for a set of three tables.


      The Argos Nest of Tables we went for comes in a Beech Effect however it is also available in an Oak Effect and a Mahogany Effect so most people should be able to find something to suit their decor and other furniture.

      The set comprises of three tables two of which are nested and comes flat-pack, you need to attach the legs on to the tables which was very easy to do and took no more than half an hour in total.

      Each table has a stepped edge and thin squared off legs. When the set is put together it looks OK, I found the Beech Effect a little bit too dark and slightly orange looking, and overall it doesn't look like it's worth any more than £29.99. I think I probably expected a little more from it - I've seen nicer looking sets in discount stores such as B&M Bargains for the same price or cheaper.


      The Argos Nest of Tables - Beech Effect aren't as durable as I'd expect them to be and feel a bit thin and cheap. They're OK for occasional use, say for a vase of flowers or an ornament but really they're for decorative purposes only.

      Another point to note is the the edges are razor sharp and I was too scared to continue using this in the lounge in case my toddler daughter caught herself on the edge or corner, as the build quality is that poor that the laminate finish doesn't ever quite seem to fit. Certainly I have managed to cut my forefinger on it.


      Hmm, I am not really sure whether I'd recommend the Argos Nest of Tables - Beech Effect, I was slightly underwhelmed by them even at the bargain price, and I think you can either spend the same elsewhere for better, or you can add ten or twenty quid to greatly improve the quality of what you buy. Given that this is purely a decorative set, and has no huge practical or essential purpose, I don't really know where it fits because it's very unlikely a student would buy it, but a family may wish for something a bit nicer looking. I think 2013 is the year this set will find it's way to the skip, I wouldn't give it to anyone.

      In the end we moved it out of the lounge because of the concerns over how sharp it is, and also next to the solid oak furniture it looked awful and cheap, and we ended up moving it into the spare to serve as a makeshift bedside table. I am not hugely impressed by it, even for the money I don't feel we got our money's worth out of it (given that we had the Ikea Lack Coffee Table for four years and that was only £19!) and I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone looking for a decent looking value decorative nest of tables.

      When my Dad had a look for a decorative table I ended up going on eBay and spending £33 on a gorgeous solid mahogany set. I think when it comes down to it there are better uses for £30 than buying the Argos Nest of Tables - Beech Effect so for that reason I'll award them a generous 2 stars out of 5.


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      11.02.2013 19:59
      Very helpful



      Nice set of tables, but the wood looks to fake for me

      I bought these nest of tables about 4 years ago from Argos, when I first moved into my home. I had some vouchers, and I just wanted something simple to put a lamp on in the corner of my front room. I chose this nest of tables for around £40, but they are currently selling on Argos's website for £29.99. I think this is a better price, as I think they are cheap quality for £40. I have a set of three tables, and they also had the same set in Homebase at the time. It looks like you only get 2 tables now from Argos looking at their website, and this is probably why the price has gone down.

      This is a set of three tables, in beech effect. This wood is a light coloured wood, and to me, looks really fake and quite cheap. There is a large table, a smaller table which fits inside this one, and a smaller one again, which fits inside the middle table. You arrange these so they are are half under each table, so they look like they do in the picture above.

      These tables have lasted well, as I have still got them in my front room, although I can't wait to redecorate and get rid of them! They look really cheap, even though they are obviously decent quality, despite not looking it. They look as good as the day I bought them, although they have minor chips in the wood in places, but that's our fault for knocking them.

      The legs are slightly wobbly when you are moving them, they are not completely sturdy, and they are so lightweight, I have no problem lifting them to move them out of the way to clean underneath them. I just polish them with multi surface spray, and this keeps them looking clean.

      I don't think they would hold much weight, as they are so light themselves, and with the legs being wobbly, I haven't put anything heavier than a lamp on them. These were really easy to put together, they didn't take my partner long at all to put them up.

      There are many uses for these tables, not just as decoration for a room. We quite often use a small table to put by the side of the sofa with drinks or food on. These are adequate if you want just a simple set of tables, but I personally would pay more for a decent looking wood, as these look cheap, they will not hold much weight due to having wobbly legs, but they have lasted well over the four years I have had them so far, so I have got my moneys worth out of them!


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      10.09.2012 14:57
      Very helpful



      Better than the usual furniture purchase from Argos


      I've just realised that my living room must be due for re-decorating as I've started to write this review. I think I've owned this nest of tables for some years and I know they were purchased when the room was last decorated. When I do decorate (or get my husband on to it) I'll have to make sure that my collection of beech furniture matches; although I always think beech looks good with most modern(ish) types of décor.

      The beech look is one of my favourite looks whether the furniture item is real beech or beech effect. As already said, in my opinion, this colour doesn't look amiss with much at all. Because it fits in so well I've found that I've been able to move items of beech coloured furniture around the home which means I've managed to make optimum use of several items of furniture. Sadly some pieces of dark oak furniture that started married life with me (as I set up home thirty-three years ago) have had to be given away.

      And so, when my living room was last decorated I already owned several items of furniture which blended in quite well, even if not of the exact same shade as each other. I needed a few bits of furniture for this room, one being a coffee table and I also thought a nest of tables would prove useful for the family.
      I had wanted a net of tables for a long time but never quite got around to buying one. With the change of décor I was sure a nest would be useful.


      I didn't want to buy anything too expensive and I was surprised at how much three small tables could cost. I didn't want anything too fancy just a set of three in beech that looked fairly contemporary.
      Although I'm not a huge fan of Argos furniture I felt that in this case, and after having a look around, I would have a look on their website. Really I didn't have that much money left to spend on this room and I didn't mind cheap as long as it really WAS cheerful!


      The nest of tables that I decided on was from Argos and seemed to be what I wanted. Now that I've had this nest of tables for a long time I can say that I have been very pleased with this purchase and that they have exceeded my expectations. I feel any furniture from Argos that has drawers or doors may well be mediocre but in the case of chunky tables not quite so much is expected from them and in the case of these I haven't anything negative to say.

      Really my requirements were for tables that:

      Complemented the room


      Lasted a few years

      Easy to clean

      Stacked easily

      I can honestly say that these tables ticked all of those boxes.

      In the case of sturdiness all three are still going strong. They can hold a lot of weight from the largest to the smallest. Although I get very cross when this happens, I have witnessed many times my husband and sons using one or other of the tables to stand on when something is out of reach. The tables have survived this and, fortunately for them, so have the men of the house.

      When the polish and cloth is out I will use it on these tables although for spills and marks left by cups (I don't often use coasters with these) I find a damp sponge works well.


      The tables are flat packed. They are very simple to fit together and don't take long at all. My husband always does these jobs but I could have managed to fit these together if this was necessary.


      As mentioned they can take an adults weight, although I wouldn't recommend this!
      I mainly use the two larger tables.

      The largest is suitable for some card games and to use for occasional crafts such as scrap booking or to hold pencils and paper if drawing. It is also handy for holding drinks when guests visit.

      I mostly use the middle sized table as a side table. In the evening when I'm sitting on an armchair and using my laptop this table makes a useful place to hold a drink and my mobile phone and there's still enough room for any essentials that need to be kept close at hand.

      I usually keep the tiny table stacked under the largest table as it is small and not often needed but, if a group of us are sitting outside in the garden then it is then employed as an extra table to hold a glass or two. I think it would also be ideal to hold a plant or an ornament.

      At times like Christmas or family celebrations all three tables come out to play and are scattered around my living room.


      I can't remember how much I paid for these tables as I don't know if the price has risen since I made my purchase. They are currently on sale for £59.99.

      I would say that for the price they are a good buy; they have stood the test of time and really don't look any different now as they did when they were brand new.


      I bought my tables from an Argos store after first reserving (reserve and collect) from the Argos website. I reserved several items in the morning and picked them up in the early evening.
      The tables can be delivered to your home for a small fee of £3.95, or a Saturday delivery of £6.95. If ordering more items the delivery charge will be the same. I always find it useful to have lots of items delivered at once at Christmas time as the delivery charge works out better than paying bus fares or car parking fees.


      * Size of largest table H47, W56, L40cm.

      * Weight 14kg.


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