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Argos Pine Effect Curved Computer Desk Trolley

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Brand: Argos / Type: Computer Desk

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    3 Reviews
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      16.08.2012 11:38
      Very helpful



      a fairly good purchase for the price

      ==Argos Pine Effect Curved Computer Trolley==

      When We moved into our flat over 5 years ago there were quite a few bits of furniture that we needed in order to fill the place and a computer desk was one of those items that we were short of. No matter how much I would have liked to have spent out a lot of money and got nicer more sturdy pieces of furniture funds at the time would not allow it and therefore a lot of our bits we got from Argos which were cheap and cheerful. This computer desk was one of those items.

      The desk is however still going strong and for the £40 we paid for it at the time I can say was have certainly got our monies worth from it. It is still selling in Argos at the moment for a little bit more at £49.99 p so I guess it must be a fairly good seller otherwise they wouldn't have it in their catalogue any more.

      The desk itself was a flat packed item and because it is not overly large it didn't take me long to put it together. The instruction leaflet was fairly basic but to be fair it was straightforward enough to put together without really taking too much notice of these instructions. Included in the flat pack was everything I needed to get the desk up including Alan keys and screws and I only needed a screwdriver. The whole process took less than an hour even if I do remember putting the tray runners on the wrong sides at first and having to remove them and replace them one I realised my mistake.

      The desk itself is 76 cm in height, 80 cm in width and 48 cm in diameter making it rather compact and when we had a PC everything just about fit on it although there wasn't too much room for much else. Our first smaller printer did fit but when we upgraded this to a larger and more superior model we had to have this standing next to the unit which was a bit of a shame and made it not look especially neat. Now we have a laptop and I tend not to print out too much anyway the desk has been moved up to our bedroom and I use it now as a make up station which is probably far better use of it and seeing how sitting at the desk when I was using it for computer work wasn't really very comfortable on a spinning chair given the lack of leg room it suits its purpose much better now.

      For a temporary desk or for somewhere that has a limited amount of space this is not a bad bit of furniture for a computer station. It probably would be much better to use a laptop on it rather than having to house an overly large hard drive or the like as it really isn't too big. The tray which can be pulled out and pushed in to house a keyboard wasn't overly sturdy after a while and I can't say the height of this made typing a lot very comfortable or easy to do over long periods. I think if I were to buy myself another desk I would pay a little bit more and get a larger one with more space for having the keyboard and screen at the same height which would make it more comfortable but inevitably the item would need to be wider and a little deeper as well.

      At the moment I have no plans to get rid of this desk as it is perfect for sitting briefly on in my bedroom either applying or removing my make up of a morning and evening. My little dressing table chair sits nicely in front of it and although there is no real leg room because of the boxes I have stored at the bottom of the desk this isn't too much bother with the amount of time I sit there. The desk is still pretty sturdy and with it being on four little wheels it is ideal to move around when I drop my mascaras and bits down the back!

      All in all I can't say this was the best bit of furniture we have ever bought but its cheap and relatively cheerful and I can't really complain for the amount of time we have had it and the use I have had from it. I think a fairly good score of 3 out of 5 stars is in order and I would recommend it for those who possibly have a small PC or a laptop which they don't intent to sit at for hours on end.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        07.04.2012 13:19
        Very helpful



        Please send monkeys.

        I've had this computer desk for over a year now, but it was 6 months old when I got it. It belonged to a friend who decided he really didn't like it, and, as my old computer desk was falling apart I was happy to take a freebee.

        This desk does fit perfectly in the corner where I keep my computer. We are limited, because anything larger than 33" would block the door. This measures roughly 32" in width. The top of the desk is almost 29.5" while the pull out tray for the keyboard is 25 1/4" from the floor, which I fine a comfortable height. The desk is 19 3/4" in depth. It has rollers beneath which means you can slide it out easily to access wire in the back - or retrieve toys from underneath. For some reason the dog has a real knack for getting her chew toys and bones stuck under this.

        The overall set up of this is quite nice, in my opinion. You do loose the ability to slide your feet under the desk, as there is a bottom shelf, but there is plenty of storage space. To the left is a compartment for the computer tower unit. The interior of this measures 17" in height and almost 14" in width. This is more than sufficient for my computer. Above this is a handy shelf for paper. To the left is a larger compartment, which is meant to be used to hold a printer. The interior of this is 16" wide, but if you use the shelf included - which I do, you only have a height of 7". This is not adequate for my printer, so I keep my printer on a window bench to the side of this. I keep pc games on the top shelf, extra paper and bits and bobs below.

        The desk, or trolley, is made of a particle board with a thin laminate material to give it the appearance of wood. It has a nice curved shape and looks quite nice new. The slide out keyboard tray has slightly rounded corners which is a nice safety feature. The desk corners themselves though are actually very sharp in my opinion and I have managed to draw blood on my leg through trousers on one. My oldest son also had quite an accident, hitting his head on the corner. Of course this product is not intended for children, but I would have preferred this rounded just a bit.

        The problem with this desk has been in durability. Our friend wanted rid of this after only 6 months because the laminate was just starting to peel on the edges of the desk. This problem has worsened considerably in the time I have owned it. I must admit, I like to have a cup of tea at my desk as well. This has resulted in the odd splash on the desk. In addition, my children use this desk, not just for the computer, but at times writing on it as well. The seem where the laminate meets on the corners there is a small space which fills up with grime. Various marks and dirt have left this needing to be wiped off frequently, and using a damp cloth to wipe this has rubbed away more of the laminate. At the moment this is very shabby indeed. What I would really like to do with this is throw it in a tip, but alas, I can not afford a replacement at the moment.

        Another issue with this desk has been the tray which holds the keyboard. My youngest son leaned forward just a bit while typing and it collapsed beneath him, leaving him to fall forward getting a fairly good blow on the head. It has also fallen down a few times while I have used it.

        While I am happy enough with this for the price, and think it is worth just about what I paid for it, I must assume review readers would actually be considering purchasing this from Argos. With a purchase price of £49.99, I feel you could do much better for your money and will recommend against this item.

        Honestly, I feel a monkey could have done a better job of attaching the laminate on this, and perhaps better in design as well. I did have a monkey for this desk. A really cute fellow from P&G tips, but my youngest decided he looked like Donkey Kong and has kidnapped him. I miss my monkey. Since Dooyoo has come up with the monkey idea - I think they should send us each a dooyoo monkey. If I had a monkey I would take the best of care of it, and teach it to answer phone calls to telemarketers. It's a terrible shame they can't throw poo down a phone line. If I were given a chicken, every time I would have a lovely roast dinner, but if I had a monkey I would be over the moon, and I promise, we would never consider cooking it up for dinner.


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          26.05.2011 21:59
          Very helpful



          A good idea but perhaps Argos need to tweak it

          Last month I decided to re-arrange some of the furniture in my house. Not long before I moved last year my daughter's old bed frame broke - and the mattress was past its sell by date too. I was loathe to buy her a new one because we were moving into a rented house and I was unsure of us having space, so she was given the spare bed to sleep on instead. She wasn't very happy about this as it's a king size bed and it meant she had limited space in her bedroom. As time wore on and it became obvious we wouldn't be moving in a hurry I gave in to her request for a new bed.

          This meant I would have to move the spare bed into a very small third bedroom - which is where my computer had been housed in the past. I calculated there was space for a desk in the living room but it would have to be fairly narrow and I wanted something that might be able to house my printer too. Moreover however I didn't want to spend a lot of money so that ruled out several options. Eventually I came across the Argos Pine Effect Curved Computer Desk Trolley for £55.99 which I liked the look of.

          What I liked about it was the fact that width wise it fitted in the space I had available in my living room for a desk. It also had shelves which would accommodate my speaker subwoofer and computer tower. The picture also showed space on the bottom left hand side for a printer but Argos' website rather unhelpfully didn't say exactly how wide this space was and the picture on the website showed a rather basic printer in this space, leaving me unsure about whether my HP printer would fit or not.

          The desk ticked every other box however so I decided to go ahead and buy it.


          Like so many cheap furniture items available these days, the desk was flat packed and had to be constructed once I got it home.

          The instruction sheet was reasonably clear but kept reiterating how important it was to have two people to help construct the desk, something I must admit I found a little irritating - it's made from chipboard so it's not particularly heavy and nor is it particularly large so I managed without any real problems on my own.

          You do need a screwdriver as most of the construction involves attaching the pieces of wood with screws but no other tools are required.

          I did find putting the pieces of wood together which form the shelves underneath the desk to be the trickiest part of putting this together and I am afraid it took me three attempts to get this right. The drawings are not particularly easy to follow and as someone who has put together a lot of self assembly furniture in the past and on occasion cocked it up, I refuse to move on to the next stage until I am absolutely certain I have done things correctly. If that means having to redo something, then I will do it and turn the air blue in the process.

          I used a manual screwdriver and I must admit it would have been easier with a powered version as you do need to turn the screws tightly. I didn't find it particularly difficult to fit everything perfectly flush however - even with my manual screwdriver. All told it took me about 90 minutes to put the desk together.

          ~~What it Looks Like~~

          Once you have constructed the desk it looks quite good. I bought mine with a pine effect which I can't say I am particularly fond of but I chose it because it matches the darker oak solid wood furniture I currently have in my living room better than the other option of a beech effect.

          The desk has a pull out keyboard tray and underneath has four compartments - the bottom left shelf is designed for a printer with the bottom right for your computer tower. Above the left and right compartments are shelf units. I use the left hand shelf unit for my subwoofer and the right hand shelf unit is for peripherals I need to have to hand by my computer which include the leads to connect my iPod and my phone to my computer, my digital camera and my internet banking PIN Sentry device.

          It sits on castors making it easy to move about if need be.

          ~~My Thoughts~~

          It became apparent within a few minutes of having finished constructing the desk that my printer wouldn't fit in the left hand bottom shelf. I have to say it's the one major design flaw in this desk - the compartment on the right hand side for the computer tower is far wider than most desktop computers are these days allowing 32 centimetres of space. My desktop computer tower is 18 centimetres wide. The printer space is 42 centimetres wide - yet my printer is 45 centimetres wide. I have checked to see how many modern printers will fit in the space and there are precious few.

          Quite why Argos haven't cottoned on to the shrinking width of computer towers and increasing width of printers is a mystery to me and by just changing the position of the middle dividing section to allow more space for a printer this would be a far more useful product.

          Now this wasn't a huge problem for me as I had already decided to place my desk beside my sideboard so the printer found a home there but if space is really tight and you are hoping to house your computer and a printer on this desk then I would urge you to measure your printer carefully before buying.

          The keyboard shelf is on metal runners and moves in and out smoothly. It could perhaps be a little more robust but when one considers how inexpensive this desk was, this is a minor niggle.

          The desk is on castors which makes it easy to move about for cleaning and adding or removing items from your computer set up. It's also easy to access and maintain your wires at the rear due to the back of the desk being open.

          Maintenance is pretty easy - just clean either with a damp cloth or some polish and it comes up looking as good as new.

          The dimensions of the desk are 80 centimetres wide x 76 centimetres high x 48 centimetres deep so this is good if you only have a small space for your computer. It's worth noting that in addition to the dimensions of the bottom compartments I have mentioned that the computer tower compartment accommodates a tower with a maximum height of 42.5 centimetres and the desk itself cannot accommodate a screen weighing more than 20 kilos - which I have to say in this day of flatscreen monitors is only worth bearing in mind if you still use a CRT one.


          This is a decent enough stop gap desk for me but because of Argos' inability to anticipate shrinking towers and widening printers, the layout of the bottom shelving compartments leaves a lot to be desired and limits what you can put there.

          It's a shame because this is the biggest flaw in the design of this desk - and as such that space is empty which seems something of a waste. In every other way I find the desk to be good value for money - it's easy to assemble, sturdy and the upper shelves enable me to house other computer sundries neatly and effectively.

          Aesthetically it's perhaps not the nicest desk I have ever used but that's just a personal thing. I chose pine effect despite the fact I don't particularly like it purely because it was the only darker wood effect option available.

          If space is tight then this is a good and inexpensive option for your computer - but my advice is to measure your printer first and if it's more than 41 centimetres and space dictactes there is no other place for your printer to go then I would advise you to look elsewhere.


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