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Argos Puerto Rico TV Entertainment Unit

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2 Reviews

Brand: Argos / Type: TV Stand

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    2 Reviews
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      12.03.2014 21:21
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      A great TV stand that looks fantastic in my living room

      I bought this in January to replace the last TV stand I had in Argos which was so low it was straining my neck. The stand has been renamed Aruba by Argos but it is still the same stand. The RRP is £239.99 but it is frequently on a half price offer. I chose this as my Mum has it and it is a nice height when built. The stand comes in two colours light pine and dark pine. I chose the light pine.

      This product comes flat packed and it is fairly heavy as it is solid wood it weighs 24.6kg. I had mine delivered as I didn't fancy carrying it from store and to my car and then into the house.

      The stand is made from solid pine and it smells lovely when the box is first opened. In fact the woody smell lasted a week or so before it has sadly vanished.

      You need a hammer and a Philips screwdriver to build this. You are not recommended to use an electric screwdriver as it can damage the wood which is quite soft.

      The instructions are clearly laid out and the pieces are marked to make it easy to assemble. It took me about an hour and half to do this and I did it alone. The door was the trickiest part and took me longer than I expected. Some parts of the wood have guides to help you screw it together other part you had to screw the screws in completely blind which blistered my hands and towards the end I couldn't wait to finish.

      The TV stand measures H58, W105, D44cm once assembled and is suitable for TV's all the way up to 42 inches and weighing a maximum of 40kg.

      The stand consists of a wooden drawer and two shelves to the left hand side of the stand and on the right there is a glass door which inside has two shelves. At the back of the stand there is a panel which is made from board and not solid wood. This has spaces in it to put your wires through.

      Once assembled this stand looks really nice. It is really good quality and the wood has a nice unfinished appearance.

      I have put my Sky box and Blu Ray player on the left and inside the cupboard I have managed to store nearly all of my daughters DVD's. Inside the drawer I have a few wires and chargers stored. This stand has my TV at a good height so when I am sat on the sofa I am not straining my neck to look at the TV.

      The stand is easy to clean I simply wipe it with a damp cloth. You are advised not to use any cleaning chemicals as the wood is only lightly waxed. I have picked up a proper wood wax which I have used once when my daughter managed to tip milkshake on the top and it got the stain off as well as adding a protective layer against further spills.

      I would highly recommend this TV stand it matches most décor schemes and is robust enough to last for years.

      Top marks for this TV stand.


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        05.04.2012 18:04
        Very helpful



        A very good value and rustic looking unit

        When I bought my house a couple of years ago, I had zero furniture of my own because I had always lived with my parents. When it came to buying large pieces, I went to Argos first because I believed it was the cheapest and most convenient option.

        My living room has cream walls and a wooden floor, so I knew that I didn't really want to get a standard metal or black glossy entertainment unit. I am not very keen on modern decor, so when I saw this wooden cabinet, I took a deep breath, grabbed my credit card, and ordered it.

        The unit is part of Argos' Puerto Rico range, which is a range of pine living room and bedroom furniture.

        This is flat pack and comes in a very big cardboard box. It's VERY heavy and you will need 2, if not 3 people to lift it into your house. Inside are instructions for assembly. The instructions set out which part is which, and there are drawings of how to put the unit together.

        THE UNIT
        This is made from solid pine, and 2 shades are available - light or dark. I have the light shade of pine as it matches my living room better. In the box is a base, 2 sides, the top, a glass door, components to make up the drawer, and a flimsier bit of wood to cover up the back of it. Also included are any screws and nails you need, and black metal studs to complete the look of the unit.

        When assembled, the left hand side of the unit has 2 shelves and a drawer, whereas the right hand side has one shelf and is covered by a glass door. I put my TV on the top of it, my DVD and Sky+ box on the shelves on the left hand side, and my Wii and stereo on the right hand side. I keep some DVDs in the drawer.

        I have taken this directly from the Argos website as this gives all the information you would need regarding the size of TVs etc this cabinet is suitable for:
        Size H57.8, W44, L105cm.
        Weight 24.6kg.
        Suitable for CRT TVs up to 28in.
        Suitable for LCD/plasma TVs up to 42in.
        Maximum weight of TV 80kg.

        My friend and I assembled this in the space of 2 or 3 hours - which I think is quite good for 2 females who would rather have been chatting and drinking coffee. I think you do need some experience of assembling furniture in order to do this well, and I found that studying the drawings for a while first really helped. We didn't have any disasters while putting this together in terms of assembling the right parts to one another. I did find that you need a lot of brute strength in order to hammer the unit together, and it can be frustrating when sections don't fit where they are supposed to. For someone with a temper like me, it's probably better to do this when you are perfectly calm. The instructions do advise that you shouldn't use a drill to put this together, but some of the screws are so tough to get in that I really can't see how your unit could be 100% stable without drilling. As it was, my dad drilled any of the screws that we'd had trouble using, and the unit is all the more secure for it. Just use a bit of common sense.

        When finished, there were a few screws/nails left over but to my knowledge we had used all the items we were supposed to, so hopefully Argos gave us surplus! The unit looked great when done - the glass door does sit a little crooked and the drawer doesn't slide too well on the runners but I think this is to be expected with something mass produced and flat packed. Because I assembled it, I am aware of any little (and they are very little) issues, but to the unknowing eye, this looks brilliant.

        Some people on the Argos website have said how they varnished their units once assembled but I left well alone. I think the pine looks good enough without varnish, and it comes with an oiled finish anyway.
        After 2 or so years, this TV unit looks as good as new. It doesn't gather dust very much, and what dust is on it can be easily swept off with a soft cloth or brush. It hasn't discoloured and looks the same as the day I bought it. I don't use the drawer too much so I'm not sure how the runners would hold up if used constantly, but this isn't an issue for me personally.

        I will warn that the wood is very soft so it can be dented rather easily... for example if you whack it too heavily with a hammer while assembling it. Ahem.

        The regular price for this entertainment unit from Argos is £239.99. At the moment it is half price at £119.99 which I think is brilliant value. I think it was around £170 when I purchased it, so it seems to be discounted quite often.

        I would definitely buy this again, and I would recommend it. It looks rustic and holds just about anything you could want on and in an entertainment unit. The black metal studs on the wood make this look more handmade as opposed to self-assembly. I love it!


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