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Argos Rachel Metal Action Sofabed

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Brand: Argos / Type: Sofa Bed

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2013 11:01
      Very helpful



      works as a sofa and as a bed

      I have had this Argos Rachel Metal Action Sofabed for at least 3 years and it looks brand new. I bought it after I moved into a small annexe ans sold my old small leather sofa and decided to replace it with a sofabed when the 3 seater leather sofa I wanted would not fit in the fromt room there.

      I looked at what was available and was very disappointed in the quality at first, as most seemed to be these cheap looking lightweight things that looked as though they would fall apart in no time, like my self assembly wardrobe ( but that's another story ).

      Luckily my mum had bought a metal sofa bed years before for her spare room, and I knew it was still in the same condition then and very good quality, but it was several hundred pounds, so I took all this on board and looked for a sofabed.

      I saw this Rachel Metal Action one in Argos, it is now £270 I think it was about £220 then and after checking the measurements I decided to buy it.


      This sofa may be getting smaller over the years ! What I mean is that newer models seem to be smaller. The other review from 2008 had 170 cm width, I just measured mine at 160 cm width, and the same sofa at Argos same colour, is now 150 cm width, so you would need to check the measurements in the shop or catalogue for your room.

      The height from the floor to the headrest at the back of the sofa is just under 75 cm, this can be reduced by taking off the headrest and legs.

      The length is about 6 feet as a sofa bed, and is a small double bed. It says it weighs 70 kg for the one on sale now, I think the one I have is heavier, being slightly bigger.

      This sofa is chocolate brown in colour and matches my new flat as that has cream walls and carpet. The shape of this sofa is simple but classy and not scruffy or cheap like some of these raggy looking chairs with bits hanging off.


      It is very heavy indeed, that is the first thing to say, it is also bulky so moving it around is difficult. When I moved I carried it up 2 flights of stairs with someone and it was hard work. To make it lighter and smaller, all the cushions can come off, the headrests, legs, the mattress can be removed, the black frame covering the mattress ( weighs about 15 pounds)and something else I think, then it is 20 % lighter.

      Assembling it is very quick, the only tricky bit is maybe screwing in the headrests, I don't remember what the instructions said of course. What I do remember is that it seemed tricky to do the screws up as I couldn't reach them once the headrests were put in place. They are tightened up with wing nuts from underneath , you turn the sofa upside down.

      Making the bed is very easy, you just take off the seat cushions ( 2 ) and the back ones as well, although it's possible to do it with the there and I put them back on as a headrest.

      Then you take the black wooden and canvas frame off that protects the mattress and you pull
      one of the metal bars , (which are part of the bed frame ) and the bed springs out. When you close it you have to be careful as it is like a crocodile ! It gets close to closing the stops , you have to shove it then it snaps shut with a metal clang, and that is a lot of metal !

      I've slept on this lots of times , when it's noisy at one end of my flat, I have the option to move to the front room. The mattress is a bit thin and rustly, but I solved that by putting the spare duvet on top of it to make it more comfortable.

      The actual cushions that are on it, at the back are moveable and can be taken on or off for other things and are every comfortable. I use one big cushion on a table as a foot rest thing, and sometimes it goes on the floor to sit on, or lean against.

      Overall I am very happy with this sofa bed, it has worn well, and I have a spare bed for guests, ( as people keep telling me ).


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      01.03.2008 12:43
      Very helpful



      Functional, cheap, reasonable quality

      Moving from a studio flat in London into a three-bedroomed house that was half the rent in another part of the country was all very well, but apart from a few basic bits and pieces, I had to furnish most of the rooms. I managed to pick up most of my furniture second-hand, but decided to buy a new sofa bed so that friends don't have to sleep on the floor when they visit. Being on a tight budget, I did a lot of Internet research before finally deciding that this model from Argos was the best value.

      Why Argos?
      I have bought a number of items on the Internet from Argos in the past, and have always been very pleased with them. I also hate traipsing around shops and although I knew I was taking a risk by buying online without being able to judge the shape, size and colour myself, I still thought it was worth it for a hassle-free purchase. I did carefully measure my doorways to ensure that the sofa bed would fit through before I pressed the final button though!

      The sofa bed had to be ordered, but was nevertheless delivered within a fortnight, which I thought was pretty good. Delivery was hassle-free, because it comes fully assembled and the delivery men took it into my room of choice and placed it, albeit still wrapped up, exactly where I wanted it.

      Why this sofa bed?
      There are a variety of models that Argos sell, all at various prices. Some are very much futon-style, i.e. wooden frames with a mattress, which I do like, but as I was planning to put my purchase in my sitting-room, I didn't think it would suit. I therefore opted for this one, which is basically a sofa-shaped frame with a high back and sides and containing a pull-out bed, topped off with six loose cushions. It looked very comfortable in the Argos catalogue, and I liked the choice of colours - I chose the chocolate one, but it also comes in wine and beige. The current price is £199.99, which I think is more or less what I paid for it a few months ago, plus another fiver for delivery. Three years' furniture insurance will set you back another £34.99, which I declined.

      First impressions
      I was generally pleased. The sofa is a two-seater, and can comfortably fit two people, although it is quite small and neat. I was a little disappointed with the colour and fabric to begin with though. The 'chocolate' fabric, which is 100% cotton, is two-tone brown - more like chocolate and a deep beige - and doesn't look anywhere near as nice as it does in the photo. I also felt that the fabric was a little cheap - hard-wearing, but the sort that you would find in an office or school, and wished that I had ordered a swatch of the fabric first. On the whole though, I wasn't expecting it to be anything special and it looked neat enough in my small sitting room. The bed was easy to pull out and seemed well-made.

      A few months later...
      I've generally been really happy with it. There has really only been one problem with it - and that is that it seems to dip in the middle, so that I would find myself sitting at an angle. I rectified this by putting a pillow underneath the two sofa cushions - at least I never need to hunt for a pillow now when I have people staying.

      I have slept on the pull-out bed several times while waiting for a double bed to arrive. There is a thin mattress on top of the stretchy canvas frame and although it isn't as comfortable as a real bed, I've managed to sleep pretty well on it and so have my cats! It would be quite a squeeze for two people to sleep comfortably, although not impossible (width is about 1.75 metres), but the length, at over 2 metres is fine for all but a basketball-playing giant. When getting off the bottom end of the bed, the frame does give a sudden lurch, which gave me a shock the first couple of times it happened. However, I've found this the case with most camp beds/sofa beds and so far, it hasn't collapsed and doesn't look as if it is about to.

      The bed is not supposed to be used on a regular basis - this is mentioned in the Argos catalogue - and so is probably not a good idea for someone who has a studio flat or bed-sit and wants to use it both as a sofa and a bed. However, as a sofa and occasional bed, it has done the trick for me.

      I'm actually really pleased with the fabric. I have two long-haired cats and am used to having the whole house smothered in their fur. However, something about the fabric makes the fur collect into little balls, which are then easy to pick off. The fabric also reacts well to being wiped with a damp cloth, which is great - the covers on the scatter cushions can be taken off and washed, but the material on the frame itself can't be, so being able to wipe it down is very convenient.

      Although I have another, larger sofa, I do tend to use this one most often and it is certainly very comfortable, provided the cushions are in the right place. It isn't long enough for me to stretch out on, but I can curl up on it happily enough, usually accompanied by a cat or two. The arms aren't wide enough for me to rest a cup of tea on, which may be a problem for some, although I'm quite pleased because it saves on spills.

      If you are looking for quality, then you will probably want to look elsewhere. Although neat and functional, this sofa bed doesn't scream expense and quality. If, however, you are just looking for a sofa and an occasional bed, I don't think you can go too far wrong with it, especially at the price. And if you are concerned about not being able to see before you buy, some larger Argos stores do have shop models. It is also possible to get Argos to send you swatches of the fabric in advance of purchase. Recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Comfortable as a sofa and convenient for a n occasional bed.

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