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Argos Rhodes Nest Of Tables

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Brand: Argos / Type: Table

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2013 18:05
      Very helpful



      cheap cheerful nest of tables from the Rhodes range in Argos

      Moving into my own home last year after buying the essentials which I needed straight away I have been busy picking up bits and bobs that werent so much of an emergency over the last couple of months. Other than my sofas the only furniture I had in my living room was my TV unit which came from the Rhodes black and chrome collection in Argos and when I won some capital bond vouchers in work some months ago I decided to buy the matching Rhodes black and chrome nest of tables to match - as I was getting sick of putting my coffee cups on the window ledges and the floor!

      The day I picked up the items over the counter in Argos I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the cardboard box in which the flat packed tables were held in - the shape was rectangular and fairly easy to carry out the shop to my car. I had a miniture nightmare with the matching TV unit the year before in the sense that the box was very heavy and barely fitted into my car so this made me a very happy girl!

      Upon opening the box just like the TV unit you have individual sections which make up the tables, each with pre drilled holes to insert the screws and bolts which essentially hold the tables together. All you need to provide is a screwdriver! What I love about Argos furniture is that each section is labelled with an orange sticker with a number which you can then match up to the instructions to make assembling much easier. You also recieve four chrome strips which make the chrome design down the front of the tables - you get two pairs of two different sizes to fit the individual tables and these come packed seperately in their own plastic wallets. The different sized screws and bolts also come held in their own small plastic bags, which are numbered again and I'm pleased to report I had enough screws and bolts to build the table and there was no parts missing which is often the case with flat pack furniture!

      Upon close inspection of the tables the material is typical of what you see in hard Argos furniture - chipboard - but you only notice this before assembling the panels (down the sides which are covered up when putting everything together) and is not visable when its assembled correctly. To cover up the chipboard it has a black coat finish which you see in the pictures. As mentioned above, the chrome strips which with the tables are not made out of metal as you would expect but a mirrored plastic material. On the back of these strips there is an outward bit that sticks out and with this you push and attach into the fronts of the tables - this holds the chrome strips to the tables - no glue required unless you want to! Unlike what I expected (in the sense I thought the strips would easily fall off) they have actually stayed attached!

      Assembling is easy enough - Personally I always follow instructions as a rule and in the case of these tables as well as the TV unit you can often get the panels back to front meaning the tables are kind of built backwards... however if you mess up it is so easy to undo with the help of as screw driver to put it back to how it should be! However its not the hardest thing to build and I have dealt with much worse so for all the burly men out there who yell "I don't need instructions!" this table set will likely be a doddle!

      In terms of size... I was quite dissapointed in the height of them in the sense that I am 5'4 tall and the biggest of the two tables doesnt even come up to my knee cap! The smaller table that fits under is just a few centimeters smaller... and I dont think the photos on the Argos website show just how small they are. To give you an idea of what you can actually fit on the taller table I have a lamp (which is quite small and skinny), some cup mats and a yankee tart burner which takes up around 3/4 of the total space. On the smaller table when pulled out I have tried and tested that you can fit between 8-9 coffee cups on there (which is the primary use for this table in my house!).

      Due to its small size I believe it could be a health hazard by tripping and it currently sits between fireplace and living room door (but pushed closer to the fireplace to minimise the risks). For those interested in the accurate measurements the following has been taken from Argos.co.uk:

      * Size of largest table H40, W47, D38.8cm.
      * Weight 10.2kg.

      So unlike me who is annoyed over the smaller size compared to others I have seen, if you are limited for space this could be the nest of tables for you.

      Other than the size that has let down the tables for me the only other thing I hate upon close inspection under the tables you can really see some of the bolts and screws underneigth so I'm a bit annoyed that the designers of these tables did not think about how tacky this can look. Luckily I am the only one who has really noticed this and others I have complained to about it havent noticed until I have pointed it out... but its still very annoying!

      In terms of durability they have held up quite well the last few months and are not dropping to bits nor scratched... but I'm sure being a "cheap" table set if someone was to fall on them they would come down like a stack of domino's... literally. What I like about these being black if slight damage such as a scratch was to appear you could probably get away with dabbing black paint over it to cover it up... I am still waiting for this to happen and it wouldnt surprise me if a mark was to easily appear as at the end of the day, it is a cheap brand from Argos and is not expected to last forever. On to cleaning, I give this a dust all over every few days and clean with a Flash spray every couple of days. The cleaning solution again, hasnt caused any discolour / damage to the tables but one thing I will mention is that its very hard to keep them dust free... but thats typical of black furniture I suppose.

      In my opinion the tables look great (other than the size!) however I think it depends on the person. I, personally love black furniture and after my experiances with this nest of tables and the matching TV unit I will be looking at investing in the matching sideboard from the same range in the future. The visitors in my house have commented on how great they look but my mum hates them... each to their own I suppose.


      At present you can buy this nest of tables from Argos at £39.99 but I got them much less than this when furniture was on offer and I paid around £30 for them.

      In the same range you can also buy a TV unit (which I also own and would recommend), a low TV bench (for larger screen TV's), a media unit, a coffee table, a sideboard and a bookcase.


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