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Argos Round Clear Glass and Chrome Table

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Brand: Argos / Laptop table / Type: Table

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 08:07
      Very helpful



      A well made piece of furniture from Argos

      Whilst I generally favour my desktop computer for typing reviews, particularly as my long finger nails tend to knock the adjacent keys on my laptop resulting in many spelling mistakes, I have recently been spending more time using my laptop in the warmth and comfort of my living room. However, a problem I was frequently experiencing was aching arms and shoulders, particularly as I would find myself constantly learning forward towards my rather low coffee table. Consequently, the search was on for me to find a suitable piece of furniture that would not only alleviate my aches and pains, but also blend in with the remainder of my living room furniture and décor.

      My poor husband was very patient whilst I dragged him around every high street retailer, but alas, I could find nothing suitable as it seemed that all of the tables that I manage to locate were either too dark, too light, too high, too low, too cheap looking - okay you get the picture! My search was temporarily placed on hold until around October of last year and it was only when I was browsing through the Autumn/Winter Argos catalogue that I discovered what I believed to be the perfect table. Consequently, a reservation was made on the Argos website and I visited our local store the following day to collect my find. As I am so thrilled with my purchase I made a product suggestion to Dooyoo to tell you all about it.


      The name of the product is "Round Clear Glass and Chrome Laptop/Lamp Table" and to be perfectly honest, I was not really expecting high quality, as I often find many of the products that I've previously purchased from Argos rather hit and miss. I say this because when I first set up home (many years ago I would hasten to add!) I spent a considerable amount of money on various cupboards, drawers and wardrobes; all of which failed me after only a short period of time, as the thin cardboard-like bases and backs simply fell away leaving me with a basic frame. Consequently, Argos isn't a store that I generally frequent these days, that is until now.

      When I arrived at the store to collect my table I ensured that I had no other shopping bags, as I believed it would be quite heavy, particularly as I had not read the details of the weight in the Argos catalogue. My furniture was presented to me in a square cardboard box weighing only 4.6 kg, which although fairly lightweight, was a little awkward to carry, but only one person was needed. I couldn't wait to get home with my new piece of furniture and take on the "flat-packed furniture challenge!" The table is packaged extremely well with protective coverings and is initially in three parts where we have two toughened glass circular shapes; one measuring 43 cm in diameter and the other 35 cm. There is also a 54 cm length of chromed steel, which is the supporting leg and fortunately, I was provided with the correct amount of screws to carry out the task in hand.


      Accompanying the various pieces was a small instruction leaflet, but I tossed it to the side, as although I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to flat-packed furniture, I guessed I would be able to figure this one out for myself, particularly as there were only three pieces. Some five minutes or so later, I stood back admiring my masterpiece and was rather pleased that I had managed to carry out the task on my own with no guidance from hubby, who generally tends to offer his words of wisdom where he alleges that I'm "doing it wrong!" The assembly was a really simple job and I was thrilled that there were no left over pieces! I say this because on so many occasions I always tend to have a "spare part", which results in the entire project needing to be started over and hubby smirking and declaring "I told you so!"


      Once constructed the table is extremely firm with no wobbling and is of very high quality build, which was a real surprise to me, particularly as numerous flat-packed furniture items that I had owned many years ago seemed to carry that notorious wobble! Its' appearance is sleek, very contemporary and somewhat designer looking with its' toughened glass circular top and matching circular base. Argos have ticked every box with this table, particularly as it stands neatly on four small opaque circular pads, which are located near to the outer edge; their purpose of which is to prevent any damage to wooden or laminate floors. The pedestal section is initially formed on the central underside of the table and is topped with a 7½ cm circular section of eye-catching chrome, which looks absolutely stunning through the glass. The leg stands at an approximate 10 degrees angle with the lower section fixed to the rear of the table. It is somewhat difficult to explain and whilst I have provided a photograph to Dooyoo, as above, unfortunately, the image really does not do this table the justice that it deserves.

      Both the upper and lower glass sections are approximately ½ cm in depth and although they have not suffered any bangs or knocks, my table looks as good now as it did when I purchased it in October of last year. The chrome is beautifully polished and has not lost its' sparkle and whilst I do not generally favour glass furniture due to the fact that it becomes dirty rather quickly, it is most definitely a welcomed addition to our home. The décor of my living room is in calming and relaxing neutral shades where I have chosen creams, browns and beiges and I have to say that this table fits in perfectly and does not look out of place.

      As it stands at 54 cm in height I can relax on my comfy sofa and pull the table close to me and use my laptop for many hours without experiencing the misery of aches and pains from over-reaching. The beauty of this table is the unique design of the leg, particularly as there are no obstructions on the front of the table, which subsequently allows me to pull it extremely close to me with the base resting firmly underneath my sofa. Although my laptop and various other bits and bobs have been placed onto the glass there are no signs of scratching or wear and tear and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. As the table is so lightweight I can easily pick it up and relocate to another room, which I generally do when I wish to use my laptop in bed. Cleaning the glass is extremely easy and I've yet to use a product such as Windolene, as I find a quick wipe over with a normal yellow household duster is more than sufficient.

      The photograph shown above was obtained from the Argos website and as previously stated, really does not display this table in its' full glory. However, the Spring/Summer Argos catalogue provides a much clearer image and it wasn't until I started writing this review that I realised this table is also available with black glass at a slighter higher price. Even though I can only see it from a photograph I have to say that its' appearance is equally as stunning and contemporary looking.

      Whilst Argos advertises this table as a laptop/lamp table, it can be used for almost anything and in my opinion, would make a very appealing addition to your home. Consequently, it comes with my full recommendation together with 5 stars.


      The Round Clear Glass and Chrome Laptop/Lamp Table is available from all Argos stores and can be found on page 932, item number 1 in the new 2011 Spring/Summer Argos catalogue, catalogue number 609/2380 and will cost you £39.99 with the black version costing £44.99.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

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