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Argos Sasha Beech Finish Coffee Table

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Brand: Argos / Type: Coffee Table

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2012 20:46
      Very helpful



      Save up and buy a real wood table!

      This Sasha range coffee table is a cheap piece of furniture in every sense of the word. The price of £24.99 for this fairly large and sturdy looking table is very good, but sadly the cheaper price is reflected in the quality.

      For some reason that I have never quite come to terms with, I have bought two of these tables over the past few years. The first one met an untimely end during a fit of teenage angst, when my youngest son kicked out at it, easily snapping the leg off in one clean second. The shreeded wood composite leg was un-repairable, and my cheapest and quickest option was to go out and buy an identical one. This second table has managed to remain four legged, but the surface has suffered badly after the same son decided to stick a large price label onto it (taken from a recent purchase). There was no way to get this off without damaging the laminate, so my table now proudly boasts a rather grey bare patch on top, rather like a balding elderly man.


      The table looks impressive; a large surface area of 55cm by 90cm made out of solid wood, set on solid square legs which are 45cm high. The table top has a lip which is slightly inset and measures 6cm, whilst the legs sit squarely on each corner. This extra detail gives the table a more intricate and classy look.
      Looking more closely at the table, the table top is less solid than it appears - apparently made of MDF with a beech laminate on top.

      The legs are very lightweight and seem to be made of a composite wood rather than solid wood.
      At a distance this seems to be a solid beech table, but is just pretending. In reality it is a cheap table that has little wear or durability.


      The table is not light at 11.2kg and comes flat packed in one rectangular cardboard box. Although it is available to take away from Argos, it is not an item to carry home. It was heavy to carry to the car, but once I got it home I assembled it in a few minutes by simply screwing in the legs. The table comes ready supplied with screws and pre-drilled holes and it is a simple job to assemble. The only down side is the weight of the table top - the heaviness means that it is preferable for two people to assemble this item and balance it between them.


      From my previous comments, I think you will have got the idea that this table is not at all durable. Its chunky design is misleading - in reality the laminate is very vulnerable to scratches and comes off very easily if anything is stuck onto it.

      The laminate at the sides and ends also peels away very easily and chips at the corners.
      Legs are very unstable and can be knocked off easily - the screws that connect them to the table top shears away very easily and the whole thing is made from a composite material that is unable to really hold the screw under pressure.

      ~~Recommended? ~~

      I have to say that I would not recommend this table. It is a cheap table but I believe that it is a false economy and it is better to save up a bit more for something a little more robust.

      I have owned similar looking tables from IKEA in the past - these are much more robust and in my opinion a much better buy, even though they do not come in the large size of the Argos table.
      After just under a year my table is scratched, has a bald patch where the laminate has peeled away, has chips in the laminate at every corner and at the bottom of the legs where they meet the floor. I have treated my table very gently and not done anything that would warrant this deterioration.

      To conclude - the design of the table is good and it can take a fair amount of weight if this weight is carefully distributed. My sons' friends have often used the table as a bench and sat on it to play X-Box. However, the poor laminate finish and the poor quality materials turn this table into something that I cannot recommend.


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        20.10.2010 16:19
        Very helpful
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        A lovely coffee table that is robust and is of brilliant size

        When I first moved into my flat I had absolutely nothing. I had been living a somewhat cushy life, living at home, paying little rent and having all mode cons! Suddenly I moved into a cold, empty flat with only a broken down fridge/freezer, tumble drier and cooker (of all which is useless) for company. I looked in my purse and with only a few quid to my name I knew I was going to have to buy very cheap things and make them up myself and that it was going to take time! This is where the Argos catalogue really helped me out. I knew the look I wanted for my living room but after looking at lots of other light wood furniture I was out priced and so when I spotted this beech table costing only £24.99 and in a large size it really fitted in with what I wanted.

        The Table:

        It came flat packed in a box that had a photograph of the table already made up and I was told what it was and the measurements were given for it as were contact details for Argos. Inside the box, like I say the wood was all flat packed and protected by a clear plastic that was simple enough to remove. You get screws with it and a really helpful instruction leaflet that is well laid out and understandable.

        This is a time consuming table to put together though, though saying that it only really takes one person to put it together according to Argos, which is true to a point. The wood is shiny, light wood and feels solid. It slots together well and makes an oblong with four long oblong legs and straight and sharp edges.

        It is incredibly sturdy when put up however me and my boyfriend really did struggle to line up the four legs and screw them in correctly and in total it took us a good couple of hours to get right as it was a rather fiddly job.

        In Size this is H45, W90, D55cm and the weight of it is 11.2kg. That makes this a reasonably high table and not too heavy to move about when you want to. It has a good sized table top to it which is easy to look after and care for and I have found it not to scratch at all even though I fling allsorts on it. I have dropped a hot drink on it and it was simple to wipe clean.

        The look of this table is modern and I do like the fact that although it looks simple, just under the table top you have more wood just under it, that goes to the legs giving it a more finished look so its not too plain and cheap looking.

        I would recommend this to anyone who has plenty of room as it is a large table and I have found it to suit me and my room well and a couple of people have commented how nice it is and I totally agree and its total value for money too!

        Only available in Argos stores and part of the 'Sasha' range so other matching pieces of furniture are available to purchase if you want to!


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