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Argos Slimline 4 Drawer White Storage Tower

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Brand: Argos / Type: Drawers

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 23:18
      Very helpful



      A great bathroom buy

      I'm definitely a bargain hunter when it comes to toiletries, so when there's a good special offer on one of my favourite products, I like to stock up. I didn't like having a cheap plastic storage tub stashed beside my sink with all my goodies though, I felt it looked a bit cheap and messy. So last year I set about finding something not too expensive to slot into the small space so that I could put some of my toiletries stash away.

      This Argos slimline tower is a four drawer unit, and I also got a matching three drawer unit to go with it. These have squeezed nicely into the narrow gap between my bath and my sink, which is one of my main reasons for purchasing them. The current retail price is just under £18 for the four drawer option, and while the three drawer option no longer appears to be in stock - instead there is currently a combination of this four drawer option and a matching two drawer option available for £25. I think you'd be hard pressed to find this sort of thing much cheaper, and I couldn't find many options to fit this kind of space either (this particular unit measures H65, W17.5, D24cm).

      Assembling these was really easy - I just took them out of the box. You don't get much easier than that! The drawers are decent quality woven baskets that have lasted well for the time that I've been using them. They pull in and out fairly smoothly, though it's important to note that this style of drawers doesn't include stoppers - they do come right out. The metal frame is sturdier than it looks and has easily supported all the drawers being filled with heavy bottles of various liquids.

      I really like the plain white colour of these as it blends in nicely with my sink and bath, and compliments my blue decor too. If you prefer it though, these do come in a seagrass option instead.

      I've been really pleased with these and recommend them to others. Sometimes with cheaper storage units you find you have to spend ages putting them together, or the frames can't support much weight. Neither is the case with these units. On top of that they are easy to get hold of (reserve online, buy in store or home delivery from Argos) and make my bathroom look much cleaner and neater than it did before. I'm particularly impressed with how well these have lasted, with none of the weaving breaking or discolouring in the year that I've owned them, and how much weight such a small and lightweight unit can support.


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        09.12.2010 15:23
        Very helpful



        A useful item

        I can never have enough storage, especially in the kitchen. In this room I like to have as many places as possible to store things and keep them out of the way. Admittedly my kitchen often has many things left out but it's great to have places to put things when having a necessary tidy up. I am fortunate in having lots of cupboards in my kitchen, but was irritated that I was wasting space in a recess between my washing machine and chest freezer. This space is about nine or ten inches (excuse the imperial measurements but basically I'm an old fashioned girl) but there's a metal post taking up some space (to support the worktop above the washing machine). This reduces the useable space to about seven inches which I believe is about 17cm. I looked around for ages for something to fit into this space but most things are too wide. Finally, I decided to purchase a slim line storage tower from Argos. I wasn't sure at first, as it doesn't completely go with my kitchen décor which is pale yellow cupboards and beech effect worktops. However, as the washing machine and the chest freezer are both white, I didn't think this would look too out of place.

        I checked the dimensions on the Argos website and, finding they were just about perfect for this space, I clicked and reserved. I soon went to collect from a conveniently located store.

        This set of storage drawers fits perfectly, just avoiding the supporting pole, and squeezing in behind it with enough room to easily open and close the drawers. Although, as mentioned, it isn't the same colour as my units, being of a white wicker design it looks fine, in my opinion at least.

        I use all of the four drawers. The top one stores a pack of washing tablets. It depends which ones I buy but mostly it will contain a whole pack of twenty four gel capsules. If I am using the type of tablets which fit in the washing machine drawer, then it doesn't quite fit them all in. I have to store a couple of the cellophane packs in another drawer for a day or so.

        In the second drawer I manage to place a standard sized container washing gel. I like to use this as well for small amounts of washing as I find it works out more economical.

        In the third drawer I place my emptied contents of dishwasher tablets. The drawer holds lots of these and it's easy to just take them from the drawer.

        In the bottom drawer I often change uses. Currently I use it to store clothes pegs. I have also used it for carrier bags and for odds and ends, such as dry cleaning cloths.

        The drawers are, of course small, though deep enough to be handy for washing tablets etc. Unfortunately any fabric conditioner I have until now purchased won't quite fit into a drawer so has to be stored under my sink. I would like to find a bottle that fits as it's easier to keep all similar products together, I always find.

        For me, the Argos Slimline Four Drawer Tower proves very useful in my kitchen and is great to store the item I have mentioned. However, I think it could have many uses in any room. It is lightweight and so easy to move around. It would be good to store children's pens and pencils, or any small toys such as zoo animals or, for example, dolls house sized toys. I also think it could be used for crafts. I also have one of these in the bedroom and a smaller two drawer version. In these, I put odds and ends of make-up, toiletries and plasters and so on, just to get them out of the way. I think the list of uses for this unit is endless and it is extra useful because it fits in such as small space. It's worth mentioning that this is great for storage of small items in the bathroom. The drawers are very easily removed and can be cleaned under the taps. The drawers are coated and can be scrubbed, sprayed or bleached easily and then simply aired.

        For further details of similar items from Argos please see the website: www. argos.co.uk

        Here are the measurements and further details, also taken from the website:

        Slimline 4 Drawer White Storage Tower.

        * White.

        * 4 drawers.

        * Size H65, W17.5, D24cm.

        General information:

        * Supplied fully assembled.

        *This item is currently on sale for the price of £14.99


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      • Product Details

        Argos / chrome framed with paper rope four drawer storage tower.

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