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Argos Tosa Pine Futon with Wine Mattress

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Brand: Argos

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    2 Reviews
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      18.12.2012 15:09
      Very helpful



      Lasted well

      I needed a bed and was a little short on money; I couldn't afford to buy a double bed so opted for a futon to tide me over. I had previously ordered a sofa bed but the delivery men couldn't get it through the door, not even after removing the door and frame. They took the sofa bed back and after receiving a refund, opted for a build it yourself futon which would save me a lot of trouble.

      I opted for the Argos Futon with chocolate mattress. The whole thing came flat packed and although a little assembly was required, each section of the bed was already screwed together, it only needed each of the three sections to be joined together. When I first assembled it, the mattress was very full and thick looking, it was a nice shade of brown and it folded in half and the bottom section was two thick. The top section was one thick and that's the part you lean on with your back. To turn it into a bed, you remove the mattress, and pull either the top section or bottom section away from you so it lays flat on the floor. The mattress gets put on top and bedding is ready to be applied. To turn it back into a sofa, you pull the bending section upwards and it fits back together, then you remove the bedding and fold the mattress.

      This whole futon was great when I first bough this, it is now two years down the line and it has seen better days, the mattress when in an upright position slips down all the time and doesn't stay where it is. This makes it look messy and horrible. The buttons poke through any sheet you have on, and can be quite uncomfortable to lay on. The wooden struts themselves are attached to the bottom feet along the edges, so the middle section is left with no support, standing on these is a danger in itself as they o move and it feels like you will break them and fall through. When you are lying on them it isn't too bad but if you are a larger person, maybe you should use the mattress on the floor without the base. As a sofa it is comfortable enough to sit on, although I do find that the mattress slips if you sit on it for too long, so maybe thats not such a bad thing.

      It is a comfortable double size and easily fits two people. The size is 75cm x 137.5cm x 85cm and I paid £149.99 for this around 2 years ago. It does say it can be for occasional use or every day. Mine has been used every day and I guess it has stood the test of time well.


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      13.07.2010 16:32
      Very helpful
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      An excellent buy

      When I started out looking for a guest bed for my mother-in-law, I had several things to bear in mind; the most important of these was that the bed needed to look very much like a sofa, as it was to sit in the study where my husband tutors his students. The sofa bed also needed to be small, as space is very tight in the study. After a lot of research, I decided on the unfortunately-named Tosa single futon, reduced from £109 to £89.99 in the Argos sale.

      ~~practical details~~
      The Tosa turns from a single sofa, with a back seat height of 69cm, to a standard 2ft 6in single bed.

      The width of the sofa is 76.5cm, either as a bed or a sofa, and the length of the bed when it has been unfolded is 195cm.

      The frame is made of solid pine in a natural finish, and the mattress is 10cm thick. I chose a camel coloured matress, the cover of which is made from 100% cotton.

      Assembly is very simple, and can easily be carried out by one person - it took me around 15 minutes. The entire futon comes flat-packed in one cardboard box - not huge, but available as a delivery-only item from Argos. The Argos delivery men were extremely polite and more than happy to carry it up the stairs for me.

      The frame comes in two parts; one jointed part and one separate part. The separate part needs to be joined to the jointed part with a simple bolt and wing nut combination, thus forming the traditional futon zigzag base.

      Once the base is propped in the deckchair-like formation (ie with the back forming a triangle and the seat section horizontal in front of it) the mattress can be folded into a similar zigzag and placed on top of the frame to form the sofa.

      ~~ the sofa~~
      As a sofa, the Tosa is incredibly comfortable . The mattress is both plump and soft enough to enable me to sink down into it, and the 76.5cm width gives me plenty of room to relax. The angle of the back frame is just right, providing excellent back support, and the seat depth of 57cm feels very generous.

      The camel colour that I chose is light without being too vulnerable to stains, and the cotton covers are smooth - not at all itchy or rough to sit on.

      ~~the bed~~
      As a bed, the Tosa has proved to be a little low for my mother- in- law, who is elderly. With the mattress in place, it is about 23cm high - slightly better than a mattress placed on the floor, but still not ideal for older people.

      Transforming the Tosa from a sofa to a bed takes only a few seconds - there is no complicated machinery to work, you merely have to remove the mattress, unfold the zigzag wooden base, and replace the mattress on the base. The entire weight of the unit is 17.7kg, and is not a problem to lift.

      The mattress itself is very comfortable to sleep on - not as hard as most futons I have slept on in the past. It contains two wool and felt therma-bonded pads which really provide depth and softness.

      It is essential to put some kind of mattress cover underneath the sheet, both to prevent stains and to protect the sleeper from the 10 ornamental buttons that make the mattress attractive to look at but slightly uncomfortable to sleep on.

      ~~futon care~~
      The waxed pine frame can be cleaned with a furniture polish or a damp cloth. The mattress cover is fully removable via a long zip that runs the whole way down one side and the top of the mattress, enabling the covers to be dry cleaned.

      I am extremely happy with my futon, and would recommend it as a cheap and comfortable guest bed. It has lasted well and everybody who has slept on it has commented on a comfortable night's sleep. It is so comfortable that I often choose to sit on it, tucked away from the family so that I can curl up and read a book in peace.

      I feel that it is a quality product, and also looks modern and attractive.

      Alternative choices were full sofa beds, which were much more expensive and also took up far more space.

      Argos sell a double size version of the Tosa for £169, currently reduced to £119.


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