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Argos Tristan Sofabed

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2 Reviews

Brand: Argos / Type: Sofa Bed

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2011 22:45



      Great sofabed for the price, with some managable problems

      I bought this sofabed because I didn't have much money at the time I moved in my new place and wanted to use my Argos card to get 6 months intrest free credit. So I went for Argos.
      My requirements were:
      -not metal base when opened as a bed (those looked not very strong)
      -I didn't want pillows with it as they can get too soft and not comfortable with time
      -could not afford a more expensive sofabed
      So this was perfect for me.

      I bought the chocolate one, which fits the colour of my living room perfectly.

      It's not very big, but enough for me and my daughter. Though for a bigger family it would not be enough.

      - after sitting on it for awhile it gets too soft as the top part slides out and that makes it really not comfortable. (Though this didn't change with time, I can't feel it getting any worse after 4 years of use, so that's a good point)
      - and it's not that good idea when you have kids. Every stain shows on it. Next time I'll go for a patterned one. My daughter always puts something on it which I have to clean and the water (doesn't matter how small) always dries with white line around the patch. So by now it's covered, which gives me trouble everytime to pull it back to place.

      When you open it the hole where the matress was becomes empty, which means you can't sit down comfortably watching tv, doesn't matter how many pillows you put behind your back you will still fall into the hole. Not very pleasant. And the part closest to the base is very hard, so we found out that it's better to sleep on it the other way, that place is at least soft.
      As we only use it as a sofabed when we have guests it's ok, but it would not work for me if this was my bed.


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      29.05.2009 17:53
      Very helpful



      Good for the price but not ideal as a sofa

      I bought this sofabed for my living room when I moved into my new flat. I wanted somewhere for people to stay, but as it's a one bed I didn't have space for a sofa and a sofabed, so I had to get a sofabed to use as my main sofa. My budget was a little tight, so I looked around a lot and Argos were definately cheapest. I decided not to go for the cheapest option which had terrible reviews on the Argos site, and I didn't really like the next one, so a Tristan sofabed it was. I went for the red one as pictured here.

      Ordering the sofa on the website was easy, but unfortunately it told me I was going to have to wait up to 28 days for delivery (other colours were less, but I wanted red). However I recieved a call about a week earlier than I expected, so it was about 3 weeks after I ordered the sofabed that it was delivered.

      One thing to point out about delivery - for small items you can pay for Saturday delivery, for large items the delivery charge is the same no matter when it is delivered. However when Argos called me to arrange the delivery, I requested a Saturday and was told that they rarely do Saturdays and had none planned at present. So I had to take time off work to wait for it. The good thing with furniture is that although they give you a large time period (mine was 7am-12noon), they call you an hour beforehand so you get some warning and can stay in bed!

      When the delivery guys came, there was a little concern they wouldn't get it in. Access is a little tricky, and they would have to lift it over their heads, which they aren't allowed to do. Fortunately, because I ordered a foam sofabed and not one with metal action it was quite light so they did lift it up.

      The sofabed came packaged in think plastic and some cardboard, which was very easy to take off, even by myself. Once I had it unwrapped I could see the colour properly. It's not a nice dull almost terracotta colour like in the picture. It's RED. Fortunately, I liked it, but be warned, it is not a subtle colour.

      The sofa is a little smaller than I expected (yes, again I didn't really pay attention to the dimensions given!) but it's a fine size for me and my cat - providing he doesn't curl up in the middle of it and leave me squashed at the end. Cat owners will understand when I say you can't move a sleeping cat.

      The first few times I sat on the sofa, it was comfy and a little firm. Now it is very squashy. To look at, it has kept its shape but when you sit down you are really very low down. The frame is very solid and will not sag.

      I've slept on the sofabed for a few nights when my parents visited, and it's not the best. It folds out very easily, but the base of the sofa forms part of the bed and is rather hard. I slept with my head in the base of the sofa but I think trying it with my head at the other end would be a good idea - the cushions are foam and quite comfy. It folds back up again fairly easily.

      All in all, I am reasonably pleased with this. It does the job, and for £224.99 is good quality. The bed function isn't great, but it does the job. The main problem is the fact that the foam gets squashy and you end up sitting low down. Still, on a budget this is a good purchase and it will do until I can afford something better!

      I'd recommend this for people like me, who want a sofabed but don't have space or money for more, or to put in a small spare room that you don't want to fill up with a bed all the time.

      I'm struggling to decide between 3 and 4 stars, just to let you know...going to go for 3, but would go for 3.5 if I could!


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