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Argos Value Range Oak Effect Desk and Chair Set

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Brand: Argos / Type: Chair

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2013 08:10
      Very helpful



      A good, cheap desk

      Our flat is absolutely tiny. We have two bedrooms and up until recently, the spare has been more of a junk room than anything else. With our wedding coming up, I wanted the spare room to be a space for friends to stay after the reception. This meant making a pretty big Argos order for a new bed. At the same time, we bought ourselves a new bed too and there was an offer on during this time. As we spent over £250, we received £50 off. Instead of going with the savings, I decided to spend that £50 seeing as I was prepared to spend it anyway. I wanted a small desk for the spare room that my boyfriend could use for his PC and also somewhere to sit and get ready and I ended up choosing the Argos Value Range Oak Effect Desk and Chair Set. This set cost £29.69.

      To start with, the chair provided is pretty cheap but then what else can you expect for the price paid? It comes in silver which goes nicely with most rooms and it comes already assembled which was lovely to see. Once taken out of the plastic wrapping, the chair folds out and is then ready to use. The chair has a back panel and the seat has a large, circular dip which makes it more comfortable to sit on. Although this is a cheap chair, it isn't the worst I've ever had for a desk and it is actually pretty comfortable to sit on as long as it isn't for hours at a time.

      Now on to the desk. This product comes in an oak finish although it can also be purchased in Beech. All of my furniture is oak so I wanted something that would match if I ever wanted to change where I put it. The desk comes flat packed so home assembly is needed and it is recommended that two people do this. However, I found the desk incredibly easy to put together and I managed to do it on my own. The instructions are really simple and straight forward although there was a slight mistake with the runners. The instructions said to screw in one place but there was no hole there, instead it was about 1-2cm along. This didn't affect how the desk went together though so no real problems there. There are a few tricky parts if putting together by yourself but these can easily be overcome by some clever balancing.

      Once put together, the desk is pretty sturdy and much better than I was expecting it to be. The back of the desk has a metal support beam which really does help. If it hadn't have been for this extra support, I don't think it would have been nearly as safe to put things on. Other small things that make a big difference with this desk are the sliding shelf for keyboards and a shelf lower down which can hold DVDs and/ or CDs. This shelf is nice and out of the way, has enough room underneath for a tower and doesn't get in the way of your legs whilst sitting at the desk. As this is a small desk though, you can only fit a 17" monitor on top so this wouldn't be a good product for those with bigger monitors.

      This desk and chair set was absolutely perfect for what we needed it for. It isn't too big so doesn't take up a silly amount of space, it fits either into corners or on a wall and there is enough space for a normal PC. My boyfriend and I are both really impressed with this value desk and highly recommend it.

      Desk size H74, W74, D52.5cm


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      15.07.2013 16:10
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Best value bit of furniture i've ever purchased.

      At £30 this desk and chair are an absolute bargain and punching well above their weight in terms of quality for the price, well the desk certainly is. I needed a desk and chair for my university bedroom and Argos' value range seemed the perfect place to begin looking for such items. As it happened Argos provided the best value for money over stores like Ikea, Tesco and Asda. The desk comes in beech effect wood, a very common shade which can easily be matched with other bits of furniture, for example I have a beech TV stand and bedside table in the room. It comes flat packed and the whole package weighs about 20kg which mean t it was easy to get to the car and into the house.


      The instructions recommended 2 people to assemble the desk however I managed just fine on my own. Very few tools are needed, a hammer, screwdriver and allen key (not provided in my pack) will be enough to get you through the job. It took me about half an hour following all the instructions which are clearly set out and labelled in the manual it comes with. Unlike some items I've purchased from stores such as Ikea there is no second guessing which piece is which. The wood seemed a decent quality, there was no splitting when screws were going in and no damage to the wood to begin with which is always a positive sign. The chair was simply a fold up chair and no assembly was required which is always nice after sweating putting up the desk!


      The desk is a generous size; it's around 75cm wide and 50cm deep so more than enough to fit a laptop, lamp and all your papers on. At 74cm high it's the perfect height for the chair which I feel is slightly lower than some other desk chairs I have tried but fortunately matches the desk perfectly in the set. It has a sliding shelf underneath the top desk which is ideal for a key pad and other bits and bobs. They really haven't slacked on the size and space of such a cheap desk.


      The chair has a metal frame and plastic seat and back. It isn't the most comfy chair, but then I wasn't expecting it to be. It outlasted the plastic Ikea chairs we had in the house which broke halfway through the year, although they were used far more often! The chair weighs about 3kg and so is easy to move around the house if need be, I've even used it outside in the summer. (Warning the metal frame gets very hot in the sun!)


      The desk doesn't shake and rattle when writing; this was my main fear with buying a cheap flat pack desk. The desk has withstood the test of time and is still going strong a couple of years later. It gets regular use and hasn't shown any sign of weakness yet. If anything was going to break I'd imagine it would be the chair. I really am surprised at the quality of the desk, honestly didn't have it down to last when ordering from the catalogue. The sticky bits that are supposed to cover the screw ends are pretty awful though, it is definitely a bit of a gimmick and they don't last long if at all. Having said that, if this is the only fault I can pick with the desk then it's doing well! I have had friends sit on the desk from time to time (without permission!) but it' withstood 60 odd kgs of weight, not that I'd recommend trying this out.


      Very pleased with my purchase, has done the job required and all for £30. You cannot go wrong with value like that. Have had worse desks costing twice as much! As long as you build it correctly, which it is hard to get wrong in truth, then you'll have an ideal desk for a fraction of the price. This desk was so good two of my housemates went out and purchased the same one a week or so later, if that isn't a great endorsement I'm not sure what is! This gets a 5 star rating not because it is utterly amazing but considering the price paid it far succeeds what you expect to receive.


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        28.04.2012 10:43
        Very helpful



        An ok desk for small spaces but the chair is annoying and it is not the best built.

        **Just to say mine is actually the pine effect version I added this product suggestion so not sure why it is oak in description **

        I work online as a chat moderator from home which means I am lucky enough to get the chance to work and still look after my children full time. My problem was that the office room in our new house is downstairs and as it is a small room there is no way I would be able to watch the children down there so I decided to purchase a small desk to go in my front room for the day time so the children had full use of their toys and I would still be able to get on with my work.

        It needed to be something small as we did not have much room in the living room which is when I came across this in Argos it was small simple and compact at only £30 for a chair and desk we decided this would be the one.


        As with most furniture it was flat packed and needed to be assembled you are provided with the screws instructions and the pieces of the desk. There are holes pre drilled in the desk to put it together and it does not take long around 15 to 20 minutes before it is fully assembled. The pre drilled holes were not great and it was soon noticeable as soon as we put the desk together that it was not great quality. The wood felt really flimsy as if it would crack if we pushed too hard on the screw driver and the overall feel was cheap and not well made at all.

        The hardest part to put together was the keyboard tray this is really fiddly and the screws were actually too small for the holes provided so we had to use our own to make it more secure which was not too much of a problem. It says in the instructions it is a one person job to assemble but to be honest I would say two people are needed to build a sturdy desk as it can be hard work.

        **The desk**

        Once the desk was assembled it looked ok not great the finish was also a little poor the main structure of the desk looked ok but once you had a closer look you could see its faults. The edges were share on the corner of the desks which worried me as I have young children in the house and they would cause serious damage.

        The insides of the desk were rough and unlike on the outside they did not have the beach effect laminate finish that make it soft. We simply got some sanding paper took all the splinter and rough edges away and managed to curve of the corners a little bit and it looked a little more respectable. It would have been nice if this was already done when you purchase the desk but as it was not too much hassle and the price we paid for the desk in the first place we knew it would not be perfect.

        The desk is just what we needed nice and small and fits nicely into the corner of the room without taking a huge chunk out of the space in the room. There are no spaces for the tower of a pc a printer or such but as I would only be using my laptop on the desk this was not a big problem. The tower and such could be sat on the floor under the desk and it would just about leave you the leg room needed to be comfy but if you have a large computer tower this would not be great to be honest.

        It does have a keyboard drawer which slide in and out to save space but this again is a little poorly made and it can be difficult to slide in and out but the more you use it the looser it becomes and easier to pull and push in. My wireless keyboard and mouse fit on their ok there is not much room for moving around but it is adequate all the same.

        It also has a small shelve to hold cds or DVDs underneath the desk this is only small but again has sharp corners and I cannot count the amount of times I have caught my leg on it while sitting down at the desk or getting up. It may be useful to some but to me it is just a huge annoyance and it takes up a good part of the leg room available too.

        There are no wheels at the bottom which means it can be difficult to move around but as I have children in the house this is better as it means they cannot push it around and hurt themselves.

        **The chair**

        One of the main reasons I chose this desk was because it had a fold away chair but this is the biggest flaw of the set. It folds away easily and sits back up easily too but it is the comfort of the chair that is rubbish. It is made from metal but has a plastic seat and it seems ok at first when you first use it. Not the sturdiest of chairs but it seems ok for the price I paid but after around an hour of use I noticed my back was becoming sore and it is because the back of the seat is slightly curved which can make sitting there for long periods un comfy so no good for my job. The back actually sits too close to the front of the chair taking up half the seat space I am not the biggest of people and found like I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

        I swapped the chair for my desk chair from my office room and then the desk was a lot more usable so I would suggest purchasing the version of the desk without the chair as I found it useless. It is sturdy enough it just is not comfortable to sit on for long periods and as I need to sit on it for hours at a time it was not practical.


        This is not the best made desk in the world but what can you expect for the price it feels poorly made but is still usable and has lasted months of constant use without having any major problems apart from a sore knee. It is great for small spaces but the cd rack just makes the leg room a little too small and the seat in my opinion is just useless.

        I would suggest paying that little bit more for something better it is not fancy to look at there is hardly any storage space, there is no where to put your printer even if you managed to squeeze your tower in and the back is closed off so it would be very difficult with any wires etc.

        Product specifications


        1 fixed shelf.

        Keyboard shelf.

        Maximum screen size desk will hold 17in.

        Maximum screen weight desk will hold 20kg.

        Maximum tower size H40, W20, D50cm.

        Desk size H74, W74, D52.5cm.

        Weight 16.6kg.


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