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Argos Value Shower Riser Rail & Accessory Kit

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Brand: Argos

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2011 14:16
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic shower riser kit from Argos.

      === The product ===

      This is a white shower riser with attachable soap dish. The rail has a shower head holder that clips on and this has an adjustable knob on one side. You could change the side the shower head was held on, left or right, to suit your bathroom. Ours is on the right the same as the picture listed on the Argos website.

      This also comes complete with a white & green shower head & a chrome shower hose which is 1.25m in length.

      === The packaging ===

      This shower riser came in several parts, these were wrapped in plastic wrappers and provided in a cardboard box holding everything together. The packaging was basic, blue & white, like many Argos Value products but it did the job well.

      There were some instructions provided within the packaging that were basic but did show, accurately, how to fit the shower riser. We had a quick read of them which took about a minute and then set to work installing the riser.

      === The installation ===

      Before we could install this we had to drill two holes in our bathroom tiles to fit this. Obviously we measured it out, drilled and then we could install this. It took just 5-10 minutes to drill the holes, fit the pole with the adjustable shower head holder & secure the two end fixings in place. This was all very simple and putting the pole together took just a few minutes also. There was also a soap dish holder that needed to be fixed in place before the riser was fitted in place, this was simple also and just clipped in to place.

      === Usage of the product ===

      This is very simple to use & adjust. All your need to do is hold on to the shower head holder and then twist the knob, slide the holder up or down on the rail and it will move to the required height. I can have this shower low enough to avoid washing my hair or high enough for my 6 foot 2 husband to be able to wash himself completely without crouching down.

      === Where can I buy this & for how much? ===

      This product can be purchased from Argos stores, reserved online for in store collection or purchased online from www.argos.co.uk for £9.99 (delivery charges may apply). I believe I paid around £5.99 for this earlier in the year (2011) when it was reduced for a sale.

      === Overall opinion ===

      We have a mains powered shower which is very powerful & when we moved in to our new build property it had been fitted to the wall just next to the taps & bath edge which was not very practical at all & only meant it was used for washing hair in the bath or rinsing the tub after use. We had decided as soon as we moved in that we would get a shower riser & promptly set about purchasing this one in a sale that Argos had one at the start of 2011. I have seen it frequently on special offer since then and it is probably possible to wait less than a month and get this at a discounted price if you are interested.

      The shower riser is slightly different to that advertised on the website, the rail that we received with ours was white rather than chrome but it means that it won't become rusty or too dirty looking hopefully. At least it hasn't after six months which is always a good sign as this is used twice daily by us without fail, sometimes more.

      The riser was surprisingly easy to fit. We were both quite new to D.I.Y at the time of purchasing this and we were worried about cracking our brand new bathroom tiles in the process, however, a quick bit of sellotape on the tiles to prevent slipping and we were away, job done! The shower riser was easy to put together and came in just 6 or 7 pieces that fit together well and have held in their same positions so far with no movement at all.

      The riser still looks as good today as when we first purchased it. I love the slide mechanism as it means that we can adjust the height whenever we need to, several times if we want to. The mechanism is very simple to use and I can achieve the exact height I need in just a few seconds with no faffing around. The mechanism still works just as perfect today as when we first fitted this and it is being adjusted at least once a day by one of us.

      The soap dish on this is functional and we usually use it for storing one or two bottles of shower gel that need to be used up before we open a new bottle. It is strong, sturdy and does not buckle or bend with two full bottles of shower gel on it. The size is not huge but it is ideal for a soap holder.

      The hose that came with this was 1.25m which was more than ample for running from our taps to the top of the shower rise, the chrome is still in good condition today and does not collect grime easily. We also ended up using the shower head, even though it is not particularly pretty, as our last one was a little grimy ever since we moved in, even though it was brand new. The shower head works well and a quick dip every other month in some lemon juices keeps it looking and working perfect.

      Overall we have been very pleased with the quality of this shower riser. It works well, it was simple to fit and it has done the function that we have needed it for with no problems at all. The price was fantastic, and still is, and this has worked perfect for us!


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