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Argos Video Rocker Gaming Chair

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Brand: Argos / Type: Chair

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2011 15:01
      Very helpful



      I wish we had not bought this item, not recommended.

      My husband insisted on giving our oldest son a 42" TV in his room, which seems really over the top for a child who was only 4 at the time. Of course one of the main reasons was so my husband could move his PS3 upstairs and sit in the child's room in peace in quiet while we are all downstairs and play video games. However my sons bed is one of those mid height beds and not the best to sit on for games, so we have tried chair after chair to find the perfect gaming chair. If it were up to me, I'd have just bought a dear one, but my husband keeps wanting a bargain one. To date we have spent around £160 on bargain chairs!

      This was bought just over a year ago at Christmas time , using some Argos vouchers for £39.99. The seat measures 16" wide and 24" long, with the back section measuring 26". Because this sits at a slant though, the actual height from floor will be about 22". ( My measurements, rounded to nearest inch). It is big enough to fit an adult, although I wont say it is the most comfortable. My husband has been known to spend hours in a stretch in front of game, and he has managed with this, but says it is very painful for his back. He also has to prop this up against the bed frame and use cushions etc.

      I have used this for up to an hour on a few occasions to play games with the boys. I have found it very uncomfortable but I do have back problems. After an hour though I would have change chairs, and that is on a good day. I also find it difficult to get up from. My son liked it at first, but has stopped using it. I am afraid the main use for this now is turned upside down for cars to race down.

      After one year, the very thin vinyl covering has started to tear and fall away. The vinyl really is very very thin, about the thickness of a carrier bag, and I do think this is why it tears so easily. The seat has collapsed a bit making it bumpy and lumpy. My son says this was comfortable when we first bought it, but is terrible now. He has suggested we throw it in the bin, but unfortunately it won't fit. So this will get left in the spare room until my husband can take it to the council yard or break it up to fit in the bin.

      This chair is the cheapest of the gaming rocker chairs. Perhaps it would have lasted longer if only used by a small child. It may be that my husbands weight caused the collapse of the seat, but the vinyl is also just falling apart. It does fold over, so the back lays over the seat, but it still takes up quite a bit of room.
      This a year old now, but it has really been falling apart for quite some time. I know it is relatively cheap, but at £40 I do still expect more then a years use from an item.

      I have given this chair 2 stars, recognising that it might work better if only used by children. I can not really recommend buying it. I do think it would be better to save the money and buy a better model, but this might be suitable as a bargain item for small children, perhaps ages 4-8, but I still would not expect the covering to last long. I also think the Argos reviews on this are very misleading, as Argos only allows you to review an item when it is brand new. Of course if it falls apart in the first month, people would just return it, but customers can not express the fact that it falls apart later, as reviews by people who have owned this awhile are not accepted.


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