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Ariel Essential Liquid

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2004 18:36
      Very helpful



      I have alwayed used Ariel Products in my washing machine because they clean the clothes well and they smell nice. But I've only tried the Powder and the tablets, these are good at cleaning but powder is too messy and dosen't dissolve properly (my machine is cold fill only) and the tablets won't fit in my washing machine draw (I have an XC Jetsystem Zanussi Washing Machine with the new long detergent draws) So I decided to try something different. I was at the supermarket the other day, when i came across New Ariel Liquid with Quickwash Action. Ariel have recently added quickwash action which helps speed up the washing process enabling you to select a quickwash cycle and still get brilliantly clean clothes. What also persuaded me to buy this product was it had a green coloured rollerball which you use to pretreat stains. The Liquid costs £3.79 from Tesco and is in a 1.5 litre bottle and does upto 30 washes based on Light/Normal Soiling living in a Soft/Medium water area. Very Good Value!!! So the test, I put in some Whites which had some shirts with dirty grimey stains on the collars and sleeves, so I measured some ariel liquid into the quickball (filled it to the 1 which is 75ml, Normal Soiling) The Liquid is like a bluey green liquid and has a floral fragrance which smells nice. I rubbed using the roller ball onto the stains on the collars and sleeves and then tossed the shirts into the washing machine and but the quickball on top of the washing and put it on a normal 60C wash. The Liquid dissolved without a trace but there I was puzzled to find no foam in the wash (probably because my washer is cold fill only) So I went away and came back to find the water was foamy because the washer had heated to the temperature required which had activated the enzymes. after the cycle had completed, I opened the door to find fresh smelling clothes and the shirts which i had pretreated with the liquid had no stains on them at all. I have used th
      is liquid at different temperatures and have used it on Quick/Normal Cycles and can honestly say it works best at Low to Medium Temperatures (30C 40C and 60C) and you get good results on a quickwash cycle although I only fill the quickball to 1/2 because the quickwash option on my machine only does 2 rinses. The liquid keeps my whites championship white for longer and My coloured clothes stay bright due to the fact that the liquid contains brightening agents but no bleaching agents which fade your clothes. Ariel Can be used at 20C 30C 40C 60C and 95C The Liquid also contains an Anti-Limescale and water softening agent so it will save money on buying expensive calgon products. Thanks for Reading From Kyle


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