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B&Q Powerslide Pull Out Trays

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Brand: B&Q

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2013 23:20
      Very helpful



      Although expensive I consider it a good purchase


      When my husband and I chose our new kitchen we had already set an approximate budget. Kitchens are expensive but as we aren't sure when we will next be moving house we didn't want to go too mad. The units which we thought were most practical for our home weren't at all expensive and so this meant we were able to purchase a few devices that were on the expensive side and yet still not have to overspend on the kitchen as a whole. I will say though that it was mainly me who insisted on the space saving fitments. I have been 'talked out' of these types of things before and then later regretted not having them; this time I was determined to stand my ground.

      I had wanted a pull and swing unit to fit into one of two corners where we were planning on having base corner cupboards. But some of the fitments don't fit into certain sizes or designs of cupboards. I decided to have a pull out device in one corner which would hold the vegetables and quite a bit more, and in the other corner I wanted something to hold saucepans and frying pans.

      Our friendly kitchen designer at B&Q told us which fitments we could have and expressed opinions on which ones were worth having; he didn't particularly suggest the most expensive, simply what he thought would be best for the purpose and the space available.

      We needed something to fit into a 1000 mm base unit and, as the corner would be difficult to reach, I wanted something that would rotate,or at least something that would allow me to be able to easily pull the shelves or trays out. The carousel that I had considered wasn't suitable, I was informed, but the Powerslide pull out trays were.

      These looked quite good. They measure 900 mm in length so need a cupboard of 1000 mm to fit into. The cupboard we had chosen for this device is called a corner cupboard but it is a straight cupboard with one door of 500 mm. The side of another unit runs along where the other door would go (if we weren't going to keep the run uninterrupted). Using corner units like these in this way makes use of all space and the run is continuous.

      I liked the look of this device but wondered if it would be strong enough to hold several heavy pots and pans. There wasn't actually one of these on display in the store when we were choosing and ordering our kitchen but we were shown similar types and after trying these out and having a good look we decided to opt for the pull out trays. It isn't a carousel as it doesn't actually go round. Carousels for today's kitchens seem to have improved and can be of a half or three quarter rotation or even turn for the full 360 degrees. But I think the idea of this device is better suited for the corner in my kitchen.


      Now the Powerslide trays have been up and running (or you could say sliding) in my kitchen for a few months, I would say that they are a good buy and do their job well. I admit that I tend to overload the trays a little and so sometimes a saucepan lid or two will fall over the side of the shelf but once I get around to sorting out the cookware and de-cluttering this cupboard then I am very confident that everything will stay securely in its place, until needed.

      I like the fact that:

      Both trays have a decent rim which helps to keeps the saucepans within the trays.

      The trays are finished in a matt grey and are of a strong plastic. They are stippled which helps stored items not to slip.

      The trays are easy to wipe clean.

      These trays do not attach to the door as is the case with some carousel units. With these trays I have to open the cupboard door and then with a light pull on the rim of the tray it will easily move out away from the depths of the cupboard and towards me. If I keep hold of it the tray will slide smoothly forward to almost its full length making it so simple to reach all items upon it and to see what is on each tray.

      The base of this device is a mechanism which looks a little like that of a carousel. When fitted inside the cupboard it is only really the trays and whatever is placed upon them that show.


      I use both trays for saucepans, frying pans and a wok. I have mentioned I am guilty of overloading as I have a large collection of saucepans and crock pots. I try to keep my most used equipment on the top tray as this is easiest to reach, although both trays are very accessible.

      These trays are deal for storing any kitchen item really, even heavy stuff. It would be okay for crockery as long as this wasn't piled up too high. It's ideal for any kitchen equipment, in my opinion, or food that doesn't have to be refrigerated, such as vegetables or tins and packets of food.


      The Powerslide Pull Out trays are available from B&Q stores and can be either ordered from the store or on-line for home delivery. Ours arrived with the rest of our kitchen on an arranged date.


      My husband fitted this comparatively easily and so you will be pleased to hear that there was little bad language to be heard.

      The instructions were mainly in the form of diagrams and not too many written words were used. My husband didn't find this a problem but some might prefer more written instructions.

      All fittings are supplied.

      This item cost £249.00. This may seem expensive and I suppose it is but as I didn't overspend on this kitchen I feel for me it was worth the price. It is so nice to be able to pull the tray easily out from the corner and reach a saucepan. Before having this, it was a question of getting on my hands and knees and sorting through a dark corner, and then usually having to remove several items to reach what was needed, and then, of course, having to put them back.


      Length 900 mm
      Width 465 mm
      Depth 30 mm
      Brand: B&Q
      Colour: Grey
      Finish: Matt
      Fixings included
      Assembly Required
      Category: Pull-out Storage

      The Powerslide Pull Out Trays are available as a right hand or left hand device.


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