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Barletta Love Seat

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2 Reviews

Brand: Barletta

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2010 12:34



      I bought this sofa and after a few months the bottom cushion was flat. It felt like you were sitting on the wooden frame. I complained and an independant chap called round, had a cup of tea, weighed the cushion and said it was the correct weight! There was no point in telling him the 'correct weight' was obviously not adequate as he was, apparently, nothing to do with M & S. The back cushion is twisted out of shape. It's an expensive cheaply made product and I could not expect anyone to sit on it so I've had to replace it.


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      23.06.2009 20:21
      Very helpful



      Worth splasing out for!

      This quality furniture is normally out of my reach, but I was tempted to splash out when M&S had a really good deal on offer about a year ago, and I have never regretted it.

      Although the same love seat is now on sale for a whopping £899, I bought mine for £589 - so my advice is to hold on for their frequent sales or special offers!

      M&S advertise this collection as "a modern statement that will fit effortlessly within modern interiors". My interior is not modern, and I teamed my love seat up with some IKEA sofas, but they look perfect. I chose the design as it fits perfectly in my window alcove, having an almost triangular shape which flares out slightly at the arms.
      It is called a love seat because if two people sit down on it, they get cosy! I love to sit on my own in it, as there is plenty of room to lounge with my feet up, but it does not allow me to lie down and fall asleep infront of the TV. If I sit on it with somebody else, there is plenty of room for two people.
      It looks delicate and stylish, but it is still sturdy. It does wobble more than my IKEA sofas when a huge teenage boy throws himself down on it, but over the past year it has remained strong and reliable. The sofa legs come out at odd but stylish angles, so it is natural that they would wobble a bit more than square chunky legs.
      The width on the advert is 132cm, but this refers to the width nearest to you - the width at the back of the sofa is 118cm, which is not indicated on the advert.

      I chose a large weave called Messina because this looked like the most hardwearing option. Messina is made from 45% viscose, 37% polyester, 18% cotton, and was one of 40 fabrics on offer. The choices include leather as well as smoother fabrics. There are several colours to choose from in each fabric, but I chose chocolate - again because of my teenage family and their dirt issues.

      I ordered my sofa on 27th December, so it was no surprise that it took nearly one month to deliver it. If I had not ordered in the middle of Christmas I am sure it would have come more quickly. It arrived on 30th January. Delivery was free and the sofa was packaged up really well. When it arrived I just had to unwrap in and screw in the legs. The legs come with an additional extra long screw that makes sure that they stay pointing outwards, in their stylish angle.

      The fabric on the sofa has not been affected by cats, teenagers, or messy partners over the last year. The sofa is in my bay window, in full sunlight, but the fabric has not faded at all. The legs are still sturdy and strong.

      I am so glad that I spent a bit more on this sofa. My IKEA sofas have faded in the sunlight and have developed pink streaks. They have also gone a bit bobbly where the cats have had a little claw sharpening session. My M&S love seat looks like new, and still makes me happy every time I see it.
      M&S also sell Barletta large 2 seater sofas, small 2 seater sofas, and armchairs. Maybe if I write enough Dooyou reviews I will be able to afford a chum for my love seat one day....


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    Size: H85 x W132 x D98cm