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Black Draws Chromed Edge TV Stand

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Brand: Argos / Type: TV Stand

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2012 21:08
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      Great looking TV unit!

      Today I am going to give you my review on this Black Draws Chromed Edge TV Stand that I purchased from Argos back in January 2012.

      After splitting up from my ex partner and moving into my current house I had a 42" flat screen TV but no stand to put it on! I was going for the black furniture look in my living room to be in keeping with the rest of the theme... with this in mind I wanted a black TV unit rather than the common glass units you see everywhere now which are a nightmare to keep dust free!

      I spotted this just after christmas and I did pay a lower price than the current £69.99 - can't remember how much exactly but it was around £40-£45. If I'm honest I don't think I would of paid the full price as I wouldnt be sure how long it would last me and I wanted something to last at least a couple of years. I was attracted to this particular unit due to the colour, style and the fact it has two storage drawers at the bottom (which I now use for DVD's and manuals).



      The stand comes in a huge heavy box and you do need to make sure you have the room in your car to take it home. I had to fold my front passenger seat down to get this in the car! I didn't have a real hard time putting this together (it came fully flat packed) - but I have to admit it did take me a good couple of hours reading the instructions as I went. The instructions were also very clear but you need to put a couple of hours aside to build it! I think it would be hard to put together not following the instructions (Men, take note) because there is so many little bits like screws and nails. Each large section of the unit did come with a sticker with a number on which made putting it together a lot easier!


      Size of the unit

      The measurments for this unit are as follows

      *H40 *W97.8 *D38.8cm

      Its not huge but not tiny either and is suitable for most living rooms. It is suitable for flat screen TV's up to 50" and the older type of TV's (Non flat screen) 32". My TV is a 42" flat screen and I have never experianced problems with my TV's weight on the unit. The total weight the unit holds is 60kg - loads!!



      The best description I can give of the material the unit is made from is a very hard wood chip painted black. The material itself is very solid and would take a fair bit of abuse to cause any chips / damage. Other than the black woodchip there are two strips down each side of a chromed plastic - the drawer handles are also silver - very thin handles. There is also cable holes cut out of the back of the unit. Great for hiding the unattractive cables for your TV, Sky box, DVD player ect... The only thing I hate about the appearance of the unit is the two chrome silver strips of plastic - it makes the unit look a bit cheap and tacky. If I could speak to the designers I would advise them to remove these - would definetly look better.


      The drawers

      The drawers themselves are of good quality and very stable if fitted correctly. They can easily be opened using the thin silver handles which look very attractive. I would imagine like me most people will want to store DVD's. The argos website doesn't list how many DVD's you can fit in each drawer but when I have tried this myself you can make 4 piles of DVD's in each drawer, 6 DVD's high... So you can get a total of 24 DVD's in each drawer, or 48 in both... I think this is a good number!


      Keeping clean

      We all hate cleaning and dusting TV units! I have had the all glass units in the past which are murder to keep dust free. This unit is loads better! The only part that gets really dusty is the top which the TV sits on and multi purpose spray keeps it looking cleaner / dust free for longer. Unlike many units it doesnt start gathering dust again hours after the clean!


      My verdict

      I would recommend this unit if you want something of high quality - that looks good, holds a large amount of storage and doesn't cost the earth! As I have mentioned earlier in the review I got this lower than the current price so I would imagine it would come on offer again at some point in the future so look out for this when the sales are on! Would recommend to everyone!


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