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Centurion GT4 Flat Screen Glass Stand

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2 Reviews

Brand: Centurion / Type: TV Stand

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2011 20:40
      Very helpful



      A great place for your pride and joy to be displayed on

      These days most people own a flat screen television, which has probably made their old television stand look a little too big for the new look slim line screens that are now sitting on top of them. This is mainly due to the fact that your old television was the size of a small car and the stand had to be big enough to stop it from falling to the ground in a heap of splintered wood and melted plastic.
      Now, with the new flat screen television, it's time to either buy a wall bracket to attach the television to the wall, with the possible side effect of gaining a crooked neck, or investing in a new slim line looking stand, a stand that not only looks the part but is strong enough to withstand the weight of your new television, albeit lighter than the old one. And it is the latter that I chose to do.

      There are many television stands specifically designed to go with flat screen televisions, and choosing the correct one is down to how big your television is and what sort of look you have in your room.
      Me, I have a 42 inch television and the room that it is in is full of glossy black glass furniture, although when I say full I really mean it has a few glass items in it such as a coffee table, a small 'dining' table and a small nest of tables, so I really had to think about getting the same sort of design, a glossy black look with chrome effect legs.
      But as I had bought the other furniture in the room I knew that buying this new piece of furniture could be expensive.
      But luckily, after a quick search around, I came across the exact television stand I was after, a three shelved glossy black unit with four chrome effect legs, which would fit lovely in the room with the other glass pieces. And for even more luck was the actual price as it was a lot less than what I was expecting it to be, in fact it was a lot less than I was willing to pay.
      So I ordered it from a well known online store and waited for it to arrive, which took only a couple of days to be honest but we're not here to talk about delivery of goods are we.
      Anyway, when it arrived it came in a flat pack, and quite a heavy flat pack if I'm honest, and once everything was out of the box I initially thought that it would be a tricky one to put together, as there seemed to me quite a few pieces which had to be assembled, from the bigger pieces of the glass shelves to several small plastic 'washers'.

      But once I had a scan of the easy to understand instructions I realised that the 30 minute assembly estimate was way over the top, in fact it was around twenty minutes over the top.
      Once put together it's pretty much 'rock solid' as they say, with the four legs, back support and the weight of the unit itself, helping it to grip the floor. Then, with the weight of the television, and the other stuff that you attach to it, added to the shelves there's no way that this unit is moving anywhere.

      It easily fits my 42 inch flat screen television on without making the television itself hang over the edges, and as they are both black they certainly go together like a perfectly happy married couple, ( a rare thing these days).
      The actual size of it, (the stand not the television), is 1050mm wide by 450mm deep by 530mm high, the lower shelf is 70mm off the ground with the second, or middle shelf being 290mm off the ground.
      The legs, or poles, are 50mm in diameter and look solid, even though they are actually hollow.

      The glass shelves are a 'non smashing' 8mm thick and are made of toughened glass, with each one being able to take up to 40KG in weight placed in the centre of them, (that's a total weight of 120kg in all), although this weight would be one hell of a television to be 40kg.
      When putting it together you can tell the difference between the top glass panel and the two shelves as the top one is the only one with no holes through it and has four chrome circles embedded in the glass.

      The stands, or legs, are a lovely shiny chrome effect which really do go together with the shine of the glossy black shelves to give this entire television stand a look that should fit into most peoples living rooms.
      These four tubular legs fit snugly over the four metal screw rods, which then all screws into place and are secured by the 'small' legs themselves, which are below the bottom shelf.

      The rear supports are made of a thin (ish) yet solid metal material, which looks a little cheap but as it can't really be seen anyway so there's no need to worry about this looking out of place. These back supports have large holes in them, on each shelf level so that the wires for your television , DVD player and maybe games system can neatly fit through them, which keeps the wires in one place, sort of.

      The main downside to this glass television stand is that it does, and will, collect every particle of dust and dirt onto it, thus it will need a wipe over at least every hour or so if you want it to be dust free. Even then, as soon as you wipe the dust off it soon comes back again, only with a vengeance.
      But if you can put up with a little dusty look then this glossy black glass unit is certainly worth getting.

      As for the price, well this is the best bit, you can get this particular sized unit for around £40 - £50, which is a cracking price for this rather shiny piece of glass furniture which will fit nicely in most designs of rooms.
      Please note that there is a clear glass type which is as solid as this one but is designed more for those that don't want, or like, black furniture.


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        07.08.2009 20:34
        Very helpful



        Excellent piece of kit for up to 40 inch TVs

        Finally going from a CRT to an Sony Bravia 40 inch LCD flat screen meant a new stand and so after much (ok about 10 minutes) research I plumped for the Centurion but have no regrets about my choice. Boxed up it weighs in at 28kg which is manageable for one reasonably strong person. I ordered it from amazon late on Sunday night and it arrived via Citylink early Tuesday. It was well packed with hardboard inside the box, not just foam padding, so was in one piece (ok several pieces, if you're being pedantic) with not a mark on any part.

        It was reasonably straightforward to put together, no tools required and took a friend and myself about fifteen minutes. Basically, you put the thickest top shelf upside down on a rug and build upwards. It is probably best to take the legs fully apart and group together the leg parts, spacers and washers to use as you need them. The instructions are adequate, though hardly a work of art, and the shelves are labelled "this way up" so it's difficult to go wrong. You'll need to spend a few minutes rubbing those stickers off once assembled though !

        Once built, the unit is very sturdy and smart in an 80's nightclub kinda way, as is the fashion for most AV kit these days. The glass and chrome are of an excellent quality and did not have a mark on them. The leg tops stand a couple of mm proud of the top surface, not that this looks unsightly, just though it may be worth mentioning. Once built, it is easier to move around than I would have thought and the width exactly matches that of my TV so looks made to measure. It is more than deep enough for the TV stand also. You could quite easily fit a DVD player and a games console or digi box across the width of either lower shelf so if you have a lot of kit you will be fine with this unit. If you're like me though you'll go for the stacking option, though the "bread bin" PS3 is hardly conducive to this!

        My only gripe is the cheap plastic cable tidy at the back. It attaches at the rear to the shelves with flimsy plastic clips, is not very substantial and could be wider to be honest. I'll be upgrading my PVR to one with HDMI soon and will finally be rid of the dreaded thick SCART leads so this should be less of an issue soon but I was disappointed with this part of it.

        That gripe aside, this is a very good stand and at less than seventy pounds delivered, a decent price compared to those on the high street.

        (also reviewed on amazon)


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      • Product Details

        Black Premium Contemporary Design Flat Screen 23in-50in Glass Stand

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