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Brand: Soothsoft / Type: Pillow

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    2 Reviews
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      27.07.2009 14:37
      Very helpful



      A good investment for those who find it difficult to sleep when its hot!

      Now these are a little expensive I can hear you saying, at around £25 for one, but they don't run out after one use, they can be used over and over and they do work!!!! (And I am sure there will be cheaper versions out there somewhere!)

      The Chillow Pillow is the opposite to a hot water bottle, you fill it with water from your tap (the cold tap...!) and place it either on top of, inside or under your pillow, and lay your head on it as you do with a normal pillow. The Chillow Pillow will cool your face down on those warm and sticky nights, or even when you have a fever or just feel too warm. We all love the cool side of the pillow, and with the Chillow Pillow you can have that all through the night!!! It really does help your sleep when it is a hot sticky summery night, which we have been having a lot of recently, and you don't get the annoying noise of a fan all night!!!!

      I would recommend popping this in the fridge when you have filled it up for a few hours before going to bed, especially on the hottest of nights, as this will make it extra cool, though its not always needed!!!!

      When the night is over, you can empty the Chillow Pillow and shove it back inside of under your pillow until it's needed again!!!!

      The Chillow Pillow may be expensive, but it does work, and it is well worth the investment if you find that you have trouble sleeping on hot summer nights!!!


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        12.06.2008 16:03
        Very helpful



        A Cool and soothing pillow

        The Chillow Pillow is something of a genius idea; I don't quite know how I have managed without it up until now. When I am in bed I love to have a cold pillow, the colder the better to rest my weary head and brain before drifting off into a peaceful slumber. Thing is as soon as that pillow gets warm I am awake and in need to turning it over so I get the cold side again, often meaning I am constantly waking up and by the time my alarm goes off in a morning to insist I go to work, I am feeling just as tired as I was when I actually went to bed.

        I stumbled across the Chillow Pillow on Amazon when I was looking for something new and exciting to spend to my vouchers on and after reading about it, the pillow was purchased in double quick time, it sounded perfect and if it could solve my sleepness nights for a mere £24.99 then it would be money well spent. What sold it to me? The following statement "Every time you rouse yourself to flip your pillow, haven't you wished that someone would invent a cool pillow? Someone has" and with that I was intrigued enough to read further.

        The Chillow Pillow is what can best be described as a cooling pad and it can be used with your current pillow by inserting it into your pillow case to keep you cool throughout the night. So you no longer have to keep turning your pillow over to find a cool spot. The Chillow Pillow has other uses as well as just being used to aid a peaceful night sleep. If like me you suffer with chronic back ache and sometimes need something soothing to numb the pain, this device is absolutely brilliant for doing it and also for pre-menstrual pains as well, instead of using a hot water bottle you can gently place the Chillow on your tummy once again to numb the pain. The same goes for headaches, tired legs and achey feet and sunburn, the Chillow can be used on all of these hotspots to numb pain, keep you cool and soothe your day's ills.

        When you order your Chillow it will arrived tightly packaged in a box and when you open it up you will see before you a piece of material roughly two centimetres in length and diameter in a pale blue colour. Naturally the first thing you need to do is to get it to work. So, to activate the Chillow Pillow you simply filling it with tap water roughly 3 pints in total, you don't need to over fill it and risk a potential accident, as you fill you Chillow Pillow up you will notice it begin to plump up and form a pillow like shape and like filling up a hot water bottle, you need to ensure as little air as possible gets into the pillow. Then once the water is fully absorbed into what they describe as the 'patented foam core' which essentially plumps out the Chillow and makes it comfortable to lie on or use as a cushion and because the water is free to move around it is really comfortable to use. Once the Chillow has been fully activated then its shape and size do increase and rough estimates are that it becomes 21 inches long and 15 inches wide and around and inch in depth.

        Once the Chillow Pillow is sealed the seal is like a vacuum which keeps out the hot air and helps to keep the water cool and once you have activated it, you will never need to fill it up again. Okay so that sounds too good to be true I know but because of the technology used within this pillow which is referred to the "patented core" which begins to work as soon as the pillow is fully sealed naturally the company who made this product don't enter into to much information about how they made it.

        The first thing I did once I filled mine up was to throw it up in the air to test for any leaking and to test its durability, after all, I never sleep in the same position in bed and constantly move around, more so when I get a little hot admittedly, but the last thing I want is to wake up in a pool of water £25 worse off. This pillow also stays in place once it is within your bed or inserted with another pillow because on the back of the material which helps to keep it in place and it comes with Includes stick on rubber feet and Velcro fixing to help keep it all in place.

        Then once you are ready to use it, you simply place it in its rightful place be that be in bed or as a cushion and then hopefully you will realize how wonderful this product is. The first night I used it, it did take a little getting used to, mainly because I am so used to waking up when my pillow gets warm to turn it over, not waking up through the night to turn this over was a novelty for me and it had been a long time since I had not woken up. It has been a good few months now since I have had this Chillow Pillow and I use it for my aching back when I get shooting pains running up my spine, I like to use this as a cushion and within a matter of minutes the numbness sets in and I am pain free for a period of time. Also because it is made of hypoallergenic materials, you can apply the cushion straight to your skin without the worry of irritation.

        I constantly use this pillow and I have only filled it up once since I bought it a few months ago, it does stay cool and in shape and it is easy to carry because it doesn't weigh a lot. If I feel I want this pillow to be a little cooler, especially on a hot and sticky day, and then I do put it in the fridge for a few minutes to make it that little more cooler to use, but you do have to remember it is in there and you should never put it into the freezer because this will damage the technology. Also with this pillow you need to keep it out of direct sunlight or near any heat source such as a candle and to keep your Chillow in top condition all you need to do is read the guide which comes with the product on how to successfully remove the excess air once a month.

        The one thing about the product is the smooth feel to it, because when things are cold and cool people assume naturally that they will be wet, well this product doesn't have that feel at all, the material, which is wipe clean, is really smooth to the touch and it gives it that extra comfort.

        So when it comes to this pillow there are many good and bad points:

        (",)Good points:(",)

        --> Easy to use
        -->Allergy Free
        --> it is hypoallergenic
        --> Remains cool
        --> Versatile usage and can be used on aches, pains, fevers, hot flushes, easier sleep, sunburn and so on
        --> You don't need to refrigerate it unless you want it to be ice cold
        --> You only need to fill it up once
        --> it doesn't use electricity
        --> it has been recognised by the migraine action association, the acne resource centre and many NHS Oncology units throughout the UK for its effectiveness.

        The only bad point that I can personally come up with directly relates to me and that is:

        (",) Bad points (",)

        --> If you have animals and they claw it, then it will burst.

        Overall I think this pillow is a brilliant invention and it is something I use daily and get a lot of benefits from as I have mentioned and for only £24.99 I think I have managed to save myself thousands on replacing the pillows and cushions in my house when I become bored and agitated with them, now they have a dual purpose alongside this pillow. I love this product and couldn't now be without it, it is ingenious and one of the best inventions to benefit me personally. Oh and it comes with a 12 month warranty.

        For more information about the Chillow Pillow or to find out about their other products you can go to their webpage which is www.chillow.co.uk


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        Helps you keep cool throughout the day and night and can be used with your existing pillow to help you get a better quality of sleep.

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