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Click Clack Faux Leather Sofabed

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Brand: Click Clack / Type: Sofa Bed

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2012 21:42
      Very helpful



      Get a couple of cushions and this cheap Sofa is perfect!

      Me and the missus recently moved in together (yay go us!) though unfortunately we moved into a completely unfurnished place meaning we've had to buy all our items. First we sorted out the bed and then we decided we needed a couch (our floor is ridiculously uncomfortable sadly) so that we could watch TV with out getting numb bums. After a quick discussion we decided we'd get a sofa-bed as I have a weird sleep pattern and she has to be up early in the mornings.

      After a look around we settled on getting the Click Clack Faux Leather Sofabed. Originally it was priced at £199 though we fortunately stumbled on it, on Asda's website for a much reduced price (which from memory was around £129), a price that we were happy to spend on what appeared to be a lightweight but durable sofa-bed.

      A few days after making the order we received the the couch from the delivery team who had little idea what the item was inside a relatively small box until we told them. When we said it was a couch they were mildy surprised and helpfully carried the box upstairs for us. We were left with the assumption that the couch was going to be tiny as the box it's self was small for a couch, though upon opening the boxing we discovered that it certainly wasn't small, just folded and de-legged, with the legs sitting in the box needing to be attached with the packed screws and Alan keys.

      After some 20 minutes we had attached the legs and finally, after 2 weeks of not having a couch, we had somewhere, other than the floor to sit down. As all guys however I wasn't quite satisfied with sitting down and wanted to explore what the couch "could do". The first thing we discovered was that both parts (the left and right) could recline independently of the other. This allowed me and my other half to sit at different angles to each other. The couch has 3 levels of "reclination" (it's a word now!). It has upright (like a normal couch), reclined (about 60 degrees) and flat (for using as a bed) with the reclining done by merely pulling the back of the couch forward and "unlocking" before putting it into the position that you want. Very easy to use.

      After having played about with the reclining function I decided to finally sit still and then came across the first issue with the couch, the thing was a little bit hard on the bum. No where near as hard as the floor (thankfully) but it still didn't have a great deal of give sadly and as a result wasn't hugely comfortable unless you reclined it and put plenty of your weight on the back. This seemed like a notable issue to me, however if you use a cushion this problem quickly disappears (thankfully).

      Other than being a bit unforgiving on the bum the couch was spacious with easily enough space for me and the other half as well as her stuff (uni books, purse, various other items) or 3 people (we've managed to have 4 of us on it so far). This sort of space is great even though we've rarely had visitors as it means we can both use our laptops (her for work me for....stuff) with out too many issues of banging arms or anything.

      Of course the reason why we bout the "Click Clack" is the fact that the sofa's other function, was of course being a bed. To set the sofa up as a bed you need to slide out the legs from the back (which are covered by a zipped section) and then recline both halves flat. Very easily set up and takes about 15 seconds to move from sofa to bed (or bed to sofa).

      As a bed the sofa is remarkably comfortable, more so than as a couch (bizarrely) with easily enough space for 2 people to sleep on it. I've often slept on the couch with no difficulty at all, in fact often feeling it's easier to sleep on than our actual bed. However I do need to advise folk to put a blanket down as the faux leather does like to stick to skin and can sting a bit if you need to "pull yourself off it".

      Whilst on the subject of the faux leather, we've found it to be durable (no markings at all after 5 months of having it) as well as very easy to clean, in fact most things just wipe straight off with no issues (which is great as the missus is a ridiculously messy eater). This means it's incredibly easy to keep looking good as new and it'd be hard to know we'd used it if it wasn't for the groove of my backside.

      As well as being easy to clean the couch is also very lightweight and easy to move. We've had to move it a few times to play the Kinnect and it takes seconds to move it where ever you want and back. I think if we needed to it'd only take minutes to move it from room to room due to how easy it is to move.

      Overall I'm glad we got it. Sure it's not an amazingly perfect or comfortable couch by it's self (though it is certainly comfy enough for a sit down) though with some cheap cushions (or pillows) it is comfortable enough considering the prices. It is, as mentioned above however, a very comfortable bed and something that is fit for either a friend staying over, the kids or the guy who likes to stay up until 6AM watching boxing.


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