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Cooke & Lewis Corner Unit Soft Close

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Brand: Cooke & Lewis

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2013 02:03
      Very helpful



      I am pleased with this purchase

      COOKE & LEWIS CORNER UNIT (Soft Close)


      My main priority when choosing units for my kitchen re-fit was to use cupboards and fitments that would make use of space and, even more importantly to me, make those awkward to reach areas easily accessible. I think there's nothing worse during busy times in the kitchen when you have to struggle to find something that's hiding deep inside a corner cupboard. Sometimes it's impossible to reach it without having to remove most of the other items to get to the one you need. I didn't want to purchase an expensive kitchen overall, especially as I often think of moving, and I had decided to buy my kitchen from B&Q and had looked at units that were fairly basic, although they were the style of cupboard that I was looking for. True to say I was resolved that I would buy all the gadgets and devices which I felt might make time spent in the kitchen easier and perhaps more pleasant. Yes, I was determined, even if my husband tried his best to talk me out of it. He often talks me into choosing certain things for the home and I end up being swayed only to realise when it's too late, and the purchase has been made, that he was wrong and I should have stuck to my guns.

      One item which was high on my list of must haves was the Cooke and Lewis corner unit.


      The kitchen now has two base corner cupboards and both have pull out storage items. The fitment I am reviewing is a left hand corner unit which means it opens to the left. This unit fits into most B&Q IT and Cooke and Lewis units, providing they are 1,000 metre corner base cupboards. I found the B&Q catalogue good at stating which space saving device fitted in the available units but we did also take our plans to a kitchen designer in a B&Q store to be planned properly and to ensure everything fitted into the room and was compatible with units chosen. This wasn't my first choice of fitment but not everything fitted with the space to hand.

      It is also available in a right hand unit.


      My husband fitted the kitchen by himself. He was mostly worried about fitting the sink and the base corner units with fitments. He worked as soon as possible on fixing together the cupboard and then fixing this device into it. When complete he moved the unit into its new home in the corner.

      I knew he was concerned about fitting this together but once he got started it went well really. I would say it took him about an hour or perhaps just a little longer, to assemble the cupboard as well as fitting the device inside.

      Although the unit is called a corner unit it fits into a corner of the room, and consists of one long (1,000mm) unit where another base unit could fit next to it but in my kitchen the washing machine fits next to it. It has one door and when the door is opened the first set of wire baskets pull out with the door and the second set, which rest towards the blind corner, also pull out, everything which is stored on the four trays/baskets is easily accessible.

      The pull and swing for this is device is a clever pull and slide type mechanism fitted to the base of the cupboard.

      Fittings are included.


      The fixing instructions mainly consist of diagrams and there isn't too much in the way of written instructions. I asked my husband if more in the way of written instructions would have made this unit easier to fix but he responded that he thought it was pretty self-explanatory and really didn't find the fixing a problem. However, my husband is quite handy and we both thought that for those not quite so adept at fitting this type of device then more written instructions would probably be helpful.


      Although I was intent on purchasing this corner unit I did have my doubts. Okay, so I tried it out in the showroom on several occasions; it fascinated me to be honest, but light, empty baskets are one thing but when full I had my doubts whether it would still be smooth to operate. Now, no cupboard or shelf has a light task in my kitchen and the four trays/baskets are usually fairly full but it does, in fact, open well and without undue force being necessary. It works better than I expected and does its job well. As it has soft close fittings it's a delight to let it close and no cupboards can be slammed in my kitchen! Not only is it a clever idea but it has proven to be a talking point in my new kitchen. It seems everyone who sees it and has a go says they want one too!


      Cooke and Lewis units and accessories are available from B&Q. Some can be bought from a store and others have to be ordered in. Items can be ordered in store for home delivery or on-line from ww.diy.com. This particular item cannot be reserved and collected. It has to be ordered and can take a few weeks to get. As we ordered the entire kitchen at one time, we waited for four or five weeks to have this unit delivered with the rest of our kitchen order.

      The price of £270 might seem steep but as I have explained I was adamant that I wanted to buy some gadgets and had set myself a budget. All in all the kitchen wasn't at all expensive and I think having a few expensive but space saving devices has made my kitchen a much better space for storage and altogether a much nicer place to work in than if I hadn't gone ahead with certain ideas.


      On the first two baskets I keep my vegetables, potatoes, carrots and onions fit well into these and are so easy to reach. On the other two I keep my large food processor and also large, slow cooker. I am so glad that I have had this space saving unit installed as, before I used to keep these items stored in the depths of hard to reach areas and often needed help in reaching the slow cooker. Now with a pull and a swing they are there.

      Another clever idea making things even easier to reach is that the baskets lift up so that everything is so easy to get to and also to replace.

      It's an ideal cupboard to store a variety of items whether it is kitchen ware or food. The baskets hold items inside well.




      Guarantee: 12 month parts and labour warranty

      Category: Pull-out & Carousel Storage

      Finish: silver effect

      Baskets: Mesh baskets in silver/chrome

      Soft close system

      Fixings included


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