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Cubes Oak Finish Shelving Unit

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Brand: Argos / Type: Storage Unit

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2011 22:13
      Very helpful



      A nice looking quality unit - the main downside of which is shelf height

      My boyfriend has accumulated a huge collection of DVD's as CD's over the past few years, which has resulted in a ramschackle mess of various CD/DVD towers. Now that that time for spring cleaning has come upon us, we decided that this had to change and went on the hunt for a larger, more suitable storage unit that would make the living room look tidier, more sophisticated and less like a student house.

      We spent a long time on the internet searching for something suitable as most CD and DVD storage units are not designed to hold huge quantities, plus they're tall and thin - we required something that was longer than it was tall, and could hold quite alot. Eventually we came across this on the Argos website and after looking at the measurements we determined that 2 of them side by side would be the perfect fit for the area in our living room that we planned to locate it. Another plus was that it came in an oak effect which would fit in with the rest of the wood in the room.

      These storage units are not specifically classed as book, CD or DVD storage, however I struggle to think of sufficient things other than these that would warrant an entire shelving unit. On the Argos website the beech version of this unit shows a number of items including CD's and books - I didn't think about the reason why at the time, but I now know why all the books have been placed in the unit on their side. This is because the shelves are not tall enough for your average sized paperback and by extension DVD's. Also there is nowhere in the product information that tells you the height of the shelves to allow you to determine whether they're appropriate for the items you desire to put in them and considering you can't otherwise find this out until you buy the unit and construct it - this is a pretty serious flaw.

      The primary item we wished to put in them was infact DVD's, which infuriatingly proved to tall to fit in vertically - frustratingly this is by less than an inch. We managed to mostly get around this issue by placing the DVD's in length ways, but due to the lengths of some shelves there can be a few gaps left that aren't quite big enough to fit another row of DVD's in. Overall though I would say it's possible to fit in approximately 100 DVD's per unit.

      As per usual for Argos furniture, this storage unit comes flat packed in a cardboard box which is small enough for most people to carry without too much issue - I would advise however that you don't have to walk too far with it as it will start to feel heavy after a short while.

      The pack comes as a set of precut 'shelves' with instructions, dowels and screws. It advises that two people are needed to construst it, but one is perfectly sufficient. The instructions themselves aren't perfect (when are they ever?) but they definately do help in construction - particularly in terms of the numbered shelves, so you know which order to put it all together.

      The quality of the product is fair for the price paid (which I will come onto in a moment) - the unit appears to be some sort of laminated chip board which is quite strong and not bad looking. There is wood glue provided in the kit which is to be used with the dowels to give extra rigidity - we found though that the glue ran out less than half of the way through construction and we had to go out and buy more wood glue which was a bit of a pain.

      As mentioned earlier we bought two of these units and one of them was missing a couple of holes for screws in one of the shelves which was obviously a manufacturing fault as the shelf number was accurate. At first we wondered if this was a discrepancy between the instructions and the actual unit, but the second unit was as described, so we knew one was faulty. The problem wasn't too complicated to put right and we made the holes ourselves rather than returning the unit to Argos for a replacement.

      Price wise these are currently being retailed at a cost of £34.99 per unit.

      Dimensions are 66.7cm high, 80cm wide and 24cm deep. The argos website states there are 4 shelves but there are only 3 unless they're counting the top of the unit as a shelf and it's available in beech and oak colours.

      Overall we're happy with the units but by increasing the height of each shelf by an inch this unit would pretty much be perfect. As it stands they look nice, sophisticated and decent value for money. However because of the orientation we've had to place the DVD's, far less fits in it than would otherwise have been possible (we've had to stack all the CD's along the top as we could get both in!)


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