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Dream Wizard Pillow

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Brand: Dreamtyme / Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2008 20:33
      Very helpful



      This is the first special neck supporting pillow I've tried that actually works

      As I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain for a long time I have spent a fortune on magnetic pillows, memory foam pillows, buckwheat pillows etc. Each time I have seen one on a Shopping channel and it showed the special support and claimed that it could ease pain and help you get a good nights sleep I bought it usually at about £30 or more.

      When I heard the spiel for the dream wizard pillow I was seriously tempted to buy it but tried to restrain myself as none of the others had worked the miracles I was hoping for. I kept watching getting more and more tempted as the presenters kept ooohing and aaahing every time they lay on one claiming it ensured perfect alignment for neck and spine whatever your sleeping position. Telling me that I just needed to inflate the pocket with the amount of air that makes the pillow comfortable for me - and that the air moves with me for pressure-free support. The shape was described as an Ergonomic butterfly shape to allow it to hug your neck more closely.

      My husband arrived in and was impressed by the product he liked the way you could inflate the little air bag inside the pillow to the height and firmness that suits you and that it could position your head in a way that would help alleviate snoring (his not mine of course). The set of two was on a special one day offer for around £45 and as I was refusing to spend any more money on pillows he offered to buy them, I think there was a space of about 20 seconds between him offering to pay and me having them ordered.

      The pillows arrived a few days later so I changed the bed clothes put my new pillow into a nice clean pillow case and let the insert self inflate to what is the optimum height. This is only millimeters thick and very squidgy when you lie on it. I inserted it into the pillow and lay down and I loved the feel of it. The pillow moves with you as you turn your head and your neck always feels supported. I like my pillows a little higher and was able to manually blow the air bag up a little more but not so much that it lost its moulding ability.

      This was great for me as one pillow isn't enough and two pillows is too high so the ability to set this to just right is brilliant (I sound like goldielocks). The pocket of air when you turned your head felt a little like sleeping on a water bed as it moved with you.

      That night I definitely went to sleep more quickly than usual and woke up the next morning feeling better than normal and hubby said the same thing. I knew there and then I would only ever buy this pillow again

      The air pocket lasted well but after about a year I was starting to need to blow it up a little every few days but I went online and was able to buy a new insert for £8.99 and its back to perfection again. I am so attached to it I even take it on holiday if we are going by car.

      The pillow is washable and Hypo-Allergenic and the airbag has a 6 month Guarantee


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    • Product Details

      An adjustable orthopaedic pillow supports the alignment for neck and spine whatever your sleeping position. It has an inflatable pocket and with the correct amount of air allows you to have a comfortable sleep.

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