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Dunelm Dressing Table Mirror

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Brand: Dunelm / Type: Dressing Table

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2010 02:15
      Very helpful



      Lovely mirror!

      The one thing I really wanted in my bedroom when I moved in was a fancy dressing table mirror cos I'd always wanted a dressing table...now I had the room to finally own one lol. I rushed out to get me a dressing table and I didn't want it erected and with no mirror on it. I wanted it all complete!

      I had already actually spotted the same sort of mirror in Argos and both were the same price of £39.99, I was in Dunhelm so simply bought it there and then.

      I'm upset this link I requested doesn't have a photograph when I provided a link for one but I will do my best to describe it however it you look on the Dunhelm website and type in dressing table mirror it will show you it so naughty Dooyoo!

      The Mirror Itself:

      It simply came in a white box with a photograph of the mirror on it and on the back of the box contact details for Dunhelm were stated as well as the sizes of it being given. Inside the mirror was ready assembled and simply covered in loose plastic to protect it.

      No where on the box did it say it was already assembled, so glad was I when I released it was I can tell you cos I (or my flatmate or boyfriend for that matter) are DIYers!

      The mirror comes in one size and the overall size of this is 60cm x 63cm (24" x 25") and the whole of the front of it is mirrored glass. You get three large parts of glass, the largest being the one in the middle then the two smaller pains of glass are hinged at the back with two hinges each. You can move the mirror how you want to with ease but the hinges are tightly fixed so the whole of the unit is very secure.

      Around the edges of the tops of the mirror are more sections of glass to build it up so it is kind of edged and those sections are all very close to the main mirror so not much gapping is seen and they are decorated by frosted flowers and leaves in a very delicate and pretty way. The main mirror is sort of domed to the top of it and the side panels are long oblongs slanted to the top and then the sections build on are shaped with the main decoration being the one to the top of the mirror which is sort of a Fleur de leys shape.

      Although this looks quite a large mirror set alot of it is just to look pretty and course the patterned bits are pretty useless to look in or anything but the main mirrors are large enough and easy to wipe clean.

      This is a focal point in my room and I like the Venetian decorated styling of it and anyone who has seen this in my room always comments how lovely it is and for me, at £39.99 I'm really, really pleased with it and would recommend it heartily for a girl/woman who likes classy!

      As Dooyoo haven't supplied a photograph of this item here is the link if you wish to see this (http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/dressing-table-mirror-45743) and you can purchase this directly from the Dunhelm website (Dunhelm.com) or pop into one of their stores if you prefer!


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      Dunhelm / Dressing table mirror.

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