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Dwell Oblique Mirror

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Brand: Dwell / Type: Mirror

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2013 15:22
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      A nice feature mirror but not very functional

      Until November last year I lived in a shared house. My ex landlord/housemate is a bit funny about money - he refuses to spend decent money on anything that is a necessity (dishwasher, replacing rotten front door frame etc.) but when it comes to decorations and novelty items he is prepared to spend relatively large amounts. Thus when he first discovered Dwell he was in his element. Don't get me wrong, I think Dwell is a great shop and they have some lovely items which are interesting and unique - however their prices, in my opinion, are rather on the inflated side. Anyway, its not my money and so about a month after we moved into the house he decided we needed a mirror for the living room and this is what he came home with.

      The product
      This mirror is comprised of 16 different sized pieces of mirrored glass in one. As you can see from the photo I have added the parts are fixed at various angles which give it a kind of funky look - it is certainly more eye-catching as a centrepiece for a room than a normal plain mirror would be.
      In my opinion this is a fairly large mirror, the dimensions being 102cm(H) x 102cm(W) x 6cm(D). It is meant to be wall hung and it is very easy to hang - you merely need to measure out where the hooks are on the back of the mirror and then put in a couple of screws to hang the hooks on.

      As with all mirrors I have ever encountered this is very easy to clean with a clean cloth and a squirt of mirror/glass cleaner

      My thoughts
      On their website Dwell suggest that the angled mirrors 'allow(ing) the user to view their reflection from many perspectives.' I would have to disagree with this statement somewhat as I think that rather than viewing your reflection from many perspectives it is more like being in a house of mirrors where bits of your body are disjointed or cut-off from the rest of you due to the angled mirrors - it could just be the height at which we have hung it but in our house you have to kind of crouch down a bit to try and get your whole head in the large mirrored section on the right if you are trying to actually see what you look like.

      Due to the fixed hooks on the back this mirror can only be hung as pictured, which I think is a shame because it would be nice to have the option to hang it whichever way you choose. Interestingly while the picture above is of the same mirror as ours the photo that they have must have been taken and then reversed for some reason as this is actually a mirror image of what the mirror looks like in reality, so the big angled mirrors are actually on the left hand side of the mirror not the right as is shown here.

      When my landlord bought this mirror he paid £249. According to their website it is now in the Dwell sale for £199 and is currently in stock.
      I do really like this mirror - I think it goes really well in our living room and it is a nice, sleek design. However I would only recommend this to someone who is looking for a nice feature for their house rather than a practical mirror.

      Product code: 109003
      Dwell Website: www.dwell.co.uk


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