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Gilda XL Single Chair Bed

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Brand: Gilda / Bed / Type: Table & Chairs set

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 16:07
      Very helpful



      A good product that deserves a more accurate listing.

      A few months back we invested in a 3D TV for the bedroom, and now the children and I often disappear for the night shortly after dinner to enjoy games and movies upstairs. This is of course why my husband was willing to invest so much into making our room into an entertainment room as well. It means he has the sitting room, 42" TV and PS3 all to himself. But we did find there is an optimal viewing distance for the 3D movies and for wii remotes as well. The children build themselves nests of pillows and quilts, but I am not very comfortable like that. So I needed a comfortable chair to watch films in, but one that could be easily moved away afterwards as I don't always want a huge chair in the middle of the bedroom floor. This fit the bill and was the most reasonably priced of the options we considered at £44.94 including postage through Amazon Marketplace.

      I chose the extra large version of this chair because it was the only size available in faux leather. Faux is of course just a fancy word for fake - so no animals were harmed to make this chair. But movie night means snacks and small children mean spills. Ok to be fair I spill as much as they do, but we needed something easily cleaned.

      Amazon gives the measurements of this chair as follows:
      Chair 58cm [23" ] width x 74cm [29"] Length x 25cm [10" ]height at front
      Bed 58cm [23"] width x 180cm [71"] Length x 13cm [ 5" ] height

      I would dispute though, and have measured this three times to be certain rounding up to make this as fair as possible. My measurements are as follows:
      width 22", height to top of chair back rest 12" - height to seat of chair 8", length 25".
      Height as a bed 4" length 65".

      I have only just realised what a discrepancy there is between the size advertised and the actual size and the advertised size, and in all fairness I feel I must rate down significantly because this just is not what it says in the ad. I would also point out that the 8" in height for the seat is without anyone sitting on it. It does flatten down with weight. This is to be expected of course, but if it had been the advertised height it really would have helped and find this very difficult to get up from.

      But for all my complaints - we do actually like this chair. It is incredibly light weight. I do have mobility problems, but I can lift this easily, as can either of my sons ( ages 4 and 7). The cover looks and feels very close to leather, and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. The cover does remove with zippers, but we have not tried this. It is easier to just wash it with a cloth. It is comfortable to sit on, and the average person is not going to have the problems I have with it being to close to the ground. My sons especially enjoy this. My oldest often takes it into his room as a gaming chair, but it can easily be carried downstairs for more seating for a downstairs movie night - or even a down stairs camp out in the living room with movies all night for a special treat. When my sons room was redecorated he slept on this for several days while my husband was working on the room and while the gloss paint smell was too strong. He said is was very soft and comfortable and he loved sleeping on it. At age 7 this is just the right size for him. He still occasionally puts a tent up indoors and sleeps on it.

      As for me - I have actually used this on top of the bed - and it is quite comfy that way - or opened up as a long cushion against the back wall for us to all lean against. The boys have also used this opened up to bed shape and built their duvet nests over it. It's flexible shape makes it a favourite for tent building as well. This is quite sturdy and well made and able to cope with being trailed about, dived onto and anything else tow active little boys can throw at it. This really is a lovely, versatile and light weight piece of furniture. I could even lay it flat and slide right under my bed for easy storage - if I didn't already have under bed storage boxes there. I did shop around before buying this - and I do still feel this represents value for money.

      I would consider buying another if I had the money so both boys could use this at once. I very well may still buy another at some point in time. As a child's chair, this is wonderful. It is perfect for gaming, movies, stories, reading and sleepovers. This would be ideal for grandparents who are short on bedrooms if the grandchildren sleep over. The fact that it can be stored under a bed is real plus for this. The children can pull it out for a game and slide it back when finished.

      As an adults gaming chair, I think it would be fine as well - as long as you don't mind sitting close to the ground - but I do find it best if you can rest this against a wall or other piece of furniture - in our case my bed - and add an extra pillow for back support. The back just isn't high enough to lean back on. This would even do for young and fit people having a party as an extra chair in small flat. It most certainly will not work for an adult to sleep in. It is listed as ideal for "Ideal for childrens sleep overs + unexpected guests ". If Santa's elves want to sleep over you are fine - if an adult wants to sleep over this will not work. This does say it can be used as a spare bed - and it can - but only for children a fact not made clear by the ad.

      I bought this chair in chocolate brown faux leather. It is available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. Other sizes are available as well - and in fact their smaller size exactly matches the measurements of mine. If it were not for the fact that the small chair is not made in faux leather - I would just assume thay had sent me the wrong one. There is even a double sized couch version and the company has a vast array of unique but comfortable looking chairs and bean bags - I just hope they are more accurate on measurements for other items. This company does ship to Northern Ireland - and if you order through Amazon - there is no extra charge.

      If the size had been listed honestly - I would still have bought this chair and would now be giving it a shining 5 star rating. As it stands I very seriously considered giving this only one star. If the manufacturer is aware of the discrepancy in sizes and leaves it up - that is dishonesty. If they have had an ad on Amazon for so long and not checked it for accuracy - that strikes me as incompetence. Either way - as much as I like this chair - I feel a 3 star rating is the best I can give it under the circumstances.


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