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Ikea Askholmen Folding Wooden Table

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2 Reviews

Very reasonably priced and well made, the Askholmen folding table is made from hardwood, is very stable and sturdy, and well designed.

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2013 01:14
      Very helpful



      Beautiful garden table for a few pounds.

      Having worked on my back garden for a while and finally cleared it all, I needed some furniture. My mother bought me a beautiful bench for my Birthday, but being surgically attached to the internet I needed a table. Most of the garden tables that I looked at were either plastic (yuk) or overpriced. I had a poke around on the IKEA website and found some lovely wooden items including this folding table.

      Made from solid hardwood (Acacia), this is a dinky folding table that can cope with being outdoors. As with all solid wood, I first protect it with Danish oil and wax. I also waxed the joints where the "foldy" part of the legs met. I would advise that anybody buying this does the same to ensure that it lasts a long time.

      This table is part of the Askholmen range, which has a rustic feel to it. It was listed at just £15 with is a steal for a hardwood table, especially one that can be folded up and moved about. The range also has folding chairs for the same price, but I bought this to accompany my bench. The bench that I have is sited in the corner of my garden, near my living room window. I have filled it with a few fire pits and loads of flowers, and have planted a magnolia tree and a very fast growing and vibrant grape vine. My Daughter has pinched the rest of the garden for her various outdoor toys so it was very important that I had my own "nook" in which to chill out and enjoy the (rare) sun.


      This table has an acrylic "wash" over the solid wood, giving it a rustic and slightly aged feel. The colour of the wood has a grey/brown tone but the grain is still visible. Acacia wood is a fantastically pretty wood which often features some gradients of colour and patterned grain, so IKEA have done well to keep this as a feature and not cover it up. IKEA recommend that the table is re-glazed once a year and sells the glaze for £6 on the website. I will not bother, as Danish oil and beeswax will probably do a far better job.

      The table is small but enough for myself and sprog to sit at and eat. It holds a laptop no problem and is stable and solid despite being a foldaway piece of furniture. The assembled size is 62cm long by 60cm wide. It is 73cm high. It weighs just under 6 kg so is easy enough to move around, even for old crocks like me.

      The slatted top has just the right amount of space between the pieces of wood, ensuring that there is no danger of my phone falling through. The table is easy to disassemble with just a few bolts should you wish to do this, and these bolts serve as an effective pivot to the legs. It stores almost completely flat meaning that it is a space saving item as well as a useful one. Once assembled it feels secure and it does not wobble. It is easy to move around or reposition according to the sun or wind, and it looks very attractive too. The colour reminds me of old wood that has been weathered, which fits in with my somewhat unkempt gardening habits. The feet have little rubber bungs on them to protect the wood and the folding mechanism underneath is a strong silver metal, the metal clips into some fixings which hold the table open and steady.


      As I have mentioned, IKEA recommend re-glazing this every year. I treat all of my wooden furniture both inside and out, with Danish oil and I make my own beeswax polish. IKEA state that this table can be wiped clean with a mild soapy cloth but I have not had to do this, nor would I want to as it would remove some of the protection. It is important to check the screws and fixtures regularly because this is not a jointed piece of furniture and they can come loose with the table being folded up and down.

      IKEA advise that the table is stored in a cool, dry place indoors. I will be bringing mine in for the winter but into a cool part of the house so that I avoid it cracking or warping. The table can be stored outside in a shed or with a cover.


      * Easy to assemble
      * Very cheap
      * Solid hardwood
      * Attractive and easy to maintain
      * Portable


      A gorgeous piece of furniture for outside or indoors, at a great price for solid hardwood.


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        15.07.2013 21:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        breakfast for 2

        Earlier this year we decided that it was time to replace our outdoor dining furniture. We wanted to get a large dining table and chairs for the main part of our large garden. And we also wanted to get a small patio table and chairs for the corner of our garden that gets the morning sun - to use as a breakfast area for just the 2 of us.

        We didn't want to spend a lot of money as with our temperamental British weather it may not actually get that much use! We settled on the Askholmen range from Ikea. We bought 2 of the Askholmen dining sets consisting of a dining table and 4 chairs each, so that we can seat 8 people for large parties / BBQ's. And then for our cozy little breakfast nook we bought this Askholmen folding patio table and 2 of the matching Askholmen folding chairs.

        The Askholmen folding patio table was just £15, which I thought was really good value. The matching folding chairs were £15 each. The dining sets that we bought were £95 each.

        The Askholmen folding patio table is the perfect size for 2 people. It's a smallish square table that is perfect for just 2 people for breakfast. It's a wooden table, it's made from solid acacia wood, and the wood is glazed or painted a lovely greyish/brown colour. The top of the table has that slatted wood effect that you typically see on beer garden tables. It matches the other items in the Askholmen range perfectly.

        This folds up and opens out very quickly and easily, the legs open out and lock into a cross shape, and then fold back up together with the table top flush against them so that it takes up very little space when storing it. We're probably just going to leave this out all summer, and then we'll store it in the garage over the winter.

        This seems very sturdy and durable so far. It sits level on our decking, and doesn't feel like it will collapse or tipple over. It's easy to keep clean, I just wipe it over with a damp soapy cloth and then dry it off after we've eaten our breakfast, and then the same again before I set the table for the next time. It's had a couple of cups of coffee spilled on it already and it hasn't marked or stained at all. It actually looks quite classy and expensive. Most people are shocked when I tell them it was just £15 from Ikea.

        I'm really happy with this and it serves the purpose that we bought it for perfectly. I also like that we were able to get all of our garden furniture from the same range, and to match. We do occasionally move this little table over into the main part of our garden if we need the extra seating and so it doesn't look out of place or odd when we do so. I'm even considering getting another couple of these to use as serving tables at the end of our 2 large dining tables, especially as they are so cheap and will just fold up and go in the garage when we're not using them.


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