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Ikea Detolf Glass Display Cabinet

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Cabinet

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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2013 10:58
      Very helpful



      Lovely display cabinets

      I've been with my husband for almost five years, and when we first met he already owned his own house. When we bought our first house together, we had to decide which items of furniture came with us, and these Ikea cabinets (which he had two of), made the move with us. He owned them for a couple of years before we met, which means they are now at least seven years old, and they have survived being dismantled, a few months in storage in between houses, and then being moved to their new home and reassembled. I think that gives some indication of how sturdy these units are!

      The cabinets currently cost £40 each from Ikea, and measure 163cm (H), 43cm (W) and 37cm (D). They have a wooden base and top, and the rest is made of glass. The wooden finishes available are beech effect, or black-brown. Ours are the beech effect. As with all Ikea furniture, they come flat packed, and the weight when packaged is 42.3kg, so its worth bearing this in mind before making the trip to collect them.

      I can't comment on the assembly of these units, because they were already in place when I met my husband, and he was responsible for dismantling and reassembling them when we moved. I seem to remember this didn't cause him too many problems, however, which is something I always judge by how much swearing I hear coming from the room.

      The units have three glass shelves, which are designed to display items so they are on full view. We use one of ours to house some glassware which I think has come from various grandparents on my husband's side, and the other.....wait for it.....it houses a few hundred model motorbikes. Yes, he is a grown man, but after spending his youth collecting various models of motorbikes he can't bear to part with them. Admittedly, my first reaction when I discovered he was keeping these items was "well you can dust them", because obviously dusting inside the cabinet with so many little fiddly items inside is a bit of a headache. I'm happy to say that not only do the shelves not get too dusty due to the cabinet being enclosed, but also my husband has indeed taken on the cleaning of it, having put the cabinet in his office.

      The cabinet has a circle cut out of the top which is designed to feed lighting through. We've only done this with one of our cabinets because we didn't want to overload the sockets in the room. It does look really nice with the light on, although admittedly it doesn't get turned on much these days since moving from the dining room in his old house, to his office where only he goes. I think he finds it quite relaxing to turn the light on in the cabinet when he's up there working.

      As mentioned, the cabinet has survived a house move and storage, and is very sturdy. The shelves feel solid, and although the motorbike collection is quite light in weight, the glassware is obviously heavier. I still feel confident that the shelves can take the weight. The cabinet opens by a front-opening door, which snaps into place with a magnetic clasp once closed. I get very nervous opening the door in case I pull the entire unit over (being notoriously clumsy!), but in actual fact you just need to hold the top of the unit and this avoids any wobbling. I would highly recommend if you have any small children running round the house, it would be worth fixing this unit to the wall to avoid any nasty accidents and/or breakages.

      I would definitely recommend these units, as they are a lovely way to display your treasured glassware and collectibles. Ours have proved to be sturdy and long lasting, and they're actually not as time consuming to clean as you might think. My only word of caution would be about fixing them to the wall if you have young children, but other than that they are a lovely item of furniture.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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        07.07.2010 07:31
        Very helpful



        Extremely reasonably priced display cabinets to safely and effectively store your valuables

        I was surprised I had to make a product suggestion to dooyoo for the item I am about to review, particularly as I thought it would have been extremely popular. The item in question is Ikea's Detolf Glass Display Cabinet; of which four have pride of place in my home.

        Whilst I've never really been one for collecting bits and pieces, particularly as they are real dust gatherers, three years ago, on my 40th birthday, I wanted to buy myself something really special with some of the money I had been given.

        I chose a stunning Betty Boop figurine, but due to its' rather high price tag, I was very worried about where I would display it. Whilst I didn't need a cabinet for just one piece, my collection grew rather rapidly until I had amassed a dozen of the gorgeous figurines.

        I had noticed in one of the shops where I bought my figurines that the owner had some gorgeous glass display cabinets and I learned he had bought them from Ikea. Consequently, my husband and I trotted off to Ikea and purchased one for the great price of £39.90 to house the beginning of my collection.

        The Detolf Display Cabinet stands at 163cm high, 43cm wide and 37cm depth and is available in a choice of two colours, namely black/brown or beech effect.

        It has three glass shelves, which unfortunately, cannot be adjusted. However, you can remove them should some of your figurines require extra height space. As some of my figurines exceed the 38cm shelf height, I have removed the bottom shelf and have laid the glass on the base. I initially thought in doing so that my cabinets would look somewhat unbalanced with different depth shelves, but I am extremely happy with their appearance.

        Both the base and upper panels of the cabinet are manufactured from an extremely thick particleboard, with the shelf supports made from steel and the three side panels and door from tempered glass.

        The display cabinet is provided in one large box and two people are required to carry it due to its' extremely heavy weight of 6kg. As Ikea is a 40 mile return journey from our home, I was concerned that if the glass was damaged that we would have a long journey to return it.

        However, I need not have been concerned as Ikea had protected the glass extremely well and I have never had a problem with any of my four purchases. Inside the box you will find sufficient accessories to complete the job, such as various size screws together with an allen key, steel clips for the corners of the door and four feet on which the cabinet stands.

        Unfortunately, the 23-page instruction booklet provided with the cabinet contains no words and is a set of rather plain looking drawings. I suspect this is due to the fact that Ikea produce their furniture for so many countries and it would be too expensive to provide the booklet in numerous languages.

        Whilst my husband is now an expert at assembling these display cabinets, he found the first one extremely easy and needed my help solely to hold the glass panels whilst he screwed them to the steel supports. The great thing with this cabinet is that you can choose which way you would like the door to open, which is a huge bonus for me as I tend to change their position within my living room, much to my hubby's frustration!

        The cabinet takes approximately 45 minutes to assemble and looks absolutely stunning when completed. There is a small circular cut out from the upper panel of the cabinet where you are able to feed through cabling and provide lighting to illuminate your gorgeous ornaments. However, Ikea provide a flat plastic cup, which neatly fits into the hole should you not wish to use lighting. I'm lucky as my husband has fitted lights in all of my cabinets and my Betty Boops look absolutely gorgeous.

        As the glass shelves rest on steel supports, they will gently move if you touch them. However, they are perfectly secure and have carried the weight of my Bettys for nearly three years. Believe me, I wouldn't put them on the shelves if I thought they were going to collapse!

        As the door catches close considerably tight, I am a little cautious when I open the door, so I always hold the top of the cabinet when I do so as the last thing I want to do is have the cabinet and my Bettys come crashing down on me!

        The display cabinet is easy to clean and I use an ordinary duster on both the base and top and a few sprays of window cleaner on the glass panels and door.

        In order that children cannot tip the cabinet over, Ikea recommend that you fix the cabinet to your wall and they provide you with the necessary device in order to do so. However, as we don't have any young children, we've opted to leave ours free standing and they are pretty sturdy on our wooden floor. As I don't have carpets in the downstairs of my home, I cannot comment on how secure they would stand on other surfaces. However, I would guess that they would be rather wobbly, so you will probably find that you will need to fix them to your wall.

        Whilst Ikea operate an on-line service where you can order your goods and have them delivered to your home, for some reason, this cabinet is excluded.

        I am absolutely thrilled with the cabinets, particularly as they look much more expensive than their £39.90 price tag, hence me purchasing four, as at the last count my Betty Boops were around the 60 mark! Me thinks I need another cabinet!!

        On a serious note, Ikea have really created an excellent piece of furniture and consequently, the Detolf Glass Display Cabinet receives 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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