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Ikea Grevback Bookcase

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ikea / Bookshelves / Type: Bookcase

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 09:30
      Very helpful



      Good self assembly bookcase

      I have a lot of books and only a small solid wood bookcase to store them. I used to have a large bookcase / display cabinet that I bought from argos. This held a lot of hardback books and my candles and cars, collections, ornaments etc.

      However this cabinet eventually fell apart, the hardboard back became mouldy, the rest was chipboard and the shelf's kept falling down breaking everything !

      I looked for a new one, and saw this IKEA Grevback that matched my cd tower and other stuff. It has a solid back and several shelf's ( 5 including the bottom one ) .

      This IKEA Grevback bookcase cost £50 and was about the amount I was willing to spend on a bookcase. I did not want the bigger one or to spend that much but I also have a lot of books and files to store so this is about the right size.


      You need a Phillips screwdriver for assembly and a hammer to tap them in.

      It is 190 cm tall by 96 cm wide by 35 cm depth.

      The shelf's are high enough for an A4 size hardback book on each shelf. Now before I get complaints they are made to be just big enough it seems, which is sensible. Some hardback books like my Atlas, reference books are too big and are laid on there side.

      The shelf's are strong, and hold as much as you want to put on them. one thing i don't like is the ridge that goes down the back of the hardboard at the back which supports the bookcase, this is a dead give away for self assembly.

      Mine has held together so far, but I wouldn't put all hard backs on it as it is a self assembly one and they are not as strong as solid wood.


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      11.02.2011 10:40
      Very helpful



      see review

      We originally had a Billy bookcase from Ikea at our first place and whilst it did the job it wasn't very solid and did look around £20 (which is most likely what it cost us). When we moved into our second place we were of the mind to buy something that will last and not just solve an issue for the short-term, so we bought this Grevback bookcase for £50.

      --the retailer--

      Again it was from Ikea. Despite our cheap and dodgy looking prior bookcase I am of the opinion you get what you pay for and Ikea is a prime example of this. They have a great selection that ranges from cheap and perfect for a person/s moving in for the first time to affordable but of a higher quality - I havent seen anything in Ikea that I would class as over-priced.

      --vital stats--

      This is from the site but I thought it may be useful:

      Article Number : 301.044.35
      Width : 42 cm
      Height : 10 cm
      Length : 188 cm
      Weight : 42.9 kg

      Additionally this is useful to decide on if you need a bigger car!:

      Assembled size
      Width: 96 cm
      Depth: 35 cm
      Height: 190 cm
      Max. load/shelf: 20 kg

      --the bookcase--

      Ikea recommend that it is fastened to the wall, whilst we don't need to as we now live in a level floored house, it is definately something worth considering - but I advise that you check with your landlord (if you have one!) before nailing something into the wall!

      It is very easy to wipe clean and we haven't stained anything yet, touch wood! Ikea recommends that you use just damp cloth so that you don't run the risk of bleach stains!

      An additional feature that we've kind of made is that it can hold alot up on top of the bookcase, again without troubling it - we have a couple of boxes so nothing too crazy, it does look a little messy but we don't have the biggest of houses!

      The bookcase is very sturdy, solid and holds a lot of books! As you can tell by the 35cm depth you can hold all sizes of books, we have them currently piled (rather messily) on top of eachother, all over the shelf and it doesn't seem to trouble it at all - so if you have a lot of books, this is a great bookcase to get!

      --set up--

      The assembly of the bookcase was probably one of the easiest we've had to do (out of desks, beds, tv stands...etc) and we had it up in no time. The instructions, we found were clear and concise.


      Overall we are very pleased with the Ikea Grevback bookcase - it looks like it cost more than £50 which I still think is cheap for such a solid and eye pleasing feature of the lounge, dining room or wherever you want to put it. The antique style wood and colour makes it fit into most room styles.

      Another great thing about ikea is that we can get the whole set to match, we now have a Tv stand and bookcase that go together, I'm after a coffee table but the significant other won't let me! :( If you are interested the website allows you to check out the whole Grevback series so you can choose other pieces of furniture if you just relocating like we were.


      The Grevback is still at £50 in all Ikea stores, I don't recommend the delivery service, despite never using it as it was going to charge us £30 just to drive it to 20 minutes away!


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