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Ikea Hemnes Linen Cabinet

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Cabinet

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    2 Reviews
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      20.08.2012 19:14
      Very helpful



      Hemnes for linen

      I really like the Hemnes range from Ikea. We've had a number of the pieces over the years in the many places that we've lived.

      One of the pieces that we currently have is the Hemnes linen cabinet. It currently retails for £210 in Ikea, however I'm positive that we only paid £150 about a year or so ago, maybe we bought it when it was on offer. I'm not entirely sure that I'd pay £210 for it now, which is why I'm convinced that we only paid £150, as I do think that £210 is somewhat overpriced for this. Unlike the rest of the Hemnes range, the linen cabinet only comes in one colour - red. I'm happy with the red though as I do have other Hemnes pieces in red, and I do think that you can mix and match the Hemnes colours to a certain extent, for instance I think that the red and the grey-brown look really good together.

      Like all Ikea furniture this is self assembly, my husband assembled this in around half an hour.
      You can get lots of other items in the Hemnes bedroom range if you want matching bedroom furniture; wardrobes, mirrors, the linen cabinet, a dressing table, beds, various sizes of chests of drawers, and bedside tables.

      The linen cabinet has 2 small drawers at the top, and then 2 glass doors which open to reveal 2 shelves.

      The drawers at the top are only small, and are set next to each other so are half the width of the chest of drawers. The drawers operate nice and smoothly with no catching or locking, they even have drawer stops on stopping you from accidentally pulling the drawer all the way out. The bases of the drawers have a lovely striped board on the bottom which adds a little bit of interest to the interior. The drawers have round gunmetal drawer knobs which are easily interchangeable should you prefer to put your own fancy handles on the drawers instead. The drawers do seem to be a bit too small to be useful in a linen cabinet as you can't fit any linen inside them, well maybe just pillowcases. I prefer to keep bedding sets together on the shelves of the linen cabinet, and so I use these drawers for documents such as passports, driving licenses, bills to pay etc!

      The large and roomy interior of the linen cabinet has two adjustable red wooden shelves, which you can set in a wide range of positions. I've just set ours equally spaced apart so that it looks uniform behind the glass doors. The two glass doors actually close and lock with a little gunmetal key, I'm not sure why you'd want to lock the doors of your linen cabinet but hey ho! The backboard of the linen cabinet is in the same striped board as the drawer bases, again adding a little bit of interest to the interior. The glass doors are clear glass, and I think that I probably would have preferred them to be an opaque glass, or even the red wood, as it looks a bit untidy inside my linen cabinet the majority of the time and the clear glass obviously gives me a clear view of just how untidy it is! The cabinet does hold an awful lot of stuff, I've got 4 superking size bedding sets, 2 single size bedding sets, and 2 double bedding sets in here.

      The linen cabinet is made from a very soft wood, and so it's very easy to knock a dent in the wood, or scratch the top surface, or even take a chunk out the wood altogether. It marks much easier than you would think, my husband has taken a few chunks out of ours by literally just putting his jeans on the top - his belt buckle has bashed the wood and scratched the wood or knocked a chunk out quite a few times. Once you know how easily it can mark or scratch then it is easier to look after it, but it is easy to forget sometimes and damage it.

      I am happy with this though, in spite of the soft wood and the clear glass doors. I think that it looks quite classy for Ikea furniture, and I like that it is actually solid wood and not just chipboard - I think that this helps to make it look more expensive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this, and I'd certainly buy one again.


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        19.08.2012 14:07



        I love it

        Currently £199 at IKEA - however it is sometimes on offer at local stores (Mine was £100)

        Width: 110 cm
        Depth: 51 cm
        Height: 132 cm

        The product is available in yellow and red (I think the yellow one is now the 'older' version). The cupboard is really beautifully decorated on the back board it has vertical stripes in yellow (I have the red version), and it looks as though it is wallpapered.

        When I collected it from IKEA it came in two packages that easily fit in the car, (we took a land-rover) but it would have fitted in most larger cars. After taking them into the room where it was to be assembled, and getting bored of waiting for the other half to finally get a wriggle on and do it, I took it into my own hands. Now most IKEA flat packs come with basically everything you need to assemble them, I needed to provide a hammer, and screw drivers.

        After unwrapping it, and assembling the main body of the item I had to hammer in the nails to hold the back board in place and lift it. Which was where the first hurdle was met. It probably took two hours to assemble by myself, but if I'd had help it would have been quicker. I couldn't lift the item by myself though.

        All in all I love my purchase I store bedding in it with, fabrics and craft supplies. It really does fit so much in it. Each of the shelves is adjustable, and as such you can 'arrange' the cupboard in a way that will work for you.

        An absolute bargain, and before going to any IKEA it is well worth looking into their individual deal of the week on line.


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