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IKEA Ingolf Stool

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Stool

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    2 Reviews
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      25.07.2013 17:38
      Very helpful
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      Pleased with my purchase

      I bought this stool to use at my dressing table, as the colour was similar to that of my mirror which followed a bit of a vintage/shabby chic theme. I wasn't expecting to find a suitable stool in Ikea to be honest, but when I stumbled across this one (not literally) I thought it was the perfect match.

      I managed to put most of the stool together myself, with my husband intervening when I started getting impatient at the fiddly part of lining up the legs with the seat and finishing it off for me to avoid listening to me being dramatic and huffing and puffing. It is actually very easy to assemble for anyone who has a bit of patience, and comes with all the bits and pieces, although you will need a screwdriver for the screws as the alyn (alun?) key they provide is only for certain pieces.

      There isn't really much to say about the design of this stool. It's quite basic looking, being made from wood and painted in whichever colour you choose. I have the white one, but it is also available in brown-black. It has a nice little criss-cross pattern down the sides of the stool, which is mainly for decorative purposes, but psychologically makes the stool look and feel a bit sturdier.

      The dimensions of the stool are:

      Seat width 40cm
      Seat depth 30cm
      Seat height 45cm

      It's the perfect height for my dressing table and it also tucks underneath which helps keep it out of the way when the room is less tidy and more cluttered than I'd like! I wasn't expecting great comfort from this stool, as the seat is wooden with no cushioning. However, I'm quite lazy when it comes to make-up so I don't tend to spend too long at my dressing table, this stool is comfortable for the short bursts I am using it for. In fact, it's quite good for my posture at the moment as I am suffering from backache in pregnancy, and this stool encourages me to sit upright rather than slouching.

      I've had this stool for a few months now, and there's no sign of the paint chipping or wear or tear. Although having said that, it does only get used occasionally. I feel comfortable that it can take my weight, despite being heavier than usual, but I wouldn't risk standing on it as I'm not sure it would be sturdy enough. I also have wooden floors and didn't realise you could buy self-adhesive floor protectors for the bottom of the legs, so I might look out for them next time I'm in Ikea. The bottom of the legs isn't treated, so I'm very careful when moving this around not to drag it or scratch the floor.

      Overall, I'm really happy with this stool, and thought the £20 I paid for it was a fair price.

      (Review also appears on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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        22.02.2012 12:11
        Very helpful



        OK, but I'll buy something with a bit of padding next time!

        A few years ago I was given a hand-me-down dressing table from my parents, but it didn't come with a stool. I actually wanted a sort of ornate French style chair to go with it, but because of the lack of space in my bedroom at the time and the layout of the room, I thought a stool would probably be a better option as I could simply slide it underneath. When it came to actually looking for a stool, I found there was limited choice and they all seemed to be either way out of my price range or quite old fashioned looking. When I spotted the Ingolf stool on a visit to IKEA, I thought it was perfect for what I needed and a great price too, so I snapped one up.

        Ingolf is actually a range of IKEA chairs - you can buy dining chairs, high bar stools or a 'junior chair' in this range, all of a similar design. This small dressing table stool is available in white or an antique finish, I bought white as this matched my dressing table and other bedroom furniture.

        Like all IKEA items this comes flat packed. The stool is very easy to assemble, I can't remember how long it took as it was so long ago, but it was fairly simple. Clear instructions are provided as well as an allen key, but you will need a flat head and a cross head screwdriver too.

        The design of the stool is quite basic with an 'X' design on each side. I must admit I bought the stool for the price, not the design, I probably would have gone for something different had I been able to find something else at a similar price.

        Once constructed, the stool, which is made from rubberwood, feels sturdy and solid. It has survived being knocked about a fair bit, and although it is showing some very slight wear, where the white colour has rubbed off a little on the edges, I actually think it gives it a natural distressed look and I don't think it looks particularly shabby.

        I have to admit, it is not the most comfortable stool to sit on, especially for long periods of time being so hard. The white has a shiny finish to it too, so my original plan to put a pretty cushion on top of it didn't really work, as I'd find the cushion would just slide off when I sat down. Cleaning the stool is easy - just a wipe down with a damp cloth now and again keeps it looking nice.

        Although possibly not designed for it, the stool has also been quite well used as a stepping stool and I have found it a good height for putting things on the top shelf of the wardrobe and changing light bulbs. I actually used it just last week to change the light pull in our bathroom - again you have to be careful as it is quite slippy, so best to stand on it with bare feet or shoes with a grip, as socks can be slidey.

        The Ingolf stool cost £19.99 from IKEA, which I think is a pretty good price - it was certainly one of the cheapest I saw at the time I was looking.

        Overall, I have mixed feelings about this. Whilst it is a simple design and feels well built, it's not great in terms of comfort. I have been happy with it as it did the job intended and has lasted well for the price, but I wouldn't buy one again because of that numb bum feeling you get after sitting on it for a while!

        Width : 31 cm
        Height : 13 cm
        Length : 46 cm
        Weight : 4.7 kg


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